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  1. Agree with majority, take Gordon. I've yet to see Crabtree/Flacco together and reports are John Brown is the WR to own in Baltimore.
  2. Ross/Kirk/Washington. I could see Bengals offense taking a big step forward this year with improved Oline and Ross is a playmaker. Washington's role is TBD and Kirk has a lot of upside well, but QB play is a concern.
  3. I8/10. First four picks were solid albeit Allen has more value in PPR. Defense is stacked! Strange format which clearly limits potential depth. I'd keep an eye on Walker's toe injury and start Goff week 1 to see how Wentz rebounds from his injury.
  4. Your RBs 1-3 & stud QB make up for the lower ranked WRs. Josh Gordon is a big question mark for me, but Corey Davis should be a reliable weekly starter in a high scoring Titans offense. Solid squad overall.
  5. Very well balanced squad. Mixon & Ajayi are clearly X factors for your success, but both are in positions to outperform their ADP.
  6. Solid team, your WRs are stacked! I think you will dominate a 14 teamer.
  7. I'd pick up Cole, he was solid end of last year. Mike Williams will not be usable until later in the season if at all based on limited targets.
  8. Hogan all day. He is Brady's WR1 and will see a ton of targets. Burkhead's role is questionable with his knee injury and crowded backfield.
  9. Not a big fan due to going QB & TE early. You can potentially start 4 WRs and relying on ARob, Watkins, DJ Moore etc. will hurt you.
  10. Great team, just need to find a reliable WR2/3. Very high ceiling if Josh Gordon pans out. I'd prefer to find a more reliable WR 2/3 with some RB trade depth once the season starts.
  11. Keep Reed. I actually like him more than Engram when healthy based on being the primary target with Alex Smith.
  12. Hilton/Gordon for me. I love Gordon this year with improved O-line, high powered offense, and believe the Chargers will win a lot of games. I don't see as much of a gap b/w Adams/Hilton.
  13. I'd stand pat and wait to see if Josh Gordon is back to his old self. If Gordon is dependable, no need to acquire Cooper. Trading your #1 overall player for lower value guys is never a good strategy.
  14. I'd keep Zeke and value him much higher than Hunt. Zeke is guaranteed a ton of touches as the main/only primary weapon on Dallas. Hunt's usage could be volatile with Spencer Ware healthy.
  15. Please rank below QBs: Cousins Jimmy G Stafford Rivers Ryan Is it worth grabbing one of these middle tier guys or waiting on Ryan/Mahomes types in the later rounds?