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  1. Charlie Blackmon 2018 Outlook

    So sitting out today after being removed last night with back stiffness. Do he have a history of this? I haven’t heard any major concerns about it
  2. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    7x7 H2H league... Strongly considering drafting offense 1st 4 of 5 rounds, effectively punting Quality Starts & K’s by going all relievers. Can dominate Saves & Holds, which leaves ERA, WHIP, & K/9 open for competition. On the pitching side, if I can go 4-3 consistently with some 5-2 weeks, my offense should be strong enough to keep me in the mix, right?
  3. It’s amazing that Jeffery & Agholor have combined for ZERO catches in the 1st half
  4. 12/25-17 Steelers @ texans

    Ben & Bell done for the day for those of you interested
  5. XMAS DAY GAMES- What Do you Need?

    I agree it will probably be the Bell show for PIT today. They are just a much different team on the road. I’m expecting a 25 Point day from Bell. PHI is not a ball-control team so I expect Foles to throw a lot. All I really need is for him to throw a TD to someone other than Jeffery & I should be fine
  6. XMAS DAY GAMES- What Do you Need?

    Up 31.7...he has Bell & Jeffery yet to play. I have both Big Ben & Foles to choose from at QB today. Decisions, decisions...
  7. 12/17/17 LA @ SEA

    Benched Baldwin this week so haven’t been does he have 0 catches? Wilson have no time to throw? Good coverage?
  8. Week 15 Injury Thread

    Marquise Lee helped to locker room with leg injury. Was in a lot of pain, doubt he comes back
  9. I could drop Diggs in both. Or Wallace in one, McKissic in the other. Kinda fed up with Diggs at this point since Keenum rarely looks his way anymore
  10. 11/26/17 Bills vs Chiefs Game Day Thread

    Hunt is barely flex-worthy at this point. I may not be able to start him at all after this. I wasn’t expecting 150 total yds every week, but a pulse would be nice
  11. 11/26/17 Bills vs Chiefs Game Day Thread

    Good question. That’s the problem with RBBC. If you have 2 backs with the same skill set it can work well. If your backs are all one-dimensional in different ways the defense knows what’s coming. The misconception is the effectiveness of the backup RB because they occasionally get draw runs on passing downs, while the lead RB almost never gets involved in the passing game
  12. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    The black hole in my lineup named Kareem Hunt is killing me. Reid has let that offense go stale
  13. 11/26/17 Titans vs Colts Game Day Thread

    Mariota has regressed badly, Murray’s legs are gone, defense can’t stop anyone...Titans are a mess
  14. 11/26/17 Bills vs Chiefs Game Day Thread

    Remember after 3 weeks when Hunt gave us visions of Brian Westbrook & Lesean McCoy? He’s barely startable now after having the season arc of Spencer Ware last year 😡
  15. 11/26/17 Bills vs Chiefs Game Day Thread

    This Chiefs offense is pathetic. They look so flat