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  1. And Foles hasn't seen a defense like the Vikings.
  2. They were winning 17-0 before they lost the lead. You're forgetting that the Saints are a much better team than the Eagles(without Wentz).
  3. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Am I the only one who thinks he's going to be an early 2nd round pick? 3rd round is a dream come August.
  4. I think the only reason the Jags defense gave up 42 is because they DID score 45. When you're up 28-7 you back off your aggressiveness a bit. Not to mention most of those TD's happened with excellent coverage on the receiver. NE doesn't have anyone near the caliber of Brown or Bell.
  5. This confirms it, the Jags are winning the SB.
  6. Jags vs Vikings Bortles actually gets a ring
  7. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Bortles didn't have a TD in exactly 2 of the 18 games this season. Good call. I'm not even a fan of him.
  8. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    They should have watched football today, it was a wild set of games.
  9. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Pats open as a 9 point favorite. The disrespect continues...
  10. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Me too, thought the Falcons were a lock.
  11. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    And he would still be sh*t without Goff playing well. Works both ways.
  12. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Are we done picking winners based on the QB's? Not that this game is over yet.
  13. Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh Divisional Game

    Can someone explain why the Steelers didn't onside kick at the end of the game instead of that long squib kick?