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  1. His best years: 250-260*/1300+yds/12-18 TDs 80-89/830-1048yds/8-9 TDs *has two 300+ carry years with Indy DJ won't get that, but I can see him have a Faulk-lite year
  2. Haven't read all 57 pages ....trying to come up with some kind of projected numbers/points, and even with a conservative outlook the numbers seem ridiculous. To get a better feel I wanted to get an Over/Under going. O/U Carries: 250 Yards: 1150 Receptions: 60 Receiving Yds: 600 Rush TDs: 10 Rec TDs: 5 - 250 carries with a 4.6ypc gives him 1150yds (same avg. from last year) - 60 receptions with a 10ypr gives him 600yds (last years was 12.7ypr) If he hit the above numbers in a .50 PPR his Point Total: 295pts* 250/1150yd/10 TDs 60/600/5 TDs - does not include bonus points for 100/150/200yd games -- add another 20+pts??* - Freeman finished as RB1 in my league with 292pts I have the over on just about all the above, which made it an easy decision taking him as the first RB off the board at 3rd Overall. So give me your O/U predictions.
  3. Cook but I'd drop someone else Look Here....
  4. haha yea, Thomas D. Johnson... With 16-T leagues there is no way to avoid being thin in a certain area -- you must go with the unknown and hopefully hit on something to cover those holes. Young, upside guys help with that. Counting on a couple of them to get enough targets to produce decent numbers -- expect those targets for Coleman, Thomas and Fuller, along with Braxton in the slot in a bye-week pinch.
  5. I'm not crazy about Ginn either but I got him late after missing out on Funchess, he's startin over Funchess in two-wr-sets and I wanted a piece of the Cam Combo. But yea...late, bench combo i use as a bye week fill in maybe. Either way, thanks for the responses -- along with the rookie WRs, I'd like to hear thoughts on the team as a whole. Rate it for a 16-Teamer. Leave a link and I'll respond to yours!
  6. Love Elliott but I think you take that deal Help here...
  7. I think you take the deal. You need the WR help. Help here...
  8. Both are upside guys but I think I'd keep Matthews Look here...
  9. CSB....but the worst pain I've felt in my life was when I dislocated my knee-cap freshman year of HS -- ended up happening two more times. It's a constant fear living in the back of my mind. I literally feel Teddy's pain. feel bad for him.
  10. Having Rawls you gotta keep Michael. Look here...
  11. If you have Rawls then Michaels...if not, Rishard. Looks here...
  12. Looks solid throughout. This is coming from someone who plays in one 16-T league per year, so everything looks good...hah - Love the Rodgers to Cobb combo - AJ/Golden Tate as your other starters - Two solid backs in Miller/Anderson - Think Langford is gonna be a steal -- wanted him but missed - really like Diggs/Austin on your bench In a 10-T, maybe grab a backup TE like Jared Cook to form that comb with Rodgers... Overall solid Look here...
  13. Thanks for the input, but if I wanted a WR2 instead of the NFL MVP I would have drafted one there -- in a 16-T there will be holes...feel I filled them best I could with young, upside guys. How would you rank: - Corey Coleman - Michael Thomas - Will Fuller - Ted Ginn - missed out on Funchess and wanted a combo with Cam -- still starting in the two-wr-sets. Wont happen again but he did have 10 TDs - Braxton Miller (starting in the slot, Brock seems to love him)
  14. My Jets unbiased and bias would be the same: Brandon Marshall Look here..?
  15. Your RB2 situation could use an uprade while your WRs can take the hit...you're getting Floyd back too. Do it if you like them. Look at mine..?