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  1. Jackie Bradley Jr 2019 Outlook

    The thing is you absolutely cannot play him vs LH pitching so whatever value he holds is killed by needing to roster someone to platoon with him. To get an idea of what we're working with here, last year he had a 36% K rate, and slashed .185/.260/.300 against lefties. Ouch
  2. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Last year Hosmer led the team with 72 runs. Nobody else had more than 62. Hosmer also led the team with 69 RBI and was one of only 3 players on the squad over 60. The year before, Myers had the team high in R with 80, and nobody else even reached 60. He also had a team high of 74 RBI. I get that Manny is a much better hitter than those guys, andI don't doubt he can reach 30 HR, but where exactly are the extra 25-30 runs and rbi going to come from? This lineup is still going to be bad.
  3. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    The other NL West parks are all pretty lousy places to hit though.
  4. Travis Shaw 2019 Outlook

    I would say no chance he can play short. He already had a fringe arm, and he hurt his elbow in 2017 so he couldn't even throw enough to play defense at all that year.
  5. Giancarlo Stanton 2019 Outlook

    And this right here may be the hottest take of all time! Using actual data and numbers, please explain what exactly it is that makes Stanton a "bad hitter", or makes his at bats a "sorry a** sight to behold". Career OPS over .900 Career OBP over .350 Career wRC+ over 140 Career batting average .268 Oh and as Yankee last year in what you must think was a godawful season, he was still 27% better than league average as a hitter.
  6. I know, right. They should both just throw darts to make this life altering, quarter billion dollar decision. Who do these guys think they are anyway, superstar celebrity athletes or something?!
  7. Freddy Peralta 2019 Outlook

    Jimmy Nelson is easily the most talented of that group imo. The only way he goes to the pen is if they think his shoulder won't hold up under a starter work load. If Peralta can't figure out how to throw strikes, he might be the strongest case to move to relief and could be the most valuable bullpen weapon out of that bunch. edit - for all the reasons stated in Light Tower's post that I somehow missed
  8. 2019 ADP

    Declining attempts is not that surprising imo. I think teams are realizing that steals are just not that valuable when every single hitter in a lineup hits 20+ HRs per year. And when the DH is adopted in the NL we can probably expect even fewer stolen bases attempts/opportunity.
  9. 2019 Middle Relievers Thread

    Some guys I'll be looking for in Save+Hold leagues that haven't been mentioned yet: Hader, Barnes, Alvarado, Cingrani, Watson, Hicks, Peacock, Stammen, Trivino
  10. Sonny Gray 2019 Outlook

    Had no idea he pitched in Rome!
  11. Corey Seager 2019 Outlook

    This isn't the Joc Pederson thread fyi
  12. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Ha LOL at you guys who aren't reading with sunglasses on! But seriously, wtf are they doing with the page layout?? Why is the default view only like a tiny slice of the screen, and the entire right side is empty space?
  13. Brett Lawrie 2019 Outlook

    So pretty much exactly like Mondesi!
  14. I def agree with you there, and I think a strike is pretty likely in the next year or two
  15. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    In every baseball game? No it doesn't. Completely disagree there. Ok, how much importance? How many more runs per season does playing a guy who is good at bunting and moving over runners, rather than a guy who is a better hitter, going to produce for the Rockies? Sure, in any specific game maybe a bunt would be effective, but over the course of the season at Coors I would wager that never bunting and never "moving runners over" is far far better than bunting too often, which is what the original poster was getting at.