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  1. Trading for 1.01 (WHIR!)

    Not a big fan of funchess, he's a middle of the pack receiver who probably wont be in Carolina next season and I don't see his value getting any better. On the other hand I'm a huge Jones believer and think he's the top running back in GB, I would rather take a gamble on getting the starting RB on one of the top offenses than taking a WR3.
  2. Trading for 1.01 (WHIR!)

    1. I definitely would, Barkley is a couple tiers above Adams in keeper leagues and once someone drafts him you won't be able to get him ever again 2. I would trade Olsen seeing as he's probably closer to retirement (this is a coin flip for me though) 3. No I would just keep your other TE you don't trade and gamble on Aaron Jones as your last keeper.
  3. Kuechly , wagner or Mosley?

    If Kuechly us able to play 16 he would probably lead in everything but sacks but the chances of that happening aren't the highest so I would go with Wagner being the top IDP because of all the talent SEA lost and he's pretty durable but if you like to gamble Kuechly is the guy for you.
  4. It all depends on the league you play in and whether or not they want the better player this year or the better player for the next 7 years. The league I got him at 9, most of the owners have a mindset that is very similar to redraft leagues in which they want the player that helps their lineup the most this season and they deal with next year when it comes. Ridley/DJ Moore would be a good choice at 8 as well.
  5. At 1 you're obviously going to take Barkley, only trade him for an offer you can't refuse (I recently traded fournette and the 2nd lick for Barkley and the 10th pick). At 8 go with the flow of the draft, I've seen Chubb go as high as 2 and yesterday got him at 9 in a rookie draft. I believe Chubb is your best bet if available. At 2.01 I would consider Lamar Jackson, Carr is good but may never be an elite QB1, Jackson has that upside. Or at 8 if you aren't happy with any og the options move that pick for a 1st next year from the worst team that wants it.
  6. Brandin Cooks 2018 Season Outlook

    Brandin Cooks is not a mediocre talent, I would argue he is much closer to an elite WR than a mediocre WR. He won the Biletnikoff in college along with being named an all american, ran a 4.3 forty, was a first round pick who has averaged 1100 yards and 8 TDs over his last 3 years. If he was healthy his rookie season he probably would have 1000 yards receiving all 4 years of his career. Yes I find it odd that teams keep giving up on him but the Saints had Thomas and needed defense while the Patriots are notoriously stingy when it comes to contracts and must of decided 80 milliom was to much for Cooks. I'm applying the same logic with Cooks as I am with Watkins in drafts. 16 million dollars is a lot of money to give someome to not use them, especially in a salary cap sport. If either of them get 100 targets they will easily exceed their ADP.
  7. I'm probably overreacting... (PPR dynasty)

    You are definitely overreacting, it's a fair deal. Some people in dynasty prefer WRs over RBs because of their longer careers and less wear and tear during each game. This deal didn't change the 13-0 teams starting lineup much at all he substituted AJ for a similar scoring RB in his flex spot. Just because a team went 13-0 doesn't mean he can't make trades to make his team better.
  8. In the 2018 Dream Draft thread a mod edited one of his posts and told him to cut it out, I'm thinking he got a timeout from the forum.
  9. Brandin Cooks 2018 Season Outlook

    It's also about cost. Cost to acquire him in a deal and cost to retain him on a long term deal. The price to acquire OBJ probably would have been 2 1sts and a good player, the cost to keep OBJ would probably be right around 100 million with 40 guaranteed. Cooks contract is pretty easy to get out from seeing as only 20 of it is guaranteed so if it comes to the point where they have to give contracts to others they have the flexibility to move on from Cooks to create the capspace to do it, not saying they will but they could.
  10. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    Last year everyone who wrote fantasy articles said you need to sell high on Gurley because of his SOS over the back half of the season. If you are an elite multifaceted back it doesn't matter the defenses you play because you will still get the ball plenty. So the only thing left to debate is wether or not you think he is an elite back, I think he is but if you are an owner who doesn't believe he is elite than you will obviously avoid him.
  11. Close one but if you're rebulding I would go with Chubb/Shepard. Landry is better currently better than Sheppard but Shephard has decent long term upside and I personally have no faith in Johnson (or any detroit RB). Situation is pretty similar for the backs but Chubb is the better talent.
  12. Update: accepted but got the 10th pick this year included for my 1st next year so I got a little more value out of it than the original offer. Thanks for the help everyone
  13. He has picks 10 and 12(my original pick) as well and I'm trying to get one of those thrown in as well. My team is pretty solid in this league my worst regular starter is Kyle Rudolph and the team I'm trading with has terrible TEs so that won't be an option in this deal
  14. Thanks for the responses I guess the offer isn't as ridicolous as I thought
  15. The offer is Fournette and the 2nd overall rookie pick for the 1st rookie pick but this league has some weird rules: Format: Full PPR Dynasty league with strict Rosters with a max of 4 RBs (very important aspect for this deal), we start 1 RB and 2 RB/WR/TE so I can only start 3 backs each week. My current backs are Gurley, Zeke, Fournette and Miller plus the 2nd overall pick, (guice) but in order to draft him I would have to cut Miller. I have tried to trade miller to the rest of the league for the last month or so but the best offer I've received is a 3rd and I would rather cut him at draft than trade him for that. So because of the oddities of the league the offer becomes Fournette and Guice for Barkley and Miller. If anything else needs explained let me know.