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  1. April Closer Thread 2017

    Giles threw 9 pitches to close out the 8th, so he could come out in the 9th. Still probably go Gregerson or Harris though.
  2. April Closer Thread 2017

    Giles was warming up when the Astros were up 3-1. Then Reddick hit a 2-run home run. Trout and Pujols were up in the top of the 8th. Situational usage for Giles.
  3. Carlos Correa 2017 Outlook

    Very, very lucky. Bregman can fill in at SS and Marwin can play 3rd. Wouldn't surprise me to see them use a 10 day DL, depending on how badly it swells and how limited hand movement becomes.
  4. April Closer Thread 2017

    Hinch says that Giles will close most of the games. Says he was gonna use Giles under the presumption that they were down by a run. Openly stated that Gregerson did not take the closer role. Hinch will deploy his relievers as he sees fit and doesn't really care for an defined order.
  5. Mark Appel - SP PHI

    No. The appendectomy set him back and basically made it so that he missed spring training. He was sent to EST to try and get his arm in shape. He is not a fan of the tandem pitching used in the Astros system and in a recent interview, he eluded to the fact that he may have felt "entitled" to certain things. I'm not panicking yet, but if he continues to get lit up, I'll start to be concerned. The good news is that the velocity was fine and he threw mostly fastballs. Throwing mostly fastballs in Lancaster is a recipe for disaster unless you have pinpoint location.