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  1. It goes Saquon Gurley CMC Kamara (if no Ingram) Zeke In no particular order thats just what it is. If I can’t get Saquon I’m going Kamara with second overall
  2. Way way way too often people equate good real life quarterbacks to good fantasy quarterbacks. This guy has a lot of work to do accuracy and decision making wise when passing but he is a great fantasy qb to have. The rushing floor is invaluable and I think he’s shown by now it’s not a fluke. He’s a cam newton with a bigger arm and will be more accurate than him if he keeps working. Actually scratch that, he’s probably already more accurate because cams throwing is trash. Robert foster also has the potential to be a legit WR and zay isn’t so bad himself. I see a lot of promise with this guy fantasy wise.
  3. Sneaky sneaky with Xavien Howard out. These guys give up big plays
  4. I want to fade but that saints d is going to be all second stringers. However the qb they have looks to be pure trash. He seems like the type of guy that would get a full workload this week but they might be a little cautious as well. I think I’m fading because he could start one half then sit the second half. It’s all about seeing which players have incentives and what team has something to play for this week. I think week 17 in dfs can be a big payday for the people who put in the study time
  5. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you kindly
  6. Yeah your on crack if you see him as even a marginal version of Aj green. High school Aj green was miles ahead of this bum
  7. He’s still got plenty of cash I don’t think he’s too worried about it my guy. Btw he’d laugh in your face if he saw this post. Lmao posting this stuff like he could give a damn
  8. Am I the only one who actually thought he looked good when he was on the dolphins too. He doesn’t just look like some plodder out there and looked like a really good fit on that offense. He was gaining a ton of extra yards last game by slipping through cracks that didn’t even seem to be there. He’s fast as hell too. Reid would be an idiot to not feature him the rest of the year and only use the plodder Ware for a breather
  9. That’s not going to be a hard call because I’m fairly certain they have nothing to play for with clinching the division. He will probably be sitting with zeke the whole game
  10. It is the jets and that’s always an issue however Darnold looks legitimate and that’s something they haven’t had in a long time. They have a lot of money to blow next year too so I’d def be intrigued if they added a Leveon bell or top flight offensive piece which I think they will. I def see the development in him though in terms of the routes. He was always boom or bust because he needed that 60 yard bomb to connect to have a chance at a good game. Plus darnold targets him a bit more than last year with the targets being of higher quality than Mccown. The more I think about it this guy can be had at a reasonable price And has a chance to be a nice Wr2 for you with upside
  11. Didn’t even realize he’s got some nice height on him too at 6 foot 3 with the type Of speed he has. He could be real dangerous next year if darnold keeps developing also when I was watching him yesterday, you ever get that feeling where you go wow that guy just looks like a good receiver. He just looked athletic and fast out there with the visor, dreads and lankiness
  12. You can’t redeem what he did which is fine. I don’t care for him outside of football in the least. IMO you can redeem yourself If you stole something or said something wrong. But abusing a woman or being violent towards anyone else . Nah that isn’t redeemable in my eyes
  13. I’d argue that this guy is the biggest threat in the Nfl right now. Everywhere he goes when he’s on the field is closely tracked and opens up so much for the other guys. It really was amazing on those jet sweeps where the Seahawks basically forgot about Damien Williams because hill was running across the formation. You have to double or keep a safety over the top. Single coverage does not do it for this guy. He’s simply faster (by a wide margin) than anyone. Obviously sucks he’s scum outside of football but when he’s playing it really is amazing to watch at how talented he is and how much nfl defenses fear him