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  1. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    How do you figure? If he was actually hurt do you think they would of let him come back into a game that was 20-3 with 2 minutes left.
  2. So in this league we have strict roster requirements and can only roster 4 WR and Watkins is currently my 4th. During our free agent/rookie draft I debated cutting Watkins and drafting Godwin to replace him but was reluctant to pull the trigger, now I’m leaning towards picking up Godwin but it’s about 50/50 right now. FWIW we can’t pick players up until Thursday morning so until then I’m going to see if I can find any takers on Watkins and if I can this point becomes moot. I just offered him for Zuerlein and a 2nd in the hopes of getting something from him. As always WHIR.
  3. Rate My Teams! - WHIR 100%

    Team one is solid all around, team 2 has a higher upside and I’m definitely a sucker for upside. I would say 7/10 and 8/10
  4. Bell trade help!!!

    Honestly if you’re willing to gamble (I would be) Miller and Evans should definitely get you Bell. It would leave your Wrs pretty thin but who cares when you have Gurley and Bell
  5. Dynasty Trade offer

    Nah keep Juju he’s very young and talented get better value if you are set on getting rid of him.
  6. Trade Help WHIR

    Yes get the 1st overall pick http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/716333-tate-v-hogan-whir/
  7. Tyrod for sure. Ryan is bad on the road and he plays a top defense on the road tonight.
  8. Flex help. Whir.

    Connor if nothing changes on the Bell front, if something does change I would go with Goodwin
  9. RB2 Help! WHIR

    Both play top defenses but I would play it safe and go with Carson.
  10. Week 1 full PPR and need one WR, my options are either Tate (NYJ) or Hogan (HOU). I really can’t decide as always WHIR.
  11. 2018 NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Thread

    He fumbled on back to back carries too, Penny was healthy it wouldn’t be a competition but he isn’t so this may be a jumbled up backfield for awhile
  12. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    For someone without a job he is being extremely picky about where he plays at next season. In about 3 months 2 teams have had serious interest and he has told both of them to screw off. At this point he is banking on an injury to open a spot for him but what if that doesn’t happen but he is giving up camp and early season production for “the right fit” which is odd for someone who is trying to get another big contract.
  13. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    The first 2 were dynasty leagues that we joined when they started 10+ years ago, the 3rd one is another dynasty league we joined about 5 years ago when they expanded from 10 to 12 teams.
  14. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    The other 2 leagues were with mostly the same group of people, The 3rd league is with a completely different set of people. So the only reason I can think of is maybe because he got tired of the groups of people he was playing with. As to making a deposit to trade future picks that is something we can’t do until we meet for our rookie draft but by that point it’s too late because he’s already traded him.
  15. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    So I have a dilemma and need some input from you guys. For years I have played with a guy and 3 years ago he traded some of his young players and some draft picks in 2 out of the 3 leagues for aging veterans and proceded to quit after the year, saying he was just tired of playing fantasy, leaving his team in terrible shape for the future owner. Fast forward to this year and he is doing the same thing in the final league but much more extremely. Since the Super Bowl last season he has traded for Brady, McCoy, Ingram, Lynch and Fitz. While trading away all his draft picks, 1st-3rd rounds for the next 3 years and basically any young prospect he has. Now normally I wouldn’t have an issue with these trades if it was someone who hasn’t done this before but since he has it kinda seems fishy, I also don’t want to accuse him of something that I can’t really prove.