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  1. Only available for subscribers. You can do a 7 day free trial with no credit card.
  2. Regarding that bat speed. Rotowire has batted ball data for some minor league levels and his hard hit rate REALLY stands out, especially for an 18 year old. Reminder: Hard hit balls are 95+ mph off the bat: Exciting stuff
  3. It's so frustrating. Makes no sense that he has 45 runs with a .375 OBP at the top of the order. He even steals bases so you know he's in scoring position a good amount. I think it's just a statistical anomaly.
  4. Relax, it's a routine day off after a 4 K night last night. The Rays OF is deep
  5. I'm glad about this too. Take some swings. Too many lists are age-ist in that they will consistently rank AA or AAA guys higher than the Low-A, Rookie Ball guys. Plant your flag
  6. Who would have thought that Liam Hendricks would start pumping 98 mph heaters. Anyone think he could keep the job?
  7. I honestly like the long relief. Great win potential, and gives you sparkling ratios
  8. Agreed. In a fantasy context, in keeper leagues, I'm going for biggest upside possible. You don't want to be holding the Ian Happ while the Acunas of the world brush you by
  9. I love Joc at -155 to beat Bregman first round. Also taking Alonso at +300 to win. I want to trust Vlad but I've seen big guys like Aguilar and Sano in prior years get gassed halfway through
  10. Yes. Since they changed the format, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch.
  11. Luciano, Valera and K-Rob need to be higher. BA is afraid to move these young guys up aggressively. I'd have them all at least top 20
  12. Just when I'm ready to drop him, he hits a HR. Just when I'm ready to put him in my lineup, he gets benched by Bell. Endless..... Cycle....
  13. In the lineup batting 6th Welcome back Scoots
  14. Nola is dotting them today so far. Maybe that control is coming back?