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  1. He didn't look as bad as the stat line suggests. A lot of the hits were bloop singles. He had a hard time finishing guys off when he got to 0-2. Still too early to judge but the O's offense also beat the crap out of the Rays in general this weekend
  2. He's a catcher coming off a knee injury. Plus the rays have played a lot of extra innings games lately in which he's caught the game.
  3. He's actually never hit 22 hr or 95 rbi ever. He's hit 21, 20 and 25. And he's driven in 83, 85 and 100. He's still the same dude we thought he was at the beginning of the year. 20-25 hr, 85-100 rbi, high obp and decent avg
  4. He's been pretty awful the last 15 days (.204/.328.306) and horrendous the past week (.080/.179/.160). He's not hitting RHP at all this year (.203/.276/.291). The only thing keeping him afloat the past fifteen days are his seven walks.
  5. The Rays are second in the majors in AVG, fourth in OBP, and seventh in SBs. They mainly struggle with power, but it's not a bad lineup.