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  1. Belichick scolds reporter after baffling QB question A reporter asks Bill Belichick about the possibility Jimmy Garoppolo will start when Tom Brady becomes eligible to return from his suspension. Belichick responds as only Bill Belichick can.
  2. Activated for tonight's game
  3. @posty a request for your next update to the listing.
  4. 3 HR this series vs the Jays...all thrown in the same spot. You'd think they'd pick up on that....Greg Zaun even picked up on it and pointed it out after last nights game.
  5. I would think this would be how it shakes out in the end.
  6. Jays trade Storen to Mariners for Benoit.
  7. Seems strange, as I heard last week he was having issues throwing, but not batting. Which is it?!
  8. A reminder for all on how it works - a weekly thread will be posted and pinned, for all of you who need to *already* find replacements (DOH). Each week, the old thread will be de-pinned, and a new thread (Week 2, Week 3, etc.) to keep the touts current, given how the guys that are likely to be found on the WW changes from week to week and given the popularity of weekly H2H matchups.A reminder that this is meant to tout players you may find on the WW that you feel other owners should consider - but it's not meant for Bench Coach discussion (who to drop for 'em, owner's lineup decisions, etc. - that's for the Bench Coach Forum), as per the FBB Posting Rules. So, please no BC questions - if it provides general information that all can use, it's fair game. Again, this isn't a thread to ask about players in your league - it's to tout potential WW players. If you believe a guy is worth *consideration*, post away.As for your touts, there are no specifics - but as a guide, as we're talking the WW, feel free to look at the CBS/Yahoo/ESPN ownership rates - it will give a great idea if a guy is really a WW tout or not. As the WW varies, if you have deep league touts, feel free to post - qualifying them for deep leagues has helped in the past. Also, you can stipulate if you think it's a great 1-week play, a streamer, a great long-term play, or whatever
  9. Polanco in the lineup...
  10. In the lineup...
  11. Elbow soreness...MRI today.
  12. Couple weeks away...