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  1. Matching first two weeks worth of production on one-less target.... Weeks 1/2: 13-133, 15 Targets - 6 1st Downs Today: 13-134, 14 Targets - 7 1st Downs Incredible
  2. After looking like the worst team to ever play in the NFL, do the Miami Dolphins finally realize they need to make their best player - Kenyan Drake - the offensive focal point?! Probably not, but... ....with the switch to Rosen, I could see Drake getting a decent amount of targets out of the backfield -- if only Miami would smarten up and give him 15 carries/a game.... BOLD Prediction: Kenyan Drake beats his Yahoo! Week 3 Projection of 2.93pts within the first few minutes of the game...๐Ÿ˜‘
  3. If we're doing Saints deep dives due to injuries -- watch for Lil'Jordan Humphrey 6'4" 225 undrafted rookie out of Texas...they like him a lot. Got my eye to see if he's active, then time on the field. (Lil'Jordan even has a picture on Yahoo! already ๐Ÿ˜‚)
  4. The Return of Ricky Seals-Jones (...for those deep leaguers desperate for TE)
  5. On board with the news of Diontae's promotion to the starting X receiver -- like the idea of the Mason Rudolph/Diontae stack at the end of my bench Excited to see what he does with this opportunity. (Fun Fact: Diontae was the next WR off the board following our favorite monster - DK Metcalf - in this years draft)
  6. Diontae Johnson -- New Pittsburgh X (very sneaky value with everyone talking about Washington)
  7. First one over the middle was an awful drop he could have taken for decent yardage...the second one the defender clearly got his arm in to disrupt the pass. Either way, obviously like others, not too happy with Dede's production thus far.
  8. One of these weeks it will be Miles Boykin and Deon Cain (deep leaguers)
  9. As a Tyreek owner, I will happily be starting Demarcus for the foreseeable future. (16T)
  10. As a disappointed owner of Cam in a deep 16T where their aren't many options at QB left, I was happy to win Mason this morning -- think he's got a chance to be a stud. Pretty sure he'll be my starting QB even if Cam plays this weekend.
  11. My Week 3 Starting WRs -- 16T, 3WR/FLEX League... - DK Metcalf* (Drafted) - Terry McLaurin** (added the second Doctson got cut) - Demarcus Robinson (added at 3:59 before Sunday's game -- drafted Tyreek Round 1) * Flex Starter Week 1/Starting WR3 Week 2 **Flex Starter Week 2 Drafted Starting 3WR Core - Tyreek Hill - Josh Gordon*** - Dede Westbrook (to the bench) ***Starting Week 3 Rough Two Weeks
  12. ๐ŸšจAngry Man Running Alert๐Ÿšจ (passes Jim Brown today for 5th All-Time in Rushing TDs) AP may rush for 200yds today...๐Ÿ‘€
  13. Adding to my earlier suggestions of Deon Cain and Demaryius Thomas -----> (yes, seriously...).... Deeep - Keesean Johnson - even with Crabtree possibly being active, very quietly Keesean put up 10 targets last week in a 4WR Base offense who'll throw the rock all day - especially today to keep up with Lamar Jackson and this potentially explosive Baltimore offense. 2% Owned. - Miles Boykin - Is it possible all the attention will be focused on Hollywood Brown after the big Week 1 NFL Debut? Boykin was the talk of camp, and thought to be Lamar's favorite target - big bodied and fast I targeted him late anticipating decent numbers. If this Baltimore offense continues to look anything like it did last week, then you're going to want a piece. Snap count with increase. Every catch in his career is a TD!!!๐Ÿ˜œ 3% Owned. - Keelan Doss - Keep and eye to see if he's active. They like him. Big Body. 1% Owned - Will Dissly - This is more for those hurting at TE (Henry Owners). Dissly could put up decent number, if only he can stay healthy. 2% Owned My Waiver Wire is a Wasteland **EDIT** Neglected to add DK Metcalf simply for it being a criminal offense for him to be available in any league, and yet...only 48% Owned. The Disrespect. Should have been drafted in most leagues, but I see many people have mentioned him in this thread.
  14. https://twitter.com/EDP44513/status/1165415718512451585?s=20
  15. Tell me you don't want to be routing for this kid after watching these behind the scenes videos.... The opportunity is there. If you have room and need help at receiver, Add him before he hits waivers. videos from this article: https://www.colts.com/news/deon-cain-espn-breakout-candidates