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  1. Turner or Story?

    Which SS would you rather keep? Trea Turner or Trevor Story?
  2. Do this trade? WHIR!

    Take it and jeffress
  3. Bregman or Turner?

    I pulled the trigger, but only because of my team's context. Bregman is a better offensive player in every category other than stolen bases. Thanks for the help.
  4. Who should I pickup?

    I would go by who has the best pitching match ups in this case.
  5. Who should I keep going forward ? WHIR

    Freddie Freeman Nolan Arenado Jose Ramirez Jacob De Grom Khris Davis if you can draft a pitcher better than Kopech. Michael Kopech if pitching will be hard to come by in your league.
  6. Altuve for Soto

  7. Bregman or Turner?

    Trade Alex Bregman for Trea Turner to keep? Both players can be kept in the 16th RD in 2019. Both players will become early RD draft picks in 2020 and beyond. My keepers as of now: RD 1 - Goldschmidt - 1B RD 2 - Altuve - 2B RD 3 - Scherzer - SP RD 9 - Bauer - SP RD 16 - Bregman - SS,3B RD 19 - Bellinger- 1B,CF RD 22 - Guerrero Jr. - 3B Concerned Bregman may not regain SS eligibility next year for 2020 and beyond. Also figure the stolen bases from Turner may be better to round out my roto team.
  8. Very Early SP Keeper Pick - Who you got?

    1.Cole - 200 K's 200 Innings 2. Snell - Cy Young skills but below Cole because AL East and Rays organization always reinventing the wheel. 3. Flaherty - hasnt allowed more than 4er in a start and K/9 is solid. 4. Buehler - below Flaherty because Dodgers organizations use of the DL and inning caps. 5. Clevinger - solid. 6. Kopech - upside higher than Rodon and Clevinger, but likely inning cap next year. 7. Rodon - never been healthy. K/9 is way down.
  9. Trade Bregman + Bellinger for Turner + Stanton

    My thought process is I'm thinking both Turner and Stanton will be drafted before Bregman and Bellinger in next years draft. (I'm playing to win next year) Bregman is the better overall hitter, but Turner has the Stolen Bases which have been tough to come by. I have Goldschmidt, Altuve and Vlad Jr. - Bregman kind of gives me more of the same. Turner's SB potential could help round out my team more. Stanton is older than Bellinger and will cost a higher draft pick, but he is a legit 1st RD pick. That 4th RD pick is not going to be anywhere near Stanton level value. 1st RD - Goldschmidt 1B 2nd RD - Altuve 2B 3rd Rd - Scherzer SP 4th RD - Stanton 9th RD - Bauer SP 16th RD - Turner 22nd RD - Guerrero Jr. 3B VS. 1st RD - Goldschmidt 1B 2nd RD - Altuve 2B 3rd Rd - Scherzer SP 9th RD - Bauer SP 16th RD - Bregman 19th RD - Bellinger 22nd RD - Guerrero Jr. 3B
  10. Trade Bregman + Bellinger for Turner + Stanton

    Agreed they all need to be kept. Unfortunately I can only keep 7 players at most. My 7th Keeper decision as my team stands now would have to be between Bellinger and Flaherty. I can use the 2 SPs for 1 SP to help me gain some innings and pitching stats. As great has Flaherty has been, 2 SP's should provide more counting stats.
  11. Roto Keeper league 2019 draft rounds in parentheses Trade my Bregman (16th RD) + Bellinger (19th RD) + Flaherty (16th RD) For His Turner (16th RD) + Stanton (4th RD) + Anibal Sanchez + Trevor Cahill My other keepers for 2019: 1st RD - Goldschmidt 1B 2nd RD - Altuve 2B 3rd Rd - Scherzer SP 9th RD - Bauer SP 22nd RD - Guerrero Jr. 3B
  12. Billy Hamilton 2018 Outlook

    Leading off today
  13. Trade Trout ?

    I'd do it
  14. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    When Tyler O'Neill comes off the DL next week things could change.
  15. June Closer Thread 2018

    Anything to make of Venters starting today for the Rays instead of Romo? Romo to closer?