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  1. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    Ended up throwing him in. As a local Jets Fan I was able to watch every snap -- Mack hit the hole hard and looked shifty everytime he touched the ball (other than the very first play where he helped not only the Jets, but my fantasy D with the Pick-6 to begin the game ). Serviceable RB2 the ROS, with potential for more -- he can catch the ball despite that 1st play (had about an 11yd reception called back, tying Hines two receptions) Fixed my preseason "Bold Prediction"
  2. -JG -Sony -Tyreek - Butker Down a lot...Let's Go! (No Hunt)
  3. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    Jets D in both leagues too (banged up in the secondary, but they've been good)
  4. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    Definitely the minority on this one... Remember stating last year, "As soon as Frank Gore is out of Indy, this Mack kid will be on my squad". Really liked what I saw in limited action -- he made it onto both my teams just waiting to get healthy. Interesting in seeing what happens tomorrow vs. my Jets. Considering Flexing him in my 16-Teamer. Probably not though....
  5. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    ^This would be fact.
  6. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Was curious about Antonio's target/catch ratio and wanted to see for myself how many of his targets were legit drops/catchable balls, so I watched 24 of his 30 targets... Week 1: PITTSBURGH -- NFL Debut -- 1 Target - Didn't see his lone target to know if catchable/dropped Week 2: @NEW ORLEANS -- 4 Targets - 3-81-TD, 2 rushes for 7yds - (1st 10:59 -- 2nd+3) - End-around rush for about 13yds - (3rd 9:42 -- 3rd+4) - Quick Slant for about 18yds (catch) - (4th 1:17 -- 4th+5) - amazing 47yd BOMB for a TD, in what should have been the game-winning (catch) (kicker misses ExP -- OT) - Missed the remaining two targets -- one a (catch) for about 15yds (if my math is correct), the other don't know if catchable/dropped - Must have had a another carry for a big loss to drop his rush total down to 7yds Week 3: NY JETS -- 11 Targets - 4-20 (JG Approved) With Tyrod - 6 Targets, 1 reception - (1st 10:53 -- 3rd+6) - Tyrod underthrows what should've been a 48yd TD -- Callaway gets a clear no-call interference while waiting for the ball to finally come down in the EZ - (1st 7:53 -- 3rd+14) - WR-screen for 2yds (catch) - (2nd 14:56 -- 1st+10) - Tyrod AGAIN, drastically underthrows what should have been a WIDE-OPEN 75yd TD -- burnt his man BADLY - Missed the other three targets from Tyrod -- catchable/dropped? Don't know Enter Mayfield - 5 Targets, 3 receptions - (2nd :22) - 15yd sideline pass, defender makes decent play on the ball -- could've been caught (needs to attack the ball)...debatable drop - (3rd -- 3rd+9) - (catch) on a 6yd Slant - (3rd) - 3yd WR-screen (catch) - (4th) - Would have been a really difficult, over the shoulder sideline catch for about 30yds -- personally don't consider this one a drop. - (Late 4th -- 3rd+10) - critical 10yd first down (catch) to keep the chains moving in what would be the game-winning drive Week 4: @OAKLAND -- 9 Targets - 3-54, 70% Snaps (2pt Attp doesn't count as target) - (1st 10:00) - 3rd pass of the game, Mayfield throws behind a diving Callaway, tips of his hands into a waiting Oakland defender -- pick 6. NOT HIS FAULT - (1st 8:21 -- 2nd+20) - 53yd BOMB into the EZ over the diving, outstretched hands of Callaway -- should have been a long TD - (1st 2:42 -- 3rd+GL from the 1) - Shuffle pass -- defense ate it up for a big loss -- nice to see him involved in a play design in a goal-to-goal situation (catch) - (2nd 12:35 -- 2pt Conversion Attp) - Mayfield scrambles, throws to Callaway in the back-left corner of the EZ -- Legit Drop - (3rd 10:08) - Mayfield overthrows in the EZ on an Out-N-Up from about 13yds out -- better throw it's a TD - (3rd 5:27 -- 1st+10) -- Quick WR Screen -- Legit Drop (looking to run before catching it) - (3rd 4:18 -- 3rd+11) - Same drive as above - Mayfield avoids a sack, scrambles and desperately throws out of bounds in the direction of Callaway -- diving attempt made. No way he was catching it. - (4th 9:34 -- 1st+10) - Jet-Sweep for 1yd (catch) - (4th 9:05 -- 2nd+9) - NEXT PLAY -- Play-action, wide-open 20yds over the middle and takes it down to the 1yd-line for a 59yd (catch) -- should've been another TD - (4th :14 -- End of Regulation) - Mayfield pumps, throws 35yds down field - Intercepted - Callaway doesn't adjust to the ball...defender did. Week 5: BALTIMORE -- 5 Targets - 3-22, 69% of Snaps (Hue claims to "dial back" Antonio's snaps) - (1st 4:20 -- 1st+10) - Deep-Shot down the sidelines to the EZ -- overthrew him by about 5yds, should've been a 37yd TD - (2nd 1:51 -- 2nd+10) - Quick pass for 8yds (catch) - (4th 9:37 -- 3rd+9) - Drops what would've been a 14yd catch down the sidelines. Legit Drop - (4th 6:52 -- 2nd+8) - Quick Out, takes it for about 9yds (catch) - (4th :52 -- 1st+10) - Deflected down the middle before the pass could get to him (wasn't ruled a target) - (OT 4:10 -- 1st+10) - Over the middle for 5yds (catch) Week 6: CHARGERS - 12 Targets - 9-134-2 TDs - 100% of Snaps - DOMINATION 24 of 30* Targets viewed_________________________________Missed 6 of 30*_____________________ - 12 receptions - All with Tyrod - 3 Legit Drops - 1 reception (15yds - WK2) - 2 Debatable Drops - Lone Target in Debut -- WK1 - 6 should-be Long TDs -- another from 13yds out - 3 before Mayfield took over -- WK3 (Tryod) (1 TD, 1 steps out at 1yd line, 4 other long ones) - Of the missing 5 of 6 targets -- don't know catchable/drops **really 26 of 32 (2pt Attp/unaccounted target -- WK5) The opportunities will be there for Callaway. I expect good things ROS -- needs learn to attack the ball though. Many long TDs to come. ...and whoever over at Rotoworld wrote the "presence of Breshad Perrimen will likely keep Antonio from a full-time role" should be removed from their post immediately.
  7. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    **GUT ALERT** Believe the universe has aligned for Antonio to have a monster this week... - back-to-back near double digit targets Week 3/4 (11/9)... - followed by the "dialing back" of his snaps Week 5... - then the Riggins (Higgins) injury announcement... - now this rookie Willies out for the season.... Despite the catch/ratio**, Callaway will be on the field the entire game with plenty of targets/opportunities against a defense who has been getting worked by opposing WRs to begin the year -- should be a high scoring affair with Antonio being a huge benefactor. I also keep getting this image in my head of Hue in Callaway's ear all week trying to challenge/motivate him into being something special. **yes, plenty of drops, BUT how many of those targets where catchable balls from Tyrod, and how different our views would be if only a he came down with a couple of those long receptions? -BOLD PREDICTION- 12 Targets 9-134-2 Antonio Callaway's time is about to arrive. Again, just a gut feel. Side Note - Thank you to the Mods for cutting my Month-Long Suspension in half -- never again with I criticize for shadow-banning, nor will I ever jokenly reference politics again. Lesson Learned. It's good to be back. Where We Go 1, We Go All.
  8. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Dez is 29. Washed up? Ok ...and...have you ever played in a 16-Team League? The second he gets signed, he becomes the hottest waiver add of the week. Worth the risk for me.
  9. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Beginning of a new work-week in the NFL, when teams normally make their moves...I can afford to wait it out a bit longer. I've been saying Colts since before the season -- Saints would be a good landing spot too.
  10. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Everyone R-E-L-A-X They played three very good rush-defenses... - Redskins - not much but they shut down the Colts and Green Bay's running game -- still got 15+pts - Rams - nastiest front in the game - Bears - no question, one of the best Defenses in the NFL -- still got 14+pts Things will get much easier -- Rosen under center probably helps David Johnson will be fine (coaches definitely should be fired for having the rookie in on that last drive though)
  11. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    When was the last time NE lost two in a row? Josh Gordon will be unleashed after this -- the NFL will be met with fire and furry the likes Fantasy Owners have never seen. Think Bombs. Nuclear.
  12. Deshaun Watson 2018 Outlook

    Watson got me 40+ in both leagues -- people are really complaining in here? Dude threw for near 400yds
  13. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Either the Power of Positive thinking is crap...or we were thinking of the wrong rookie RB waiting to break out Trying to be positive after the disappointment... - the entire Patriots offense looked awful - Sony dominated the backfield rushing attempts (forget the garbage runs at the very end for White) - Josh Gordon's return will only help - the Patriots won't be playing from behind in most games - Sexy Rexy is trash Much better days ahead. (still won my matchup so not too upset -- CSB)
  14. He needed a ladder to catch that ball AND STILL almost caught it.... ....and nobody "thinks" Dorsett is a threat to Gordon Hogan on the otherhand....
  15. Jordan Matthews 2018 Outlook

    Again, more of a deep-league dart throw if you have room to add before he hits waivers...not expect much, if anything. Easy drop if he does nothing.