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  1. I like this but I'd probably put Michel in the "High end RB2" group.
  2. So you didn't even make the playoffs but you're salty that as Gurley owner I picked up CJA, started him and won my championship in a money league the me and my co-workers have played since 2008? Lol... Good luck next year!
  3. I owned Gurley and Conner but was smart enough to cuff their backups. Way to go my friend! #Championship
  4. Or already owned Todd Gurley and it was the smart thing to do! You must have missed out or played against him. Lol. Good luck thus week my friend! #Championship
  5. Who would have guessed that CJ Anderson would be a league winner? Glad I picked him up! #Championship
  6. Down by 4 with CMC and Ian Thomas. My opponent has Lutz! Can't afford any flukes!
  7. As an owner of Conner, I'd have no confidence in starting him this weekend even if he did dress.
  8. Same dilemma but it's between Gus, Adams, and Michel.
  9. Same here but it's between Adams, Michel, and Gus the Bus! Just dropped Royce Freeman for Edwards.
  10. As a Sony owner, I felt the same. Why not just let him heal through the bye so he's good to go for the stretch run! Burkhead is about to be back in play possibly. I have Conner, Gurley, and McCaffrey as well so I was using Sony as a top notch bye week fill in.
  11. I've got the same dilemma, but I'm leaning Doyle!
  12. I dropped Austin Ekeler for Sony Michel earlier today. I hope I didn't choose the wrong RB. Told myself I was done with Patriot RBS but just couldn't help it because I see alot of potential in that offense with Gordon and Julian on the way.
  13. I cut him for Austin Ekler....pretty sure I whiffed on the last name lol
  14. Rode him to a championship, a 2nd and a 3rd last year. Didn't cost me a thing because I picked him up week 2 as a backup TE. Watched him in college and he was pretty much just a big WR playing TE. Well worth it imo.