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  1. Two bombs to make 12/13 on the year is nice... ...even nicer (if possible), his five RBIs today brings his total to 43 -- tied for 2nd in the league (with his/my Fantasy teammates Lamb/Reynolds #CSB). Yahoo claims he's on pace for 142 RBIs. 35-40 HRs seems pretty certain. Happy to have him -- complete steal considering where we all got him.
  2. Anyone care to help out with this one...?
  3. Somehow your dead grandmother hit a bomb off a lefty today. She's impressive.
  4. Just hit 100mph on his 112th pitch -- 8 Shut Out Innings. Dominant.
  5. Remember saying to the room before I selected him at pick 222 (end of 19th Round), that "there's no way he should STILL be available" -- people completely slept on him. With having Arenado starting 3B, Lamb sits in my UT...I do however bench him vs. lefties, so the HR today was night to see. Even if it was on my bench He's been great investment -- playing like the best 3B in the league, his numbers back it up. Happy to have him. Lots of fun. BAHHHHHHHHHHH
  6. 1st pitch, low and inside....smoked to the top of the ivy -- was close to being out 7 of his 10 hits have been for extra bases. Lots of fun to watch. He's good at baseball.
  7. Have a day Avisail! 4-4 2HRs, 2 Doubles, 6RBIs, 3R, 12 Total Bases -- still got another AB in him too Avg up to .359...one of the best waiver pick ups of the year. He goes completely un-noticed
  8. I should feel really bad about myself for not having Miggy in the line-up tonight right?! Good excuse though, promise (Reynolds-1st/Lamb-UT) -- hoping he comes back and starts playing like the best hitter in baseball...starting tonight. (...he did hit a HR in his first game off the DL earlier this month)
  9. Hitting 95 consistently all game. He looked dominant. As someone already mentioned, the broadcast showed how good he's been when you remove the two White Sox starts from the equation. His slider tonight was making everyone look silly. Was night to see him look like a Top Shelf Ace.
  10. Having both Berrios and Danny Duffy going tonight is lots of fun...16Ks/9 IP, 0.00 ERA (even if KC is going against my Yanks and my other starter tonight -- Jordan Montgomery, Slarlin screwed him on a DP that lead to the two runs)
  11. Have the same exact thing going -- Arenado/Reynolds, but would much rather see Berrios dominate. Wish I was watching. EDIT: Sorry, Reynolds isn't playing
  12. Any chance Colorado gets PPD'ed??
  13. The K's haven't really been there since his 12K performance vs. Baltimore, but to say his last couple starts "didn't look very good" is simply Fake News. May 6th: vs. SF, got the W -- 6 innings of 2-run ball May 1st: vs. Pitt, 7 strong with 2-hits -- those two hits, solo HRs to McCutchen/Harrison -- 0.71 WHIP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The turn before these last two - in Milwaukee - was indeed a very poor start (his only bad game)... - both Thames and Hernan got him for HRs in the 1st - Thames gets him again for another HR in the 2nd - Hernan continues with a RBI double in the 3rd - followed by an RBI single for Garza (!!!) scoring Hernan Amir was finally taken out in the 4th after Braun hit an RBI double scoring Thames - 9 ERs in 3.1 IPs - Ugly. Milwaukee is scary though -- especially when Thames is in the midst of one of his barrages __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other then the above atrocious, yet sorta expected game in Milwaukee, Amir is pitching to the tune of .220 ERA/0.96 WHIP in five starts -- two ERs or less in all five, 5-for-5 in QS, 27K in 32.2IPs, with a 3-1 record (the one loss was the 12K game vs Baltimore -- 2-0 shutout). He's been plenty good -- best Cincy has, and if it means skipping a couple starts so he pitches deeper into the season then I'm okay with that. Striking out the side in two innings is nice to see. He'll be back up very soon.
  14. As someone who drafted Severino and now reaping the rewards of patience with young, talent arms -- along with having Berrios in my NA spot all year...I endorse the above message. With my rations shot for the week - along with waiting to switch Berrios out of the NA for Amir Garrett - Berrios gets the nod today (CSB). Predicting: 8IP - 0ER - 14Ks - 0.33 WHIP Just kidding -- one can dream. Be happy with him going 6 for the QS, along with some decent Ks.
  15. Hope those who dropped have a chance to go scoop him back up.