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  1. No deal. He's gonna have a great year in STL. Love your keepers, now just grab Diaz
  2. My only beef with Ramirez is his lineup around him isn't great. Thanks for all the input! I was leaning Arenado if he's there anyway. (so of course he probably won't be!) 😀
  3. Obviously Trout & Betts are gone, not sure what #3 pick will be, so I'm deciding between these 3 ... 1) JD Martinez- LF, RF, DH 2) N Arenado- 3B 3) C Yelich- LF, CF, RF - All 3 very good OBP & OPS. All have good lineups around them & all in good hitting ballparks. - Martinez is the oldest & has a minor injury history - Arenado plays a shallow position, but has minor home/road splits - Yelich not as much power but way more steals. Any thoughts would be very appreciated!
  4. Glad to see you’re still staying sharp in the offseason!
  5. Nice overreaction to a legitimate question. Bhawks just wanted to see for himself to make an educated opinion & Psygolf puts him on blast because he didn’t take the quote as gospel. There may be a time where you have a serious question & they come back like a jerk. This is a forum to exchange ideas & information. Grow up
  6. Fair enough, I didn’t watch a lot of Rams games this year. Seems to me he’s great up to 15-25 yd routes that get some YAC, then a little weak deeper than that
  7. His home/road splits are concerning, but I think losing Kupp then Gurley was bigger. Yes, Anderson ran the ball very well in Gurley’s place, but he’s a non-factor in the passing game. Kupp was his Edelman. Those 2 really helped Goff rack up numbers with YAC because he doesn’t seem to be a great downfield thrower
  8. I think we hear in a couple weeks about how Gurley needs offseaason surgery, will miss OTA’s, & will be eased into camp. There’s no way he’s healthy with his lack of usage over the last month. We’ll probably also see the league punish the Rams for not disclosing whatever injury he had. With Gurley’s history of knee issues & the volume Anderson got in his place, I’m probably avoiding him in my auctions
  9. Anyone else thinking the Rams tie the game, then Brady drives just far enough to get bailed out with a FG again?
  10. Even if it is casual, auctions are still way more fun. Outbidding guys or sticking them with a player they were just trying to bid up makes things exciting & provides a ton of chatter
  11. This is probably the worst excuse to stay in a snake draft as I’ve ever heard. Why would you give a break to someone who doesn’t do their homework? Dumb it down to the lowest common denominator? Change isn’t perceived as bad, it’s just people make it more complicated in their minds than it really is.
  12. In all fairness, I believe every week 1 starter ended up on IR to end the season. If they stay healthy, they’re a low/middle end unit. Losing all 5 starters made them a sieve. Shorter drops & quicker routes will help Rosen stay clean
  13. Total class act. Big fan & glad to see he’s coming back, but what is he coming back to? Rosen = Cutler in my eyes & he sometimes locks on to Kirk too much, ignoring 1 of the best possession WR’s ever in Fitz. If the new coaching staff can get Rosen to learn to check down to an easy completion & move the ball, Fitz could be a viable WR2/3