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  1. Gotta love how he gets yardage after contact. Always seems to fall ahead a few extra yards. Believe this video has all or most of his touches from week 5.
  2. Trash take. Let's see how things follow up.
  3. Agree with this. I have a feeling he's going to go for way more FAAB than necessary. Intriguing guy short term while Tyreek is out, but for season long he's a gamble. Not a bad guy to have on your roster though if a Watkins/Hill/Hardman injury occurs.
  4. For sure. Samuels ownership % fairly high relative to Snell.
  5. Is this a human centipede reference? ๐Ÿคจ He looked fine tonight. There is value here. Why so dismissive?
  6. Based on his reaction in the video, that $20 million meant nothing to him.
  7. edit - gwinnett braves gif? oops. ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. This thread could use another bump. I snagged him in the rb 14-17 range, but I think he has the potential to end up as a top 10rb finish. Limited touches at Bama isn't a bad thing. Less wear and tear, imo.
  9. In his first appearance of the preseason #Texans RB Lamar Miller goes down. Cart coming out. Players on both teams on their knees
  10. https://twitter.com/NickMensio/status/1164266118724239360?s=19
  11. This is one of the most polarizing yet talented players in the league. I think a lot of the negative comments here come from people who were burned by him last year. I'm still tempted, but hopefully at a discounted price.