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  1. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    His stats ar home vs on the road. also going up against probably the worst secondary in the league right now.
  2. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Starting Sutton and Heuerman for insurance. One of them has a big day today.
  3. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    2 TD's today Thank me later
  4. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Literally ALL of Denver's WR production comes from Sanders and Sutton now. They have nobody else. I have a hard time believing he's not going to get enough targets to be productive unless Heuerman is catching 10 passes again.
  5. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    We're talking WR's here. So yes, Sutton is better than every WR on Cleveland, Oakland, Seattle, and San Francisco.
  6. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Since week 3 they've faced San Francisco, Oakland, Cleveland, Tennessee, Seattle, and Oakland again. Come on, man.
  7. Jeff Heuerman 2018 Outlook

    What am I missing here? What's brutal about the #14 defense against TE's?
  8. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    So 1 week as a starter is a big enough sample size for you? lol.
  9. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    What hype train? He was like a 13th round pick and wasn't even a starter until last week.
  10. Vance McDonald 2018 Outlook

    Come on dude, you're killing me!
  11. Davante Adams 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I've already eaten crow on Adams. Focusing on Adams vs Julio was an odd choice.
  12. Davante Adams 2018 Outlook

    Regardless of the outcome it doesn't make it the smarter choice to take Adams over Julio. To be honest I'm not quite sure what your point is here though, they aren't separated by many points right now.
  13. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    I just dropped Keke Coutee on Wednesday in 2 of my leagues.
  14. Pick One - WHIR

  15. Cooper Kupp 2018 Outlook

    Does anyone know the percentage of Kupp's routes that are ran out of the slot or where to find this information? A matchup with Chris Harris would worry me quite a bit.