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  1. NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2018 Week 11

    I'd go Adams. Pederson has said Adams should get more carries. Meanwhile Carroll has said Carson will play Thursday, so Penny is competing with Carson and Davis again.
  2. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Need Odell > 15 Need Breida > Kittle Need Robbie Gould to have -3 points. Ok I know that won't happen but I got that from the Jets, so it's only fair.
  3. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    I have a game riding on Breida tonight so obviously I want to see a big performance. That said, honestly, I really want to see big performance where he lasts the whole game and not once does he limp off the field with what looks to be a major injury just to Wolverine his way back and do poorly rest of the game. My RB position is such a mess in the two leagues I have Breida that any confidence he gives me in being a viable RB2, I will gladly take. The hobbled, ineffective Breida does little to inspire said confidence.
  4. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Yes and over Shepard.
  5. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Freakin' love that movie. So underrated.
  6. Marquez Valdes-Scantling 2018 Outlook

    MVS is especially awesome for any leagues that have bonuses for big plays and/or 100 yard games. So a 3 catch 100+ yard game (where one of the catches is almost certain to be 40+ yards) can be more valuable than say what Amari Cooper got vs TEN this past MNF.
  7. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    If you need a RB, sure. Heck, even if you don't need one, sure. Then try and trade from your RB depth for help elsewhere.
  8. John Brown 2018 Outlook

    He can if you started him. Where a player was drafted - or if even drafted all - becomes quickly irrelevant.
  9. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Unless the Texans decide to focus their middle of the pack pass defense on him rather than Sanders and randomly it's Tim Patrick becoming the beneficiary of DT being traded, yes he should absolutely get the volume right away. Even then, Houston has allowed 15 passing TDs in 8 games, so Sutton could still have a great chance at a TD as a big time RZ target without too much volume.
  10. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Breida got 3 catches in each of Weeks 2 to 4. Then he gets hurt Week 5. Has 1 catch total in the games after. I think ultimately Shanny might be weirdly afraid that getting him out in the open might increase the risk of injury? I don't know how else to explain it.
  11. Calvin Ridley 2018 Outlook

    He's playing
  12. Jalen Richard 2018 Outlook

    It just doesn't look like Gruden cares enough to win games and play catch-up in a way that would benefit Richard the way it would benefit any other passing downs back (like a Chris Thompson, when healthy). That Martin was still seeing carries down huge was absurd. Richard still has PPR flex value but man, i think he is droppable if you have sufficient RB depth and there is something intriguing on the waiver wire.
  13. Oakland Raiders 2018 Outlook

    As a long suffering Raiders fan, I can confirm the copious amounts of embarrassment watching this monstrosity of a performance. Carr looks awful and I want to punch Gruden every time the camera pans to his smug face.
  14. Not sure what angers me more: That I started Carr as a streamer or that I am an actual Raiders fan. It's a tie. I'm equally enraged.