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  1. Haha hear we go again. Personal attacks. I never said Cingrani was better than Harvey, but way to mis quote me for the reason as to make your argument? I really don't understand it. But as of right now neither of you have contributed anything to the conversation. Why is Anderson better than Straily? Let's start there. The "no he isn't" just isn't going to cut it. Why do you believe Straily is better than Anderson? Anderson has a career 3.68 era in the majors across 73 starts and is only 25. Straily has a 3.72 era across 8 starts most of which were against bad offenses and is 24. It's something totally different if he were 20 or 21. I can't say i agree with you on this.
  2. I'm hoping he gets DL'ed. I think when he was injured 2 starts ago it effected him more than we thought. Maybe 15 days will clear it up. I'll even take a 30 day DL trip if he comes back and pitches like we know he can.
  3. I'm not concerned. He pitched very well his previous 2 starts. He's still a top 30 starter imo as long as he's healthy.
  4. Straily is nothing special this year. Next year is when you'll want to invest in him.