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  1. It’s a football game so there’s that.... Don’t think this one could be worse than the opener.
  2. I view DJ Moore as an extension of the run game. All his routes are of the shorter variety anyway so the only issue with him until Cam comes back may be volume. I don’t see the quality of his 3 step slants and smoke screens going down as every QB in the NFL can make those throws, starter or not.
  3. On ESPN Godwin is ranked ahead of Evans this week FYI.
  4. I like godwin just as much as the next guy but this take may be a tad to far. To NFL teams Evans is the WR1 which means he’ll get the other teams best to stop him which allows Godwin to thrive. At this point I honestly believe Godwin will be the fantasy WR1 on TB but Evans will be their real life WR1.
  5. With Ben out the biggest strength of this team has to be its O-line. With no Ben they are obviously going to run more and try to utilize their line, because I don’t see them winning a single game if they drop Rudolph back 50 times and they try to make him into Ben. One downside is there may be less catches to the RBs as I could see them installing more quick routes to get the ball out where Ben would extend plays and often would dump those plays to the back. I think Conner could be a standard low end RB1 high end RB2 in PPR if healthy and Samuels would probably be in the same boat but maybe a tad higher in PPR (If Conner is fully out). Another thought is Ben loved to pass down close to the goal line I wonder if they let Rudolph do the same or if they’ll run more when they get down there? There are a lot of questions with this offense and unfortunately with how Tomlin is we probably won’t have any answers until next Sunday.
  6. Full PPR with a very odd setup. At most we can have 4 RBs and currently my backs are Gurley, Barkley, Conner and Guice. Would it be worth it to cut Guice to pick up Samuel? I’m leaning towards no because I really like Guice’s talent but his inability to stay healthy over the last 2 years is starting to frustrate me. Also I should mention that FA in this league is blind bidding with actual money so it will cost me around $10-$25 to make this move as well. WHIR
  7. One’s an actual full time starter who was taken 2nd overall and the other is an injury replacement for a QB who just signed a 3 year extension, don’t overthink this one.
  8. Come on now, they’re clearly setting a pattern of their use and you’re just ignoring that to try to prove a point. Whichever RB starts the drive will get the goal line work, they literally told that to Josina Anderson before the games. Brown started that drive so he got the goal line work, the drive where Gurley scored a short/goal line TD he started the drive so he got the carries down there. He’s getting 2/3 drives which once the sample size expands means he will end up getting about 2/3 of the goal line work.
  9. Over-reactions are a FF owners best friend, he’ll be fine. Week one Brown just happened to be in on the scoring drives, this week it was a more normal/random distribution.
  10. PPR league winner, Cam can’t throw deep at all so everything is going underneath and Moore will pass 100 catches comfortably this season.
  11. That seems to be exactly the definition of what a coaches job should be.
  12. I’m trying to find a website where I’m able to set up a pool with the option to buy back in one time for the original entry fee. Looked at Yahoo, CBS and ESPN and this didn’t seem to be an option on these sites. Is there a site of that does this or will I have to use an excel sheet to run it.
  13. Not true, he may or may not miss time depending on if he is or isn’t injured. I’m just messing around but until we know more about whether it’s a tear or a sprain I think we should hold off on dropping him.
  14. Years ago when Ray Rice was still with the Ravens they used to have a strategy of 2 series on 1 off. This week Gurley got the start and played the first 3 series and then they rotated 1-1 afterwards. They’ve already said they didn’t have a plan in regards to Todd’s usage this week so it seems like they were just winging it. One positive would be Malcolm Brown isn’t the goal line back, it just so happened that 2 of his drives ended up in the redzone which is why he got the carries down there. Is he an elite RB1, no but I have no issues starting his as a mid-low end RB1 which is where almost all of us drafted him anyway. If one of his drives ends with a rushing TD this would be a lot different.
  15. There’s 31 other RB situations this applies to. I have him and come Tuesday morning he’ll be getting cut for a week 1 performer