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  1. Just when there was a chance for him to win some playing time, this happens.... Hamstring issue in his case are bad since sb is part of his appeal.
  2. This guy is made of glass, and his age will catch up as well, so if you can get a trade, go for it while he is still relatively "healthy".
  3. Anyone even considering dropping this guy better be in 4 team league, because players of this talent you do not drop.... oh and btw he just homered today, yes he is still young and there will be some struggles but damn don't talk about dropping.
  4. Did someone say improving? wait what? - 47 at bats, 0 BB 14K.... nevermind the hits(only 11 and only 3 of them for more than 1b) that does not look like any improvement at all. I guess he is on pace to take his first walk somewhere in may.
  5. Whoever is his agent, players need to stay away.
  6. LOL, I remember last season when a lot of folks were still defending him but I think its becoming pretty clear there is nothing left to defend. That game last night which I witnessed was JUST the worst possible performance BIRD could achieve, not only 4K which were awful but then also a play defensively which resulted in losing the game(more or less).
  7. Same ole Giolito, teases you, hooks you and then pulls you out of the water and destroys you.
  8. THey are saving his innings for the playoffs
  9. I hope this continues so that Camargo can get some true burn.
  10. Major Busto, considering this team actually starts this guy at DH at times, tells me they have 0 depth as far as hitters, to resort to this guy as DH is a joke.
  11. How soon you think for Nats to place him on DL officially? Would they try to still place him overnight so they can have slot and call player up for depth on wed?
  12. LOL, DAMN 4R 2HR 4RBI 4SB in first 3 games is quite rewarding
  13. Where are all those folks that were saying Bell would never get good deal after sitting out last year? Oh yeah.
  14. Patriots should have been taking a knee every play since last possesion, this game be over already.
  15. Steelers simply cannot control and appreciate what kind of talent they HAD for few years, but soon they will learn a hard lesson.
  16. this is why dont run ridley when samuels isnlooking good, steelers are outcoaching themselves
  17. he sure does, i have him in my te slot woop woop
  18. bears must be phasing out cohen from the offense
  19. the pass interference vs steelers its the worst wrong call of the season, literally nothing there. these refs should be fired instantly and nfl must allow challenging these type of calls with video review if nfl wants to take the games seriously
  20. as i stated before with nothing to play for, newton out, ii would seriously worry here
  21. Problem is, Panthers have nothing to play for now, so.....
  22. JoJo Natson Jr. should be cut at end of this game, I mean he just lost the ball without any contact. IN SUCH IMPORTANT MOMENT, something like this should be automatic cut rofl