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  1. I really like Guice but in standard leagues he is already going at 3.01, same as AJ Green, as the 13th RB off the board (17th in PPR, FFC ADP). I don’t see how his ADP will decrease as the off-season progresses and he becomes further and further away from the injury. Could he be worth it yeah but He’s already almost being drafted as a RB1 so I’m order for him to beat his draft slot he is going to have to have a huge year.
  2. Russ the Ravens D is no joke, Ryan and Winston both had about 150 and not TDs the last 2 weeks. Go with Russ
  3. TY, Goff has been playing like the system QB he is the last couple weeks and I wouldn’t trust anyone of those receivers if I didn’t have to.
  4. Johnson for sure and if you’re feeling bold I would go with Robby, if you want to play it safe I would go with Williams over Anderson. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738785-gurley-or-jeffrey-whir/
  5. PPR championship game, rosters locked after the final week of the regular season and this week I only have one WR/RB/TE playing in the late games and that is Gurley. Do I risk taking a 0 and leave Gurley in or play it safe and put Jeffery in. Obviously if there is some kind of report between now and 1 o’clock tomorrow about gurley playing or sitting that will make my decision for me but right now he’s looking like a true game time decision for the afternoon games.
  6. But two teams get a bye not one, the rams probably won’t catch the saints but can the Bears catch the Rams and then make the Rams have to play in wildcard weekend and then outdoors in a cold Chicago the following week?
  7. These last two games mean a lot for the rams, they are one game ahead of the bears and don’t have the tiebreaker. Everyone saw how well Goff played in Chicago, do you really think they want to have to play a playoff game outside in Chicago when it’s even colder? I know the next response is well the Rams are a much better team than the cardinals so it doesn’t matter if Gurley plays, but last week the rams were 13 point favorites at home, this week they are 14 point favorites on the road in a divisional game. With how Goff has been playing lately were Gurley to miss the game I would think this game is more of a toss up than a blowout.
  8. Can’t tell if your debating those 2 but Mahomes has earned set and forget status. I like Wilson’s matchup but not enough to bench Mahomes for him.
  9. Last week PHI were 13 point underdogs, this week ARI is a a 14 point underdog. So I would say the situation is pretty similar. I am a HUGE eagles fan but they are not a super bowl caliber team this season, last year is in the past. edit: the situation is different they are on the road at one of the hardest stadiums to play at instead of sunny LA.
  10. Replace AZ with PHI and you have the same scenario they had going into this week and yet they still ended up losing.
  11. Doesn’t really matter what they ruled on the field as it had no outcome on what happened. A few weeks back in the Minnesota game they ruled on the field that Murray fumbled the ball into the end zone and Rudolph recovered in the endzone and then went on to kick the extra point but around the end of the 1st quarter they gave a rushing TD to Murray even though it was never reviewed and the call on the field was a fumble. They can change it if they want but they probably won’t in this case.
  12. Couple things, no matchup is a given just look at tonight with the Rams, they were supposed to destroy the eagles or last week when the Steelers played the raiders. Plus division games are always more tightly contested than non-division games. There is absolutely no way Gurley sits if he is healthy enough to play. The rams suddenly have a lot to play for with them only being one game ahead of the bears and not having the tiebreaker. If the Rams have to go to Chicago in January to play the Bears it will be even worse than the last time.