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  1. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    PPR: down 5pts -- my Abdullah/Perkins vs. Engram
  2. WWYS WK2 - Engram or Hooper

    Probably roll the dice on Hooper Help here?
  3. I'd go Rivers Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667904-deep-wr3-moncriefj-matthewslockett/
  4. Flex- Allen, Davis, Coleman

    I like Corey Coleman a lot this year. Help here?
  5. PPR Flexing - Kamara or Maclin?

    Tough one...probably roll the dice with Kamara Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667904-deep-wr3-moncriefj-matthewslockett/
  6. I go Parker Help Here?
  7. Jordy Nelson, Keenan or Bladwin

    Wow, those options are nice to have...I got Jordy Help Here?
  8. As a Luck/Moncrief Owner, I agree that offense is scary but Brissett gives me hope for a decent game
  9. Move Cohen for Brady?

    As a Jets fan who hates (respects) Brady, I do that deal Help Here?
  10. B.Marshall or Corey Davis?

    Think Marshall has a bound back Help Here?
  11. I agree with your gut...go White Help Here?
  12. Stay with what you got. Help Here?
  13. Start Pryor or Tate??? PPR

    Like them both obviously but I think Tate is safer in PPR Help Here?
  14. Fill my 2nd and 3rd WR slot WHIR

    Think Odell plays....I'd go him and Kupp Help Here?
  15. Start/Sit Help - WHIR

    Hyde - OBJ/Diggs....like Corey Coleman a lot too Help here?