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  1. Devin Booker 2017-2018

    Out tonight
  2. Kawhi Leonard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    You can sense the frustration from his teammates and Pop when they're asked about his return date. Can't blame them.
  3. Chris Paul 2017-18 Season Outlook

    most players are optimistic and most playoff contending teams would've sat him out but this is D'Antoni we're talking about. Notorious for running PG's to the ground.
  4. Dejounte Murray 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Roll with him. He has no competition at the PG spot. He may get pulled out of the game earlier than we like due to a bad play but he's primed for the starting role and Tony Parker is just washed.
  5. Kawhi Leonard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    "..will never be able to play 82 games again." When has Kawhi played 82 games? He's one of the most managed superstars in the league as far as games played and minutes per game.
  6. Larry Nance Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Nance can be a cheap source of stocks. Not sure if he'll be a gem but his role was capped on the Lakers team. Probably a good speculative add.
  7. Help

    For future purposes, if you have any questions about your team, post it here in the Assistant Coach sub-forum. Thanks.
  8. Nerlens Noel 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    He pretty much has the same role as last season. 20mpg, around 8ppg, 5-6rpg, 1/1 stocks. He's certainly capable of doing more as evident by his numbers when he was a Sixer. If he's going to "bust out" it might take a while for that to happen. It's gonna take a number of factors for his role to increase too but not farfetched given how poor the Mavs have played this season.
  9. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    did he cite a source or was that his prediction?
  10. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    As much as we owners want him to get more minutes, his foul rate is pretty high. His playing time, for the most part, will be dictated by his ability to not commit fouls in a short span.
  11. Round 8 1. BetterCallHinkie - Jamaal Murray (8.83) 2. Trench Mob - Robin Lopez (8.86) 3. Jake the Snake - Pau Gasol (87) 4. LuSamSiam - Dario Saric 5. CoH - Rodney Hood 6. Kaboom - Malcolm Brogdon 7. TOAA- Marcin Gortat 8. superjew - @superjew Team TOAA PG: Eric Bledsoe (4.7)SG: James Harden (1.6)G: Elfrid Payton (7.6)SF: Jimmy Butler (2.7)PF: Blake Griffin (3.6)F: Carmelo Anthony (5.6)C: Derrick Favors (6.7)C: Marcin Gortat (8.7)UT:UT:Bench:Bench:Bench:
  12. 2017-2018 Cool Story Bro

    Bumping this up to get ready for the season opener tomorrow
  13. Round 7 1. v1n5anity - Marcus Smart (73) 2. Del Rio - Jonas Valanciunas (74) 3. chaiway - TJ Warren (75) 4. unluckyshot - Harrison Barnes 5. superjew - James Johnson 6. TOAA - Elfrid Payton (76) 7. Kaboom @Kaboom 8. Code of Hammurabi 9. Sup12345 10. Jake the Snake 11. Trench Mob 12. BetterCallHinkie Team TOAA PG: Eric Bledsoe (4.7)SG: James Harden (1.6)G: Elfrid Payton (7.6)SF: Jimmy Butler (2.7)PF: Blake Griffin (3.6)F: Carmelo Anthony (5.6)C: Derrick Favors (6.7)C:UT:UT:Bench:Bench:Bench:
  14. 2017-2018 Rotisserie Mock Draft Discussion Thread Vol. 2

    just a tip to save us the hassle of checking our inboxes and typing out "otc" and whatnot to the next guy, just tag them in the Pick thread i.e. @superjewThey might not see the email but they sure will be notified when they log on. my interest is waning in the draft as I don't think we'll finish before the season opener but it was still fun comparing the earlier mocks to a late mock like this one. Everyone knows their priority at this point.
  15. Round 6 1. BetterCallHinkie - Dennis Smith Jr. (6.61) 2. Trench Mob -Steven Adam s (6.62) 3. Jake the Snake - Tobias Harris (63) 4. Piesdoom - Robert Covington(64) 5. CoH - Devin Booker 6. Kaboom - Nerlens Noel 7. TOAA - Derrick Favors 8. superjew - 9. unluckyshot - 10. chaiway - 11. Del Rio - 12. v1n5anity - Team TOAA PG: Eric Bledsoe (4.7)SG: James Harden (1.6)G: SF: Jimmy Butler (2.7)PF: Blake Griffin (3.6)F: Carmelo Anthony (5.6)C: Derrick Favors (6.7)C:UT:UT:Bench:Bench:Bench: @superjew