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  1. Yes, that's what happens when your passing game is non-existent and your QB can't throw deep.
  2. I think he'll end up in Chicago. Then they'll trade Jordan Howard to the highest bidder.
  3. wasn't he a top 10 back as a rookie despite missing 3 games?
  4. Obviously Defilippo has strong ties to Nick Foles from Philadelphia. Do they have the cap room though? He already knows the offense and it's the only one he's succeeded in.
  5. Look at it however you want lol. He had 4 games where he was even remotely relevant in fantasy football that year.
  6. It was 14-7 and the Patriots were at the 50. This thread has nothing to do with the actual spread on the game.
  7. This will be the best year of his career
  8. In 2017 it happened. We already went over this. Moving on.
  9. I see Chicago moving Howard and signing Hunt
  10. That wasn't an opinion, it actually happened.
  11. I told everyone last year that he was gonna be a beast and this year is no different. Top 15 overall.
  12. Didn't catch the sarcasm, did you? He didn't do squat this year.
  13. Just absolutely dominating for the Bears right now. I was fine with Caldwell running the team. The drafting went downhill after Coughlin took over decision making.
  14. Why can't a new coaching staff just mean more touches for Kalen Ballage? Okay? The reasoning just didn't make any sense. Kerryon also has no competition in Detriot. Moving Along.
  15. No, I mean bigger as in a larger BMI. Drake is taller.
  16. Which means Kerryon is BIGGER, Drake is TALLER. There's a difference. Drake has never received more than 173 touches in a season and there may be a good reason for it. I'm just not sure why Kerryon needs 250-275 touches to be better than Kenyan Drake anyhow.
  17. Been thinking hard about it all week(maybe too hard) I've landed on.. Chiefs Cowboys Chargers Saints
  18. Not sure how you can dislike Kerryon because of size and ability to carry a workload, but then put Drake ahead of him lol
  19. Already being under-valued. What's not to like about him?