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  1. No issues with his knee? Are you high?
  2. He means quit being lazy and try to figure how that new google thing works
  3. ya, IF he manages to avoid further injury to his knee. If he ends up missing games he will be a bust. Even if he doesn't miss a bunch of games, there's no guarantee that his usage remains constant throughout the season.
  4. Maybe you'd be doing better if you could understand that your first pick is being confused with your flex
  5. No, he's your "flex" because you made a bad early pick
  6. Yup. Weird... and sad. And absolutely hilarious!
  7. Man Eli Manning succckkkkks! I love how the team runs him out there so they can tank again, solid strategy
  8. You mean you picked him up out of the FA pool?
  9. Sounds like it's almost nap time, did you get your bottle yet?
  10. If you're not starting Lockett this week, why in the world did you draft him? of course everyone is playing him edit - well i guess everyone except for that "gold spikes" guy up ^ there!
  11. This term is completely meaningless and gets lazily thrown around all the time So he can't have an average game? If he doesn't explode, hes just going to be completely useless? And what makes you think a guy who has done nothing in the NFL is even capable of "total boom" anyway?