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  1. Without Brees this guy would be droppable...
  2. Will NFL care about Dolphins purposely tanking? Sure this week it doesnt matter if they tried, they had no chance but there will be a week when they have a chance and once they clearly tank it, wonder if NFL will care, I guess not since NFL just making enough money to not care if 1 or 2 teams simply tank on purpose...
  3. this guy turned into a bum in a flash, sure he will be cheap next year.... but is there hope? ....
  4. oh jeez injuries is why nfl becomes such a turn off, anyhow i was looking on twitter and found was that his injury was related to hamstring.... thats actually bad news, does anyone know anymore?
  5. right in time for h2h playoffs.... great so since he seeing doctor i would barely count on him this week
  6. no real rb still and mostly below avg receiver corps on the whole, ok avg at best.... yeah
  7. AB leaving raiders could be best thing ever for them, damn fans should be thanking AB to dissapearing and leaving the team to find its own idenity, chant "AB WHO?"
  8. Fans are chanting anti AB stuff in the stands, the stadium is lightin it up! AB WHO? thats right
  9. ROFL on the sideline when asked brady about the game, he goes "we could do better job than tonight for sure" ROFL damn
  10. Roethlisberger is asking "where is muh AB?" I see noone to throw to....noooo
  11. Look at Sony usage last season, this is normal, there will be games where he will explode and then games where he looks like 3rd string, this is how Patriots operate.
  12. Holy cow, Brady is destroying and shreddin steelers.... imagine what will happen when they unleash AB later this season ..... oh boy Hey Tomlin, keep up the good kicking game
  13. True, however they made playoffs and looked good on offense.
  14. Steelers first alienated Bell by not wanting to pay him and of course AB storyline... now they find themselves getting blown the hell out lol, and I mean their offense is like cough.... Too bad AB was not able to play in this one, it be epic taunting