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  1. Ameer Abdullah 2017 Outlook

    With both Taylor Decker and TJ Lang back for the first time last week the O-Line was finally back to full strength, which had a direct effect on Abdullah -- jump in his yards per/carry, 2.9 over his previous four to 4.7 last week. Bold Prediction: 1st 100yd rushing day for Detroit in a long time, along with a short TD (maybe breaks a long one too?!) and 2-3 receptions With the goaline attempts and the upgrades on the oline, the arrow is pointing up for Ameer and the Lions offense as a whole.
  2. See team below lol....I'm 6-4 though with only... - Rodgers: Week 15...get into the playoffs, win 1st Round, then have ARod come in to help close the Chip Week 15/16 (Alex Smith has been my savior though) - Gordon: Week 13...hopefully helps push me over the edge into the playoffs if I haven't clinched yet - David Johnson: thinking Week 13 aswell. Either way, with the way my team is constructed I can take the risk in a deep 14-Teamer
  3. Kenyan Drake 2017 Season Outlook

    With Williams questionable all week I'm expecting Drake to dominate the Miami backfield snaps while running away with the job. -Fearless Forecast- 18-78-TD, 4-32 Have a good feeling ROS with Drake.
  4. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Lost cause of the BS Gurley fumble. FML
  5. Why hasn't Tyreek been on the field???????
  6. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    They really gave Witten a fumble at the end of the game?!!! Better be a stat-correction!! Need ever point i can get!
  7. Being on IR, the earliest he can come back is Week 10 (start practicing Week 7) -- as someone who drafted him 3rd Overall last year when all the naysayers were calling me crazy, I was happy to scoop him in my deep league when his owner dropped him. At 3-1, DJ is well worth the risk in hopes of having him for the last four weeks of the regular season and playoff run. Could be a Championship-type move. As a genetic freak I can see him coming back when eligible.
  8. 2017 Bold Predictions Thread

    Not so Bold Prediction: Josh Gordon breaks the internet this afternoon It's Happening
  9. Week 5 - Waiver Wire Touts

    Confirmed: Josh Gordon IS in Cleveland right now, per many people on Twitter
  10. Tyler Lockett dart throw with Baldwin gimpy -- most likely already won, but want to see him do well (Moncrief too -- on my bench)
  11. Ameer Abdullah 2017 Outlook

    Not this guy, in my line-up every week and on my way to 3-1 with his help... With the value Abdullah presented during the draft I took him as my deep-league RB2 and I've been happy with his volume as the clear lead back in a good offense, and now with him getting GL TDs and receptions, while seeing a reduced role for Riddick we could be seeing the potential for Ameer to become a fringe RB1. - Lead Back, Volume - Gets Receptions - Getting Goal-lines??? Today's Touches: Ameer - 23 Riddick - 5 Abdullah is everything you want in a RB2 .............with upside.
  12. 10/1/17 Rams @ Cowboys Game Thread

    Can someone watching the game tell me what's going on with Dez's targets?? Bad passes or drops? Gurley is the man BTW
  13. Cleveland Browns Offseason Thread 2017

    Week 5: home vs the Jets. JG working out thinking he'll be reinstated in time to suit up at home vs. the Jets?....Hmmm