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  1. You’re referring to an offense that had Andrew Luck. The offensive strategy in IND has changed with more running & ball-control passing. Their defense is also better than it has been in recent years.
  2. Look at the way the team is made up. Hines is going to retain his spread offense sets, while Wilkins gets the early downs. Hines is listed at 5’9 195(I don’t buy that). He’s not built for early down runs between the tackles.
  3. Hines isn’t a great runner & Brissett has barely looked his way in the passing game. 31 total yards in 2 games, 5 catches for 9 yds. Wilkins is the cuff
  4. Mack reportedly absent from practice. Grab Wilkins before it’s too late
  5. It’s clear that the Colts have become a more balanced, ball-control offense with Brissett. If Mack can’t go, Wilkins still has more value than Hines. Wilkins will get Mack’s carries, Hines will still get the spread offense sets but not many catches either. Brissett prefers to dump it off to the TE’s not the RB’s, & Hines is simply not a good NFL runner.
  6. Kickers still put real points on the board, therefore they’re necessary. The standard 3,4,5(&6?) should apply to every league. We also penalize by -3,-2,-1 so an accurate kicker is important
  7. Between the hip issue & now being sick & losing weight, I’d prefer they just give him the week off so he can come back strong week 4
  8. Agreed! Picked him up just in case. It’s only Wednesday so definitely not panicking. Now if he still hasn’t practiced by Friday...
  9. [...] still happy to have him. I really liked what I saw & think he's the future in PIT. The offense seemed to open up with Rudolph. Clearly stronger arm than Ben at this point with good accuracy downfield
  10. SF is vastly improved over last year. I don’t expect PIT to play well this week, but they’ll be better afterwards
  11. (Allen, Cousins & Garoppolo were already owned so I skipped them) I watched the PIT game on Sunday & thought Rudolph played very well. It wasn’t his fault they lost. His INT was because Moncrief can’t catch. Very good o-line, strong arm, calm in the pocket & his WR leader in targets was Juju despite his college history with Washington. Seems that PIT is committed to him & willing to let him start their new offensive chapter. I would put him above everyone here except Dalton.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. Couldn’t remember
  13. Wasn't it also stated that she refused a settlement? If the NFL confirms this, & the 2nd accuser has a credible accusation as well, I think it's possible Goodell puts AB on the exempt list under the conduct policy. Obviously both accusers & AB have to be interviewed, as well as any other people mentioned. The amount of details & proof of misconduct given by both accusers is going to determine what happens here, but this is gonna drag out for a while. Until then, AB is gonna play & play well. Although it was only MIA, he & Brady have obviously put in extra time to get their timing down in an offense notorious for a steep learning curve. There are only so many targets to go around so the NE WR's might take turns having big games, but they'll all be relevant. The only reliable source of fantasy consistency in NE will be Brady
  14. I totally agree on the telegraphing of plays. That’s why I hate RBBC, yet teams constantly do it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, Freeman & Lindsay have versatile skills. I think DEN can be more fluid than most teams in various situations. Just thinking more often than not it will probably shake out that way