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  1. I was basically saying I won't touch him in any of my fantasy drafts because obviously he's going to be drafted before the 8th round. To me the only thing he has going for him is volume.
  2. I thought he was pretty awful in the playoff game as well.
  3. So you're saying that one of the most pressured qb's in the league was also the 3rd least hit qb in the league? He was just that quick to let go of the ball, huh? I'm not buying it, the run blocking was terrible but the pass protection was just fine.
  4. Can't wait for everyone to finally see that this guy is just an average RB. Wouldn't take him before the 8th round.
  5. I owned OBJ last year so I watched quite a few Giants games and trust me, Eli is just about done. All of his throws were just way off. He throws balls over receivers heads, way behind them, and in the dirt. The early struggles for OBJ were all on Eli's shoulders. Giants fan like to blame the offensive line even though Eli was the 5th least sacked QB in the league. Eli will be the reason I shy away from Brandon Marshall this season.
  6. An average of 2015 and 2016 would still put Bortles inside the top 12 quarterbacks in ppg. 35 touchdowns is 35 touchdowns, I don't care how many of them come in the fourth quarter. The defense should be good enough so that Bortles doesn't have to do that, but a lack of a running game again in 2017 could mean the majority of the Jaguars touchdowns are passing touchdowns again.
  7. Even at that, he still represents value at his current ADP.
  8. Todd McShay has the Jaguars taking O.J. Howard with the 4th pick in the draft. Unlikely, but that would certainly be interesting.
  9. Seems like the past few years they get worse every offseason. They'll go 7-9 at best. Only players that will be fantasy relevant are Green and Eifert. Dalton is starting to scare me with that oline.
  10. Lacy had ankle surgery and he reportedly weighs 267 lbs right now. He won't really be worth talking about until we know what he weighs at training camp.
  11. When was he a dud?
  12. With the money they just gave Barry Church I just don't think Jamal Adams would make much sense anymore.