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  1. im in 4th and 6 teams make the playoffs. the ss im not playing atm is dejong but hes also been hot so its killing me
  2. it is a keeper league. we keep our top 4 players
  3. I would rather have Gary for all the reasons he said above and we have seen more from Gary so he is a litte safer in my opinion. help?
  4. I would drop Gibson or Pivetta for Gallen for sure. help?
  5. I would not make that move to get the closer and I believe you would not need Polanco with that OF you have. You would be giving up too much offense in my opinion, although I like Musgrove and Osuna. help?
  6. I would for sure add Donaldson hes been hot for a week or so now and it could last for a long time. As for the pitchers I think Gallen is the way to go, unless you need someone for right now then I think I think I would go with Framber, Plesac or Lopez. thanks for the help
  7. this is a keeper league where we keep 4 players btw sorry. bump
  8. As just signed Kendrys Morales. Maybe he will play some more OF now?
  9. i think thats a good team overall. I would drop hedges because I think hes going to be splitting the job with a better bat although hedges has the better defense. I also am not a fan of Buxton, but you could use the steals and you have winker to back him up. I think your pitching is fine, but you will need to be active with adding the FA closers that get the job. thanks for the help on mine.
  10. Thanks for the help! Its a deep roster so itd be someone like german woodruff lopez or pineda id be dropping.
  11. Would you do corbin and paxton for verlander?
  12. I would go with sonny, urias, efflin. Sonny hated the way the yankees wanted him to pitch, so I think he will bounce back even though the home park is tough for pitchers
  13. Im in a 10 team 6x6 h2h category league with ops and qs added as well as 28 man rosters. DeGrom for Corbin and Paxton or DeGrom for Bauer and G. Marquez
  14. I couldn't take that.With as many teams as I already try to follow in other ways I come close to a seizure most nights from all the input. But is it possible? I havent been able to find that either actually. Has anyone bypassed blackout restrictions on an xbox one?