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  1. Have Njoku but feel like Hockensen could be something. Not sure if Latavius is an overpay
  2. wow, now I have to decide how much FAAB to bid. This is tough
  3. Did the same then came back with Fournette and Ingram early Rd 3 late rd 4 (12 team). What RBs did you get?
  4. So torn, i feel like my three options are zeke, nuk and david johnson. Someone sway me one way or the other.
  5. So sitting with the 4th pick in PPR tonight. Zeke, DJ, or Deandre? Good god I have no idea
  6. Thanks, I will probably offer and see where it gets me.
  7. I am torn as well. Thinking I should upgrade a position before Bell comes back. Would you trade Conner and Goodwin for Hogan? Doesn't seem like a huge upgrade though. What about Conner and Collins for JoHo?
  8. PIcking 9th in 12 teamer PPR. Is my best bet to get Melvin then best WR at the turn? Or should I do Odell beckham paired with CMC or Dalvin Cook. Basically is Melvin + Davante Adams, better than Odell + CMC. Full PPR. Draft tomorrow and been back and forth on it for a week.
  9. Picking 9th in a 12 team ppr and completely torn. Will take Nuk if he is there. But assuming he isn't, have it down to Odell, Melvin, or Fournette. Think I could get Odell and CMC, or Melvin and Davante Adams. Such a tough call.
  10. Drafting 9th in 12 team ppr and have never been more torn. If Hopkins is there I take him. But what about between OBJ and Melvin. If I go obj, I need one of fournette, gordon, hunt, cook, mccafrey to not be drafted in the next 6 picks. Basically Julio and Michael Thomas or Keenan Allen need to be drafted. Fournette is so slow on yahoo I am tempted to hope he slips. Or do I do Melvin and get the best WR/one of those backs if they slip. Thoughts?