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  1. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    "Wont" means "in the habit of doing something; accustomed." Looks like it's not a mistake... this time.
  2. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Yeah I think he will have a nice game, probably get at least 1K/inning if not more.
  3. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    I have to side with FouLLine about Straily. He's been as dominant in the minors as Cingrani if not more so and he has a better arsenal. I think Straily's struggles are more about pitching in the AL and maybe nerves. His stuff is high quality and I think he will be successful as a MLB pitcher, if not this season then soon.
  4. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    Guess the Joey Bats bug bit him.
  5. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Love Straily's potential but damn the Astros suck. A 10K+ performance is going to be hard to justify sending him down but we will see.
  6. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    I really like Straily and would have no problem pitching him against the 'stros; however, my moves are limited and I can't really afford to pick guys up for one start. If he were definitely staying in the rotation, I'd grab him.