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  1. I'd be very interested
  2. I'l l take an invite.
  3. 7/2 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I tuned into the D-backs broadcast and they were talking about scoring change to Jay's first at-bat, and joking about getting plays turned in to hits well after the fact. And they had it on the graphic as a hit on the broadcast, so I'm assuming it got changed in the 3rd inning sometime.
  4. This league just finished its 10th year! 12 team. 6 by 6 Roto categories. IP and TB added. OBP instead of AVG. We have a GS and GP caps, so you can stream but its more about picking the right streams when you do. Need one owner to take over a team in our keeper league. This is a very competitive league on ESPN. Some owners average almost a transaction every other day Leave your e-mail, this team won't last long. This team actually finished 2nd last year, so it is loaded with talent. A little hitter-heavy due to late season trade last year but I really want its next owner to be super involved, almost maniacal about the team. These are your potential keepers. You can keep 8-10 players The rosters has these potential keepers: C Willson Contreras 1B Anthony Rizzo 3B Anthony Rendon OF Mike Trout 3B/OF Kris Bryant 3B Miguel Sano OF Kyle Schwarber SP Stephen Strasburg RP Corey Knebel OF Teoscar Hernandez
  5. I'd be interested in something like this.
  6. Jake Arrieta 2017 Outlook

    So I watched all 7 innings (with MIA's glorious straight on angle.) I wouldn't say much has changed. It still isn't mix of pitches he had 2 years ago or last year. He did better job this time around locating the 2 seam on his arm side. He's never been top tier with his fastball location but in this game he did way less missing arm side This is important for him b/c when your release is that far into the RHH box; missing further in that directions means it will never look like a strike. And pitches that are only 4 inches off the plate that way don't get offered from his release point (they are almost non-competitive). There still wasn't a slider/cutter in or down&in vs LHH. I think he has to find away to use that pitch more. The Marlins put the ball in play, there were just defenders there almost all game long. I think Arrieta is simply too unique to give up on, but I will wait to see progress in pitching mix rather than location effectiveness.