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  1. Not if they are getting a possible 1st or 2nd round pick to get rid of players they have publicly made available in trades? Pay attention to what's going on out there. They don't want Kanter or THJ. Pels get a bunch of role players LMAO. Pelicans get all the good young Lakers, THJ and Kanter's expiring contract. It's called assets buddy and actual good players. And also, did you not read the bottom of my post that said this doesn't have to be the EXACT trade, but if this works, the major pieces are there. You just have to move around picks and small contracts. You probably stopped reading at this point anyway because of your ADHD.
  2. Thats what happens when you started watching basketball once the Warriors made it fun for you millennials. Top 5 players just don't get traded ever. It might have happened a handful of times. The return Davis is going to produce will be insane. It's just not reality to you because you transitioned from Minecraft to Basketball 5 years ago.
  3. Shhhh....don't think out of the box here. You got some cookie cutters in this forum that don't believe in creativity. There's so many ways to make these trades work once you add in a 3rd team and start trading your picks. But Shhhh, just read fantasy stats and nothing else on this forum.
  4. No 3rd team has to give up unwanted contracts for PICKS. This happens all the time in the NBA. I guess you just started watching. Welcome kiddo. You see, in the NBA, once every 10 years or so, a monster trade happens. Lakers get: AD + Jrue Holiday Knicks get: KCP + Zubac + Hill + Lakers 2nd round picks in 2020 + 2022 Pelicans get: Kanter, THJ, Ball, Ingram, Lance, Beasley, Kuzma, Wagner, Hart, McGee, Lakers 1st round 2020 Works in trade machine. Picks are added in to sweeten things up. It doesn't have to be THIS EXACT trade, and small pieces can move around...but it can be done.
  5. I wonder if the Lakers could put together a package for AD along with Jrue/ Mirotic. It would probably take everyone besides Lebron on the roster and multiple 1st rounders. If Lakers do this, they could sign a few guys that will be getting bought out soon. Rondo Holiday/Mirotic Bron AD Jamal Crawford Kanter Ariza Green Ross WATCH OUT!!!! Lakers can contend quickly this year and for sure next.
  6. "Considering all I ever see is people s--- talk Vuc constantly I'd say he's not only one of the most UNDERrated centers but also one of the most underrated players. Period." - StifleTower Open your eyes LMAO
  7. Lol...he's having ONE good year man. Get over your love fest with Vuc. Drummond is a different story....Vuc averages 1.6 more points a game over his career than Drummond and you think he's really that much better? Drummond career averages: 13.8/13.5/3.8/1.1/1 Vuc career averages: 15.4/10/2.4/.8/.8 take out this year and Vucevic is worse overall over his career. Anthony Davis: 24/10.6/2.1/1.4/2.4 Vuc and Drummond are not that far off in stats, but in your mind they are in a diff planet. I get it, they are great in fantasy....not real life man. Got people in this forum who just react to post with no opinion....We call them puppets, aka goons, where I'm from LMAO.
  8. BINGO! are stating facts on why your reasoning behind why Vuc is great (having a good plus/minus) is bull crap. A role player...a guy that comes in and could possibly not knock anything down or defend anyone can have a good plus/minus. Why should any role player lead the league in +/-? That's why it's a BS stat. Why is the whole starting lineup for the Bucks in the top 12? Why is Danny Green and Lowry in the top 15...Oh they are on teams that WIN GAME. They aren't all time players, just in the right situation. No Magic are still not the worst team without Vuc...the Knicks, Cavs, and Hawks are. Like I said before, the dude is in a contract year making 12 mill while everyone is making 20+ think he wants to go nuts before his next contract? The stud's of the NBA do this year after AD. Drummound was entering contract year and what do you know, he finally is hitting a little bit more FT's. Look over a large sample size. Don't even bother typing back cause your so stuck on using the worst stat ever...PLUS/MINUS.
  9. I live in South Florida , so I get all the heat and magic games. NEXT You can't tell me good players on BAD teams are great. Davis elevated his teams to make the playoffs in the WEST. Orlando, in Vuc's BEST YEAR by FAR, is 6th in the east. LOOK AT THE LEADERS IN +/- this season. ROBERT COVINGTON, DARIO SARIC, and GEORGE HILL...oh man what a stat! Danny Green is 5th. the bucks have 5 guys in the top 12. It's more of a TEAM stat than individual. STOP USING IT, IT'S A BAD STAT!!! When you have a player that gives up the same amount of points OR MORE than he actually scores (Melo, Isaiah Thomas, etc) ...they won't help any team win.
  10. He's averaging 37% in his first two seasons from the 3. He's ideal for a LeBron James led team.
  11. They are definitely Center's LMAO...I guess if they both didn't knock down 3's , you would consider them a center. Both guys are over 7 feet and have a paint presence. It's called evolution. They finished 6th in the western conference after he went down...what did you expect from them? Remember the year before where AD carried the pelicans in the playoffs against GS but HAD NO HELP AT ALL. This is the western conference that Davis is still able to compete. No one is on the status of Lebron. No one. Get Davis, keep Hart, and get cheap shooters and vets. Remember...Anthony Davis IS 25 YEARS OLD. He still has 10-15 years left. He won't be Lebron but he's a top 5 player.
  12. Honestly, the whole NBA changed from that injury. I loved that tandem and you are absolutely right about rondo. They literally had everything they needed, all they had to do was add Mirotic because they were already surrounded by shooters like Jrue and Moore.
  13. When I look a player, I like to look at a large sample his career, not this year. Also, make sure you take contract years into account, which it is for Nikola. Dude missed at least 15 games EVERY OTHER YEAR. Yea he's shooting .375 THIS about his career? He finally started shooting 3's on a consistent basis last year, when he was 31.4 and 30.7 the year before, 22% the year before that. Not bad, but not great. Now AD....this year 32.5%, last year 34%, 30%, 32.4%...crazy seems like he's really consistent eh? That's what you call a STUD. He's also attempting MORE THAN DOUBLE THE 3 point attempts PER GAME than Vuc over this time. I don't even want to compare defense because it's just night and day. Plus or minus is the worst stat to look at. It's such a bogus stat because you can literally have someone not play defense or even shoot and he can walk away with a positive plus/minus. "Containment" is that what you call bad defense. He's a better Kanter, that's it. He can score and has range, he's not going to make anyone better. Drummond has been a joke for awhile now. Dude is slow, doesn't want to evolve any of his shots. Stop being stuck in the moment or the past. Look at a large sample size. Everyone can put up numbers. Westbrook is averaging a triple double ! OMG! He's also shooting 20% from 3 and below 50% from the field....AWFUL. Please look at more than half a year before you tell me Vuc or Drummound isn't overrated. When you don't win, and lose over and over and over...there's a reason why. One dimensional and only good for fantasy. That's it.