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  1. ....coming off a 100yd/TD performance - with 90yds the previous week - I'd think the arrow is most definitely point up
  2. Coming in the knock causing Demaryius' stock to drop to bargain levels was the Denver QB situation -- now that Siemian goes for 314 and 4TDs people are so quick to move him to whoever will take him? ...also the hip looked more than okay, which if that continues, his end of season numbers will resemble what we've grown accustom to. 1300/8-9TDs
  3. More receptions (17) than: Julio, Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Marshall, Dez, Cooks, Kelvin, Alshon, Amari, and many more.
  4. Simply making the point that in larger leagues Dwayne Washington is the upside player you're advising people to pass on, while poop-pooping him at every turn.
  5. When a new coaching staff takes over a program, his guys tend to play. The picture you paint is inaccurate. First play in 16-Team League, then tell me who has higher-upside. Thrilled to have a boarding pass.
  6. Think they now see this, and that's what we should expect to see going forward.
  7. Looks like Brees saw the highlights of his old buddy Sproles and wants remake that with Cadet. Figgin Brandon Coleman
  8. Riddick is the receiving back, not the running back...he proved he's not worthy of that role. It's clear Washington has the job for the remainder of the season. Wondering if you still think Zenner is the back to own over Dwayne??
  9. Excited to see what he can do without Snead tonight
  10. May the Fantasy Gods be riding the Dwayne Train today. Amen.
  11. Can I get an Ivory prediction in his season debut? 14-68yds-TD/1-5...13.8pts (.50 PPR) **Crowell went for 133 on 18 last week -- granted he had that 85 yarder My fantasy thoughts are shared with Jose Fernandez today. Awful news.
  12. Punching my ticket aboard the D-Train today (16T). Anyone jumping on with me?
  13. Depending on league size if Gore goes down then he certainly becomes Flex worthy
  14. Deep League Dumpster Diving Rishard Higgins - just have this gut feeling he emerges in Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon's absence. Hawkins is a JAG and getting the veteran "start" but it's Higgins who may be getting more looks along side of Pryor. He's certainly not lacking in the confidence department... Josh Ferguson - again, deeeeeppp leaguers, especially PPR - - he looks to have a role and the trust of Luck as a receiver out of the backfield. Think the undrafted-rookie-free-agent's role continues to evolve as the reason goes, and if Gore gets dinged up I believe he will benefit the most.The staff likes his upside potential. So do I. Added him this morning in a 16-T before this weeks games so I don't have to pay if something does happen to Gore tomorrow (did the exact same thing exactly a week ago with Dwayne Washington )