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  1. Until and unless he puts up a stinker, I plan to have him in my lineup until Tyreek comes back. There is no reason not to.
  2. This is a full season of rush attempts and you can actually count his outside runs on your fingers. Unbelievable.
  3. Really unique situation in terms of trade value because he could do anything from WR1 to 0 points ROS and no one really knows what it will be. I think you just have to hold him and see what happens.
  4. Anyone still holding and looking for a silver lining; one of Stafford's interceptions was a deep ball he was trying to force to MJJ. Would have been about a 40 or 50 yard rec. Stafford is still looking for him and I expect more of these deep shots to be successful as the season goes on. I think he's gonna be pretty boom or bust and probably tough to start on a regular basis.
  5. He's a mad Lions fan. Try not to hold it against him, we've been through a lot.
  6. I'm not gonna overthink this one. Chicago defense = good. Washington offense = bad. Terry = sit.
  7. Gotta say I did not see the CJA release coming. I wouldn't exactly be running to the WW unless you're in 14+, but it's definitely a situation to keep an eye on. He's look good in limited action so far this year.
  8. Couple guys I'm streaming tonight, for those in daily or DFS: Alex Young vs. Miami Brett Anderson vs. KC Seth Brown, assuming he gets the start, in the lefty vs. righty matchup against Jorge Polez
  9. Safe to say he's sitting today? Looks like he started the last 2 games.
  10. Not a KJ owner but I follow the Lions very closely. Better games are coming. The talent and opportunity are there. They're still getting the hang of the new offense under Bevell. This offense is showing signs of starting to get humming; don't let yesterday's low score mislead you. Stay the course; you don't want to sell low.
  11. Pats love to bury the Jets, especially at home. 6/120/2 next week. (To clarify: 6 new accusers, 120 pages of discovery. The 2 is still for TDs, though.)
  12. Mid-round-flier -> league-winner -> drop All in the course of what? 1.5 weeks? Yeesh.
  13. So let's see... - Plays at one of the best football programs in America - 2x All-Second Team in the best conference in America - 2nd round NFL draft pick - Not a football player Got it, thanks!
  14. I get the point you're trying to make, but it's not just "one game". He's been inconsistent and turnover prone his whole career. Week 1 was supposed to put those concerns to bed, but instead it just made them more valid. So, yes, I'm sitting him.
  15. Most of them are actually Mets medical staff moonlighting.