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  1. 2017 Champs! Post here

    Hoping to be posting here again after the Eagles game tonight! Todd Gurley
  2. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Seeing this video I'm even more optimistic -- it's not like Buffalo/Colts snow! We will see a long TD by JG.
  3. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Christmas - Championship - Snowing - Josh Gordon 200yds/3TDs!!! ....just trying to be optimistic -- with no moves left, it's him or Tyler Lockett. Josh dashing through the snow!!
  4. What move defined your season?

    Currently Favored to win the Title... - Hurricane Irma - Drafting Todd Gurley 2.01(15th) - Alex Smith saving my season: Drafted Luck thinking he'd miss two weeks tops - draft Jay Cutler as 1/2 week rental - Hurricane Irma hits Florida..Miami game canceled - pick up Alex Smith to pair with my Tyreek Hill, Smith got 42.pts and becomes my season-long starter (until last week when Aaron Rodgers got me to the Championship). Only makes sense for Alex to re-enter the line-up to win it all! - Drafting Tyreek Hill -- not only cause he's electric but without him I wouldn't have stacked Alex Smith after the hurricane - Dropping my last $433 FAAB on Kenyan Drake following the Ajayi trade -- saved my playoffs dreams scoring 24 while needing 22 in the Semi-Finals - Picking up Josh Gordon -- helped get me to the playoffs Week 13, followed it up in Round 1 with a TD...Christmas Champion is when Josh Gordon goes all Josh Gordon to win it all. Don't lose the Chip with him going off on your bench. - Picking up Robert Woods right before he blew up.
  5. Only play one league..... 14 Team .50 PPR QB: Alex Smith --------> was Aaron Rodgers IR .....Smith/Tyreek Combo got me here following the Andrew Luck nightmare so..... WR: Dez Bryant ------> NEEDS to step it up for this one last week! With Zeke back I'm hoping it happens WR: Josh Gordon ---> Keep getting those double-digit targets! Christmas, Championship, Josh Gordon = the MONSTER game we're waiting for. WR: Tyreek Hill -------> ONE MORE Electrifying game with Alex Smith! RB: Todd Gurley ----> MVP -- Thank You for being my rock! Let's get it! Do what you do!! RB: Kenyan Drake - > The missing piece to this team -- dropped my remaining $433 FAAB after the Ajayi trade. Keep breaking out! TE: Jason Witten/Ricky Seals-Jones --> Mehhhh. Don't know. Just get some points. Find the end-zone?? FX: Robert Woods --> Welcome Back! We missed you!! K: Jake Elliot ----------> Monday Night savior! Elliot for the win and the Championship!! Seal the deal! D: Detroit ---------------> Stay Hot Win: $1900 Lose: $900 Good Luck to All!!!....and have a very Merry Christmas! Side Comment: You think the players know, or care that it's Fantasy Championship Week??
  6. 2017 Bold Predictions Thread

    I didn't quite get this one right -- BUT by Week 13 Snead had a whole 3 receptions. Should have said JG will have a TD before Snead.
  7. 12/17/17 LA @ SEA

    What if both Gurley AND Rodgers carried me to the promise land??
  8. 12/17/17 LA @ SEA

    Thought I was done for after seeing my opponent's Hunt last night -- Todd Gurley to save the day! Fantasy MVP!
  9. Thats exactly how I've been looking at it. If Woods can get back to being Goff's #1 and dropping big games for me then he's the pick. Just don't know how he comes back.
  10. Along with Gurley, I'm looking for Aaron Rodger, Josh Gordon, Tyreek Hill, Kenyan Drake and everyone else to push me to a Championship
  11. Evans or Tate?

    Agreed that Tate is the safer play here. Help?
  12. Jordy/Marvin for me Help Here?
  13. I'd go Freeman/Hill Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688484-this-a-championship-team-whir/
  14. Flex - Morris or Westbrook STD

    Would probably roll the dice on Morris Help Here?