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  1. Wanted - Orphan Team $

  2. Wanted - Orphan Team $

  3. Wanted - Orphan Team $

    I want a league to join; keeper preferred. Anyone have an orphan that needs a father? Let me know...
  4. BEST FF Site - Draft Slot?

    Hey guys, We are moving our Keeper League this year from CBS; their draft kept screwing up big time. We need a site that allows us to slot our players in the draft slot they were taken from the year before. ESPN and Yahoo! does not allow for this. You guys use a good site that allows this? Thanks for any help! Frank
  5. Walking in a Terrible QB Wonderland

    Id rather have Eli than Gabbert. Pick Gabbert up just in case he goes nuts too. Youll have both. Cupp is droppable anyway right? Thats the trade right there. 20 team...just read that...Kupp isnt Sorry
  6. Walking in a Terrible QB Wonderland

    Whos got Bortles? Try and trade for someone like that. Kupp for Eli isnt bad IMO. Eli has started hitting Shepard plus he feels the heat to perform in what may be his last season in NY. He's motivated to throw the the rock. BTW Eli throws the ball almost more than anyone; he could be a surprise 2nd half guy. But I would really try for someone else first.
  7. Drop Zeke? WHIR 100%

    Yeah he's done for you by then. Hes a safe drop.
  8. LFitzgerald or CDavis?

    Id stick with Fitz. Gabbert had a really good preseason...preseason yes. But he showed good stuff. Fitz finds a way.
  9. Fournette

    Fournette all the way brother...AT; come on now. Morris looked unremarkable last week and philly is good.
  10. Dalton, Cutler or Keenum

    Id go Keenum at home. Chances are he will get garbage time points. And maybe he lights it up again like last week. Dalton is a poor match up against Talib and the Donkeys and Cuter is way too inconsistent for my liking.
  11. Bortles or Mccown ROS? WHIR

    Tossup. Gun to head - Bortles. Jags are very good and he's playing well.
  12. Golladay or Damien Williams off FA?

    You have Drake... Give Golladay a shot. He should be fresh from all his time off and Stafford is having a good year. 2nd half of the season so the kid should know the offense well. He's big and fast..maybe he produces. Give him a 2 week look..if he falters then you have a drop slot for someone else later.
  13. Drop any of these RBs for....WHIR

    Dion Lewis brother! Go grab him now man. After him Id probably grab Perine...but he's not too exciting. Rod Smith may just get his chance if Morris falters.
  14. Walking in a Terrible QB Wonderland

    lonnnnng whisltle.... Id go with Gabbert too. I watched his preseason games and he looked very good..albeit preseason. Fitz always finds a way..I'd roll the dice with Gabbert. You have CJ Mosley as trade bait for a QB as well. You only start one IDP? Try and trade him for someones bench QB; he can be replaced if you only start one...he has good value right now.
  15. Shepard over Drake does make sense as humanpuck said. Eli lit him up last week and he's the guy now; he got a ton of targets too. Nice team BTW.