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  1. I might offer X/Marte/Tanaka to start and see where it goes
  2. I would shoot for Degrom Greinke or Cole then Snell or Berrios if he balks over your initial offer
  3. Like Bieber slightly more than Boyd plus a better lineup in CLE which helps
  4. OBP/OPS league..who you guys like better rest of the way? Leaning DJ bc of the lineup but like the pop Muncy provides. Thanks and WHIR!!
  5. Innings cap rumors and all, is this guy an auto waiver burn to pickup? No idea when he is back up. Thanks and WHIR
  6. Eaton and Nola for Giolito. Shoot for the moon
  7. Its close for me but think I lean Altuve due to better lineup and how bad Ramirez has looked so far
  8. Redraft and thanks for the replies!
  9. All three are on fire. How would you guys rank these three going forward? Thanks and WHIR!!
  10. Both having great seasons so far...who do you guys like better going forward? Thanks and WHIR!!
  11. Just picked up Moncada the other night who is no slouch but anyone have Mancini or Pete Alonso ranked higher rest of season? Both are on the wire...thanks and WHIR!!
  12. $100 for regular season winner, $200 for playoff champ