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  1. He plays similarly to greek but has a solid jump shot. Think we have something here fellas
  2. Just wondering, first time playing a cash league through yahoo and still haven't got paid nearly 2 weeks after winning my league.
  3. They should rest him. They have no incentive to play him against non-playoff teams assuming the heat stay in 9th place.
  4. Can someone make a list for gm's who play auction ? I'd be really interested in seeing how much you guys think these players are worth for next years draft.
  5. I know this dude won a couple people the ship. So clutch this week, pretty much carried you in pts, 3's ft% and fg%
  6. Man thats highway robbery right there lance and collins for jojo. But yea that was a mistake on the irving trade, d-lo has been balling and buddy has been consistent all year. Kawhi doesn't have any b2b's this week. Do we expect him to rest one game ?
  7. How do you have kawhi, pg, embiid and kyrie on 1 team ?
  8. Wow is this his best game of the season ? Dude is going off
  9. I'm still down this week with isaac, but ima definitely plug him in fri. But might have to drop him after fri. to stream for sat. and sun. if I'm still down. But that 4 block game was gold. Basically winning me that cat right now. Had a decent game last time vs. memphis. Just hoping he gives me something like 15 and 9 with some nice stocks and 3's. Knew he would bounce back after that dud performance. Hope he knows the magic can still make the playoffs and starts to pick it up for us fantasy owners heading into the finals.
  10. Isaac playing like a mad man out there blocking everything. Already with 3 blocks and hustling on the glass. Where were these stocks in the past 2 weeks?
  11. So who's the pick up with cousins out if you're trying stream this week ?
  12. Guys don't drop ! That finals matchup with 4 games is just too juicy to let go. Not to mention he had a big game last time vs. the pelicans. I have faith this guy will rebound after a poor performance and help me in the semi's.
  13. it seems to me like you don't have that much confidence in your core team for them to pull you through next week. you should at least wait until wed before you decide what to do with him. for all you know your team can be kicking a** up 8-1 heading into wed. where you can afford to carry him those 2 games and like someone else said you can also drop him after fridays game and stream for sat. and sun. almost like isaac would have gave you a 4 game week. idk about you but i rather check the weather out myself before reading too much into the forecast. looks like ima go without no umbrella next week and hope he smashes against a bad defensive team in the pelicans then see if he warrants a drop depending where my team is that week factoring the ww and my lead