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  1. 2 spots left. Hoping to start drafting tomorrow
  2. We are a startup dynasty that is an offshoot of an existing league. Looking for about ten active, experienced owners. Rosters have not been selected, and will be chosen as follows: New league managers will choose one American League team and one National League team. New managers must select one team with a winning record and one team with a losing record (if available). Subsequently, the new manager will select 5 MLB players and 3 MiLB players from each of their selected teams, which will be added to their roster. Once the league is filled, all players not initially selected will be available in an online slow, snake style draft. Teams will be chosen on a first come, first served basis. Such fine organizations as the Astros, Yankees, Brewers, and Cubs are still available.We are looking for owners who are experienced and will be very active. The league will communicate through Discord for trades, league announcements, etc, so it is a requirement that any new owners be active on the league Discord. Buy-in is $20. If you're interested in joining, or have any questions about the terms of the league or roster selection, come join our welcome page discord. look forward to meeting you!
  3. H2H keep everyone. 34 mlb 15 milb rosters. Standard scoring. Two playoff teams need new owners. The league uses Discord as its chat feature. Any potential owner must be willing to have a presence on the chat. All league announcements, trades, drafts happen on the discord chat. the available teams arePiratesTampa Rays Brewers All of them were in the playoffs last year. the link to the discord page
  4. We need one owner for a free H2H 16 Team Fantrax dynasty. The league is very active. We use chatango as our league chat. Almost all trades start and end on the chat. A new owner is expected to be on the chat with some frequency. The team is in first place by a decent margin. The available team is the Brewers If you are interested please follow the link to our chat to introduce yourself