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  1. Drew Lock to start?!?! I’m thinking about dropping my Denver D to pick up the opposing LAC. What do you guys think?
  2. I’m assuming Hockenson not even on the field?!
  3. Wait. How is his upcoming schedule tough?
  4. Not to be a contrarian...but more times than not...when everyone is on a play like Carolina D, it ends up going the other way. Might be over analyzing, but it’s fantasy football. Over-analyzing is a prerequisite lol. On that note...I’m dropping Philly D for SF. I don’t believe the Bengals are that good. And I think SF has an underrated D. Thoughts?
  5. 12 team half ppr. We keep guys guys based on the round they were drafted the prior season. My options: Lockett in the 10th. Dede in the 16th. Lamar Jackson in the 14th. My initial thought was Lockett for sure but then I started thinking about Dede. Lockett would be a 4th rd value. Dede about an 8th rd value. What do y’all think? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone think that this is just a ruse so Melvin would be fresher for the late season games?
  7. Did booger say the Vikes have the best defense in the NFL?!?!?! Or did I hear wrong
  8. jumbo package run stuffed. jumbo package run stuffed. jumbo package play action overthrow. ok...jumbo package again wtf