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  1. Now AB in the backfield on 3rd and 2... lolwtf. Punt time.
  2. Darius Slay's radar may be the only one that matters as it relates to Zay...
  3. He should still get decent action if Conner is 'healthy'.
  4. In a similar-ish situation with Wilson so have been monitoring Breida updates. Most recent reports I've found suggest Breida is on track to play: (Although if he plays, how many snaps will he last before re-injury)
  5. Jets game is today in a few hours so you won't have that luxury unfortunately.
  6. Typical overreactions and salty owners in this thread. If he punched in his redzone carry the whole tone of this thread changes. So much short sightedness here.
  7. Sample size is tiny, but as a Godwin owner, hope it continues...
  8. LOL, QB14 = 4th round value... lol ok, bub