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  1. Feeling pretty proud about now!!! 👉👌... NAILED IT! 🤑
  2. (600 AB Pace... as a RC) 300/ 105 / 21 / 75 / 27 He hasn't even shown his true speed yet. Between Lindor & J-Ram, he's got a very bright future!
  3. Anderson has the same problems as the other guys mentioned. All those Braves prospects are wild w/ high K totals. (Like you, I would trade Anderson...) I just don't think ATL will. He has been excellent of late w/ eye popping K totals, I'd like to see him up and see what we have, but if he's somehow traded... NOW or never! His stock is sky high, one of the top SP prospects around. He'd fetch a kings ransom.
  4. Vlad Jr. hits a dinger today... I can feel it! Then he get's really en fuego and carries us to the championships we rightly deserve.
  5. He's untouchable in any trade offers. Pache as well, but I worried about the Braves complacency in not moving a couple of their young SP's to fill huge holes... and as expected, the stars are no longer burning as bright. Tuki, Nuke, Wright, Wilson, Gohara, Allard... EACH and every one of those kids could have fetched a handsome return if AA and the brass had timed it right to make a move. Unfortunately, while they all still have varying degrees of desirability, the current returns would be diminished due to lackluster performances this year. That fact alone, makes Anderson (who's on fire but still has some BB concerns) a no brainer to remain w/ the Braves. Period. ATL knows these kids better than scouting organizations, and knows they can't count on 2/3's of the listed players to become foundational rotation guys like they'd once hoped. Like the stock market, top GM's know when to make deals. AA, considering the talent on offense, has failed mightily IMHO to move a few SP's that are so desirable in the current wasteland of available MLB pitchers. The glaring issues @ the back of the rotation along w/ the BP's nightly fiascos, the lack of a true closer... are inexcusable when you have the ammo to fix them instantly, AND STILL have one of the most stacked MiLB systems in baseball. Braves could win it all, start a damn dynasty... yet they continue to think and behave like a small/mid market team and disappoint the fanbase who deserves better. SMH.
  6. My BACKDOOR MAN!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much, I've looked for this GIF endlessly and couldn't find it. You da man... my man! 👏👏👏
  7. No disrespect, but are you his dealer? How can you say that so matter of fact? I played ball w/ some freak athletes, and from what I've seen he's all legs. Ricky Henderson kinda lower half and really quick/strong hands.
  8. It's Jasson, but this kid is a switch hitting SS w/ serious power. Also (@ 16 years young mind you) would be the fastest guy in the MLB right now. So yeah, the #46 ranking seems legit from the video and scouting reports I've seen. Dynasty GOLD!!!!!!!
  9. Watch this kid swing, it's like he's trying to impersonate Mike Trout. It's uncanny. Sell? lol... This kid is EXACTLY why we play this silly game! All he does is rake, he's a RC who cost nothing, and given his park and surrounding cast he's as good a bet as anyone to provide insane value @ a position not known for power hitters. SMH, who in their right mind is selling?
  10. Vlad Jr. was nothing short of amazing today... 90-91 or whatever? Scoreboard can’t be trusted obviously, I mean it’s the peak of the computer age and all, but yeah... Alonso was legit! Happy for him and very cool to see him donate a big chunk to such a great cause! Betsy Ross is smiling down!
  11. Lol, oh boy. Gotta be one in every crowd. How’d your bracket go my friend?
  12. So wtf? I would have had a perfect bracket on T-Mobile HR Derby Challenge is Joc didn’t get screwed over... can someone explain for my simple mind? He had 27, then hit 3 more... why didn’t he win 30-29? I had Alonso bearing Joc in finals, Vlad hitting most HR’s overall.
  13. Great chance for a peek @ this future 1'st round pick, along w/ all his diaper dandy pals. Game time in 45min, 4;00 PM (ET) Futures Game Robert wins MVP... double/HR/SB & great play on D... Gore makes people overpay willingly once they see him tonight... Jo Jo smokes balls all over the field, looks like a man amongst boys... Pache makes people feel like Anruw Jones has a son... Trammell's athleticism jumps off the page, he proves worthy of a call up... Wander shows good bat skills, but does nothing memorable... Deivi makes people run to the WW and see if he's available... Anderson overthrows, can't find zone other than a piped FB to Robert.
  14. Snit is like Bobby, only runs when the situation calls for it by and large. ATL team SB RANK last 10 years... (20'th, 11'th, 18'th, 16'th, 21'st, 16'th, 25'th, 18'th, 27'th, 27'th). Sucks because ATL has had numerous SB threats over the years, but players don't get the green light it seems.
  15. Bro, don't kill my vibe man! Don't efffff w/ the higher powers @ work here bud. lolz