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  1. I heard Chris Welsh discussing this draft on his podcast and they are drafting each position for a roster so the results may be a little skewed.
  2. Brendan Rogers and Tyler Trammell just keep dropping.
  3. Ray Butler’s top 200 for Prospects 365. https://prospects365.com/2019/10/21/ray-butlers-2019-end-of-season-top-200-prospects/
  4. Razzball 126-150 https://razzball.com/top-150-prospects-for-2020-fantasy-baseball/
  5. Razzball 101 - 125 https://razzball.com/top-125-prospects-for-2020-fantasy-baseball/
  6. Razzball 76-100, Brendan Rogers at 93, ouch. https://razzball.com/top-100-prospects-for-2020-fantasy-baseball/
  7. Mea culpa, but I also don’t own Connor Wong anywhere. I’ve probably just been burned by catchers too many times over the years. Could be shortsighted of me but I just don’t track catchers like I do other positions.
  8. I wonder if some lists may push Bart down a little due to the position. I’m probably guilty of it myself just based on the higher risk for injury.
  9. Razzball 51-75 for 2020 https://razzball.com/top-75-prospects-for-2020-fantasy-baseball/
  10. Razzball 26-50 for 2020. https://razzball.com/top-50-prospects-for-2020-fantasy-baseball/
  11. Rotoballer top 30 for 2020. https://www.rotoballer.com/top-30-prospects-for-2020-dynasty-leagues-off-season/674428
  12. Razzball top 25 for 2020 https://razzball.com/top-25-prospects-for-2020-fantasy-baseball/
  13. I predict Noelvi Marte top 50 and Orelvis Martinez top 100 by next July. Jordan Groshans moves into the top 25 sometime next year.
  14. Wow, he moved all the kids into his top 10. Rodriguez, Robinson and Luciano.
  15. Looks like he’s joining the bullpen. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/athletics-jesus-luzardo-likely-to-work-in-relief/amp/
  16. https://twitter.com/JonHeyman/status/1171053595564941313 nico hoerner called up
  17. They could put him in a late innings role, their pen could use the help.
  18. I’m not sure that he qualifies as a deep sleeper but Noelvi Marte is a guy who is really rising fast. Started out the year around #200 but James Anderson mentioned during a chat this week that he will have him in his off-season top 100 with a chance of him being a top 10 player a year from now. Definitely a guy to monitor if your league rosters around 100 prospects.
  19. You have to think one of Manaea/Luzardo is headed for the pen.
  20. Some guy in the comments is pissed that Lou Bob is at 20, super pissed.
  21. Maybe it’s just me but it seems you two could have had a reasonable conversation without measuring johnson’s.
  22. Not sure if he qualifies as “well high” but Madrigal is the prospect I don’t want on any of my teams. I don’t foresee any power developing and even if he keeps the batting average and SB’s he could easily only be a 2.5 category impact depending upon where he ends up in the lineup.