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  1. I endorse this, along with... ...my Jimmy Nelson vs. Jameson Taillon matchup (watching now) ...and Lamb already with a 3-Run Bomb
  2. ` I'm questioning the same thing, but as of now its... 1. Holland 2. Rodon 3. Shields 4. Miguel Gonzalez 5. Pelfrey **in whatever order you want Thinking of stashing him in my NA spot. Don't see why he can't crack that rotation.
  3. A damn shame -- pitching into the 9th and gets the loss cause nobody can get him a run.
  4. Seems Gary has been gearing up for the HR Derby in BP or something -- he's been awful looking the past few games 1/15 in the last 4 games.
  5. SUCH F------- BULLSH-IT!!! Travis Shaw gets "hit" by a pitch that doesn't hit him, next batter hits a 3-Run HR off Severino. So pissed!!!
  6. I roster Nola, Taillon, and Berrios - wish I had Faria - and despite Nola's dominance lately and Taillon's huge upside, I still keep Berrios. One of my favorite pitchers even with the average starts lately.
  7. HELP yourself out Jon Gray!! 2-Run-HR to get on the board!
  8. Miranda might not be the best in Ks -- despite having two 9k performances -- but his BAA of .214 ranks 10th in all the MLB, along with having solid a 1.14 WHIP (I know that's not all there is to look at but still a good indicator of performance)...not to mention having a compete game on his resume this year. I've been encouraged by his latest outings...plus I got a thing for lefty pitchers As for Mike Montgomery (another lefty), I also love his potential, and have said, "the second he becomes a starter for the Cubs, is the second he's on my team" but despite showing his upside I've kinda been a little disappointed in his performances (not a lot though). Either way I like them both.
  9. Overly happy with the staff so it's a difficult decision: 12 Team HTH My Staff: 1. Luis Severino 2. Jose Berrios 3. Jameson Taillon 4. Zack Godley 5. Jimmy Nelson 6. Jon Gray 7. Aaron Nola 8. Ariel Miranda 9. Jordan Montgomery 10. Mike Montgomery 1. Danny DuffyDL 2. Danny SalazarDL Full team is below. Thanks...leave a link and I'll try to help you!
  10. One of the most under-the-radar, under-talked-about SPs in the league -- as a Yankee fan I've had and enjoyed him all year. If he's a backend pitcher for you then you're in great shape. Should be owned in a lot more leagues. Last 5 outings -- Month of June: 4-0 - 2.59 ERA/1.05 WHIP/.216 BAA - 31.1IPS/31K/8BB Another difficult outing in Houston coming up though.
  11. In the 5 games since moving to lead-off: 8/21 (.381) 5R - 1 HR - 4RBI - 4BB/3Ks...raised his avg for .219 to .234 All is not lost with Joey Bats -- the arrow is pointing up
  12. Someone try their hardest to convince me not to drop him -- tried trading him, and nothing. Rarely ever in my line-up, and there's a pitcher on the waiver going tomorrow I want.
  13. Anyone have thoughts on the weather for the CWS at Minn game? Says 98% chance of rain.... 1:10 start-time -- can't afford a PPD.
  14. Also gave up 2 HRs...not good, but maybe those homeruns don't happen if the players behind him do their part to get out of the inning -- 7Ks/1BB/1ER in 4.1 is nice though. Either way, mixed bag -- some really good, some not so good. Happy to have scooped and stashed after drafting to see see what he can do.