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  1. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    I drafted him knowing he wasn't the most consistent but he's far too much bust and far less boom this season than I expected. With Russ spreading it out and with Graham hogging red zone targets, Baldwin has become too unreliable as a fantasy option. In terms of guys I drafted this season who will be DND next season at their expected draft cost, Baldwin is up there with Fournette, Cooper and Dez.
  2. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    What frustrated me is them going with McKissic in catch-up/garbage time. Mike Davis can catch passes. Why not get him involved? Teams insisting on "3rd down backs" is frustrating when the lead back has a proven ability to catch passes.
  3. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Need Sanu/Witten to outscore Carr basically.
  4. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    Good effort out there Aaron. I appreciate your contributions this week, esp. the rushing yards. We’ll see what happens next week but definitely picking up a Plan B in case.
  5. Evan Engram 2017 Season Outlook

    4-50-1 please Evan
  6. Evan Engram 2017 Season Outlook

    Was agonizing between him and Hunter Henry. Opted for Engram as I felt he had a higher ceiling and I need that as a big underdog. The latter did his part by not having a good game. Now just need Evan to have a big game. You can do it!
  7. Golden Tate 2017 Outlook

    Several times me and others mentioned that. It was one of multiple reasons why we benched Tate. Was totally brushed off by those insistent on Tate being a must-start.
  8. Golden Tate 2017 Outlook

    Bad games do happen. Doing some research and applying logic, Fantasy Football folks can sometimes see one coming and make the gutsy call to bench a quality player despite coming off two solid games and his Top 20 ranking for the season and among "experts" for this week. That's what happened here with those of us who outlined multiple reasons why Tate could have a bad game and benched him. Nothing retroactive here. Just good smart fantasy football and making your own decisions. Whereas other folks just see where Tate is ranked for the season, assume he will be good and are so invested in that myopic viewpoint that they outright ignore or diminish valid reasons to suggest otherwise. Perhaps make irrelevant comments about league size to detract from how strawman their argument is. The former group was right and should be proud of their decision. The latter group is likely bitter and salty right about now.
  9. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    With Fournette out, welcome to my RB2 slot Mike. Please don’t let me down (like how Keenan Allen is right now)
  10. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    The ridiculous number of TDs is impressive but I’m more intrigued by Carson’s receptions. I mean, how does one catch Indianapolis?
  11. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    Trading for him - and paying market value - during his bye week might be one of my worst decisions ever. Hobbled by Ankle injury. Suspension for the dumbest reason ever. Now this. Don’t get me wrong, he has a couple good games but this is obviously not what I was expecting.
  12. Giovani Bernard 2017 season outlook

    This is basically the Vikings whole season versus pass catching RBs. Christian McCaffrey: 3-18-0 Tevin Coleman 3-27-0 Theo Riddick 1-10-0 Todd Gurley 3-19-0 Chris Thompson 3-41-0 Duke Johnson 4-10-0 (although Crowell got 4-54-0) Buck Allen 8-29-0 Ty Montgomery 1-3-0 Benny Cunningham 2-43-1 (Cohen had 1 catch for negative 6) Theo Riddick 1-8-0 Charles Sims 1-9-0 LeVeon Bell 4-4-0 (yes 4 yards but he was still rounding into shape) Alvin Kamara 4-20-0 (1st game of the season, so the guy had yet to break out)
  13. I can see this being a lower scoring game personally. In the 17-14 range. Not enough offense to excite me. As such, I'm benching Golden Tate (in one league, playing him in another due to a lack of a better option) and Theo Riddick. Chicago has a solid pass defense - including slot receivers, Detroit's OL is banged up, Tate has struggled versus Chicago in the past and Abdullah is back. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me but Good luck to those playing them!
  14. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    That has more to do with who has been at RB this season IMO. We have years of evidence that a Seattle RB can be very fantasy relevant under Pete Carroll. Now I'm not suggesting Mike Davis is as good as Marshawn Lynch but he is presumably as good as Thomas Rawls and he's had some very good fantasy games. In the end, there is certainly risk with Davis. He could get hurt mid-game. He could play the full game and end up with a decent but lackluster 15 carries for 65 yards and 2 catches for 20 yards and no TD. OR just maybe, in a great matchup where the gameflow favors running the ball, he could bust loose for 27 carries for 161 yards 1 td (which is what Rawls put up in the playoff game versus Detroit last season). I'm a major underdog and I am gambling on upside with Davis.
  15. Giovani Bernard 2017 season outlook

    I mentioned in my post Minnesota does well against pass-catching RBs and I got that from a post in the Joe Mixon thread.