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  1. In post game conference Rodgers should say "thank you refs for letting us win the game" DISGRACE for NFL.
  2. Clear example of interception thats not actually an interception blame on QB, but fully on WR
  3. Rodgers looks like trash QB, but then you also have to look at who does he have to throw to.... yeah nobody.
  4. cowboys going to lose vs winless team for jerry jones birthday, nice
  5. cowboys staff heads will roll on this 3rd down....
  6. maybe they are resting him thinking game is out of reach for dak.... but it looked weird, him just chillin on sideline
  7. romo was intercepted in the clutch even as commentator
  8. i think refs are mandated not to overturn pass interference challenges anymore, related to earlier pass to rb and what kelce did... lol NFL
  9. we all know that alcs is world series, neither cards or nats have any business vs yankees or even houston..... Anyhow, Yankees are showing who is the new boss.
  10. Injuries like this and the fact he depends on his legs, don't be surprised if wont be really back 100% until week 12(after the bye). Sounds absurd right? But thats how I view it.
  11. Wish he be declared out already.... because realistically thats a given
  12. why challenge it? not like u going to win, he refused to go on 4th down drive earlier so why bother trying now.
  13. i guess now giants will go for it on 4th down rofl