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  1. New one for this year. Post about your trades here.
  2. New one for 2019. Discussion about defenses and who you are streaming each week goes here.
  3. Both of you (HTM and Zak0221) can move along...thanks.
  4. Take it to Private Message....Nobody cares about your leagues.
  5. Nothing new to report...We've resorted to talking about other players in his thread will be locked till new news comes out. Thanks.
  6. {Posts removed, nobody cares about your teams, or your leagues. We gain nothing from knowing this information. Thanks}
  7. OK @Dr Whom ...You showed your are still your normal self....enough trolling.
  8. The point @devaster and @stay_woke is to let the user know why his post was edited and that it doesn't belong in this thread. Next time PM me if you have a question on why something was edited. Thanks.
  9. Take player discussions to the players thread. Thanks.