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  1. My bullish March predictions weren't high enough
  2. Halfway to 30
  3. Stat-Tracker is telling me Prince hit a HR?? Don't believe it.
  4. Detroit and the Cubs are two difficult line-ups to navigate through...he still had a sub-3 ERA and more than a K/per inning heading into today.
  5. VV: - Two quick outs - Bryant infield single - Rizzo walk - Zobrist HR
  6. I never really sit SPs, but with it being Sunday, pretty sure I'm showing Vincent Velasquez the bench for the 1st time against the Cubs.
  7. I've never seen this happen in all my years playing Yahoo either. Beginning to think this won't be resolved by gametime, and at the very worst we lose these stats until there's an update -- not knowing the real score throughout the day and for the week. Everything is going to be a mess and then even moreso once all the 'stat corrections' come flowing in. For this to happen on a Sunday (or anyday) is unacceptable.
  8. 3rd Round: Kyle Schwarber 4th Round: Prince Fielder 7th Round: Michael Pineda 13th Round: Devin Mesoraco 14th Round: Andrew Cashner Last Round: Aaron Sanchez -- dropped needing a 3B before he won the 5th Spot...got Travis Shaw but it burns me up everytime he takes the hill. Regretted it almost immediately. (Last two rounds: VV and Sanchez)
  9. What's going on with this Col/SF Game?
  10. Didn't see it happen so I can't be sure, but stat-tracker says he hit a double to deep right in his 1st AB. They probably messed up. Can someone confirm?
  11. Those were going to be hits regardless
  12. I agree and it scared me away last year preseason, but he actually had a better season last year than he did in 2014 playing half his games at Camden Yards. Guy's just a masher. He still has comparatively lousy Home stats as Safeco in 2015 and so far in 2016. It's too bad, in a better ballpark, he could have won MVP last year. .304 with 17 HRs doesn't qualify as lousy...27 on the road Finished .302 with 44 HRs BOOMSTICK!!
  13. ____Master Mind_____ 14-Team Daily H2H 11x11 C: Chris Herrmann 1B: Prince Fielder 2B: Aledmys Diaz 3B: Travis Shaw SS: Trevor Story OF: Jose Bautista OF: Nelson Cruz OF: Yasiel Puig UT: Brandon Drury ....and? Yes, I drafted him. He is on my team. Does not make what I stated untrue.
  14. If someone told you two months ago Story would have more HRs, RBIs and Total Bases than... - Mike Trout - Bryce Harper - Paul Goldschmidt - Josh Donaldson - Miguel Cabrera - Giancarlo Stanton ....and pretty much every other 1st Rounder other than Machado and Arenado... Machado: 56/181 - 35-13-28-112TB - (.309/.387/.619) Arenado: 51/179 - 33-14-35-102TB - (.285/.355/.570) Story: 50/184 - 28-13-33-108TB - (.272/.325/.587) - Story has the same number of HRs as Machado, while having more RBIs with only five less hits - In five less ABs, Arenado has only one more HR (and hit), while having two more RBIs. **both Machado and Arenado are pretty good ....you would say they're out of their damn mind -- you'd be even more amazed and dumbfounded if it actually happened. Yet...here we are. ...can't forget the consensus #1 SS -- another 1st Rounder Correa: 45/183 - 22 - 7 -21- 74TB - (.245/.335/.402) Story: 50/184 - 28 -13-33-108TB - (.272/.325/.587) Proceed with the negativity though...