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  1. So you’re saying he was drafted highly in fantasy football? Or are you saying he’s been good in fantasy football? Either way you’re wrong...
  2. The difference is Kirk Cousins has been pressured more than any QB in the league, but Oakland has no pass rush. He’ll have time to throw the ball this week.
  3. You call that a slow start? He had 2 TD’s week 1 and a 354 yard game week 2. The Rams won these games by 20 and 34 points. You guys have some lofty expectations. Goff is a slightly above average Quarterback playing in a good system, expecting last year to happen again is a terrible idea.
  4. It was quite the opposite last year...
  5. I never understood why people liked Seattle. So overrated this year.
  6. It’s bold to think the Lions could lose?
  7. The Eagles should be better than last year, the Redskins should be worse than last year, Trent is NOT coming back(sorry bro), the Quarterback is Case Keenum, Keenum has the worst WR group in the league, the Eagles pounded the Redskins twice last year, the game is in Philadelphia.
  8. The forums are quite comical this time of year
  9. ALWAYS depends on your league settings
  10. You don’t need 2 TE’s, drop one for Hill
  11. This is the 2019 outlook. You’re looking for the 2018 thread.
  12. Actually you said he wouldn’t win playoff games, which would pretty much mean he’s worthless. It’s just not proper evaluation.
  13. Zeitler was an average run blocker
  14. So just because Kareem Hunt is getting a few touches that means Chubb is now useless in fantasy football? Such a bad argument.
  15. Eagles and Cowboys are the plays here. Maybe Cleveland if you’re really bold.
  16. He’s been terrible this preseason
  17. Happen to catch the game tonight, err?
  18. DJ struggled because of terrible scheme, terrible play-calling, and a terrible Quarterback. All of those things have changed.
  19. That’s why he hurt his hamstring last year?
  20. He was a late 1st round pick last year..