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  1. Was clocked at 104 MPH on one of those doubles. Not striking out really, taking his walks. Awfully impressive for an 18 year old getting his first taste against AA pitching
  3. Closer monkey is saying Rodriguez.... so I'm going to pick up Kela
  4. I doubt we ever see him play baseball again. At least not MLB
  5. He's fairly aggressive with lower level guys. Robinson has been a top 20 guy for him since like June/July 2018
  6. Dropped him in a 12 team league where you keep 6 where he was pretty much free. It's not worth it, especially because next year might be tough too coming off shoulder surgery
  7. I love Senzel, and still believe in the talent. But he racks up these minor injuries like a prime Greg Oden
  8. James Anderson (Rotowire) just released his updated top 400 prospects. Julio Rodriguez is at #6
  9. He's pretty much doing exactly what we expected. Although he's been pretty unlucky this year with his RBI and Runs compared to his triple slash and where he bats in the order. A .378 OBP at the top of the lineup should net him more than 65 Runs scored
  10. In H2H leagues I don’t see the point in owning him. Playoffs have started for most leagues. He went 2 innings in his one start at Rancho, he probably goes 3 innings (45 pitches) tomorrow. My guess is the dodgers ramp him up really slowly. If you can wait, or in a roto league he’s worth a pickup. The Dogers ultimate goal is to get him ramped up for their playoffs not our fantasy playoffs
  11. Since this post.... Batting .408, 9 HR, 26 RBI, 21 R in 20 games Can you do Paul Goldschmidt next?
  12. Quickly becoming my favorite prospect in all of the minors. He also has a very great Instagram, super active, a lot of fan interaction, lots of video highlights. Helps that he's fully bilingual at the age of 18
  13. 109 MPH and he's 18 years old. This guy has elite power and he's a kid