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  1. The Namath interview was GOAT comedy. Stra-ga-ling
  2. I don't think you're looking at it the right way. Football is a very violent sport and lots of injuries occur. Maybe there are some people who really want to see certain players get hurt but most people just want to see the injuries break in their fantasy team's favor. The injuries are going to happen whether you want them to or not.
  3. Got it. The ol ‘if you take away his biggest play’ his numbers are alot worse argument
  4. Obviously saying he's 'useless' is a horrendous take but Carson isn't going away. Penny just has to play well and maintain the coaches trust so if(or should I say when) Carson goes down they'll let him carry the load. In the meantime he'll be flex worthy.
  5. I think they'll watch film and that will get fixed. And if Bridgewater is still too inept to find Kamara they'll design plays where he's the first read. He'll get his touches, my main concern is the touches will be much lower quality with the offense taking such a big hit, that he's no longer the elite RB1 he was drafted as.
  6. I agree on the Pats matchup. Both of those teams might be 3-0 when they play. I don't expect the Bills to win but I do expect Allen to get his points trying to keep his team in the game, even if some of it is garbage time.
  7. I love the tone of his blurb. Rotoworld writers really hate this guy 😂. I'm pretty sure the "rarely called at the NFL level" designed runs they've actually been calling for him since last year to take advantage of his athleticism but I could be wrong. Josh Allen completed 19-of-30 passes for 253 yards and a touchdown in the Bills' 28-14, Week 2 win over the Giants, adding seven rushes for 21 yards and an additional score. Allen's "passing touchdown" was actually a pitch to Isaiah McKenzie. His rushing score came on a rarely-called-at-the-NFL-level quarterback sweep. Frank Gore was the lead blocker. Allen did a much better job managing the game against a bottom-level opponent one week after committing four turnovers. He also continued to develop connections with John Brown and Cole Beasley. Allen has a potential blow-up spot in Week 3 against the Bengals before a forbidding matchup with the Patriots.
  8. I’m putting a claim in for him in my superflex league. Convince me not to
  9. Well my stud RB1 is now a middling RB2
  10. I turned the tv on with intentions to watch the game but it turned on with Comedy Central channel on with Alec Baldwin roast, yeah I think I’ll watch this instead and follow this pathetic game via box score and you shmucks
  11. Big Ben as my QB2 in my superflex league...