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  1. Tyler Lockett 2018 Outlook

    Okay, MAYBE I started him once or twice... My point is, he's been too TD dependent to really start with much confidence. To me at least. His TD rate is way inflated. If/when it comes back down to average, he's a borderline waiver wire guy and you know it. That's not to say that he's not a good player, I think he's awesome, but I also think his style and how he's used is more valuable in real-life football than fantasy. So far this season, he has proven me wrong, I'll admit. I just think he's due for regression and I don't want to have him in my lineup when it hits. Maybe he keeps it up and if so, hey, that's great - I've been wrong before. (Also, in my .5PPR league he has been in the 20s all season.)
  2. Tyler Lockett 2018 Outlook

    This guy is the classic too-good-to-drop-but-not-good-enough-to-start. Like, I don't hate having him on my team, but I also wish he wasn't on my team.
  3. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Right, he is absolutely the lead back. No question there. My point is that they ran the ball 12 times (not counting Rodgers 1 attempt) in a game that was competitive literally from buzzer to buzzer. Realistically they should have run the ball 20+ times with Jones getting 15+ of those. That's the usage I'm concerned with, not him vs. other RBs.
  4. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    That's not particularly true. Kenny's best run of games (weeks 1-5) was when Marvin, Tate and Golladay were all on the team and active. Agreed on the rest though. Something is definitely off with Stafford this season. They also just lost the vet of the o-line (RG TJ Lang) to IR, and his replacement stinks, so the trouble with Stafford constantly under pressure isn't going to change. And the OC is still a functioning idiot which doesn't help things at all.
  5. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    So I guess I was right to question his usage. Thankfully he saved our butts with the two TDs. Best thing to me was the increased usage in the passing game. I don't think any of us really expected that but IMO is huge. That gives him a safer floor even if McCarthy keeps trying to torpedo Jones/the Packers season. It also shows Rodgers is really dedicated to keeping him involved. Plus he showed some decent receiving skills specifically on his TD reception. It was a long rec by RB standards and he was covered decently but showed great concentration to complete the process.
  6. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    I'm not getting my hopes too high since he will basically be the only receiving option and they will focus on him. That said, he should still see enough targets to put up an acceptable game. Prediction based on Marvin not playing: 12 targets 5 recs 87 yards 1 TD Best case scenario for Golladay owners is Marvin is active, but just plays the decoy role. If that's the case, we can realistically expect a blowup game from Kenny G.
  7. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    That's ugly. I hope you're right.
  8. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    I'm firing him up but bracing myself for disappointment. It's not Jones, his talent is undeniable. I just still don't trust this coaching staff. McCarthy is the type to come out and call 80% pass plays just to prove a point that he's smarter than the talking heads in the media.
  9. George Kittle 2018 Outlook

    Rock-solid matchup-proof stud muffin.
  10. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    Benching him this week based on last week's overall Bengals offense performance + tough Baltimore matchup. With that said, even if he duds this week, I anticipate having him in my lineup ROS beginning week 12. His outlook is still strong, we're just going through a rough patch right now.
  11. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    When I realize @shakestreet is actually Mike McCarthy
  12. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    That's my bad. There were two conversations going on; one about trading and one about benching. I only saw the one about trading. I agree - I would not bench Barkley, regardless of matchup.
  13. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    @JoeJoe88 @n4sa No one's talking about benching Saquan. He's talking about trading Saquan because he feels Jones can be a replacement. Still a little crazy, but not benching Saquan crazy.
  14. KC vs LAR in Mexico City

    You're probably right and I'm also guessing they'll have it fixed. I also agree that it's a Tuesday and we don't really have anything better to talk about lol. I think the difference is a blizzard at Lambeau doesn't really have any greater injury risk than a normal field. A field like the one pictured would be really easy to twist a knee or ankle and cause significant injury, which to these guys doesn't just mean lost time but potentially millions of dollars.