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  1. When have the Bengals been up by double digits?
  2. So you're telling me a bunch of people that live in the Dallas area are saying that Zeke is innocent?!? I find it hard to believe there no video of the incident. I think we'll find out what really happened eventually.
  3. It seems pretty obvious to me the Saints are committed to running the ball more this season. All of their draft picks either made their defense or running game better except for maybe Kamara, but he is technically a RB. The Saints traded Cooks, one of their top WR's, and with that draft pick they drafted the top run blocking OT in the entire draft. They also signed Adrian Peterson which we all know, but again... running game. On top if all this, the Saints starting Left Tackle Terron Armstead (their best pass blocker) is out 3-5 months with an injury. Last season the Saints had the #1 ranked run blocking offensive line, and there's no reason for that to change this season. I could see Brees' pass attempts dropping off this season, in fact if they don't, it probably means the Saints are a 6 or 7 win team again.
  4. Who would you rank ahead of Thomas that's ranked below him?
  5. Touchdowns are a lot less fluky than all-time records
  6. I find it odd that everyone expects TD regression from David Johnson, but nobody expects yardage regression from Le'veon. He was literally on pace to break a record for total yardage. He's not doing that again.
  7. His ceiling is capped because once he gets to 69 receptions he's going to drop every pass after that to end the season that way.
  8. You're skipping 9 games in between those two time periods lol. He never caught more than 4 passes in one game in those 9 games. I'm actually starting to come around a bit on Montgomery, but don't just feel the need to always defend him because you own him in your leagues. Be realistic, Williams is going to take more touches from Montgomery than any other running back did last year after Lacy got hurt.
  9. He averaged like 3 catches per game last season...
  10. There are 3 elite RB's and 3 elite WR's. That equals 6 players.
  11. Basically a 0% chance at a top RB unless you're taking a suspended RB
  12. 6, still get a top 3 WR and a better 2nd round pick.
  13. Always want a sure thing on your team. You know Odell and McCoy won't bust. Can't say the same for anyone else on the list.