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  1. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Stop using logic as a valid argument on the internet. Good defenses>>>>>Todd Gurley and it’s a proven fact, just disregard the fact that he’s scored a TD in 13 consecutive games or the fact that he has the same amount of TDs as Aaron Rodgers this season. Trade him because of what can possibly happen 6 weeks from now. /s
  2. Russell Wilson 2018 Outlook

    The strategy of running until they get to the red zone and then him throwing one pass on 3rd down for a TD is great until he throw a an incompletion and they have to kick a field goal. In high scoring games, like tonight, he’ll be fine, but I’m not so sure how it’ll work out when he plays the 49ers.
  3. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    Last year around this time Todd Gurley was a sell high because of his brutal ROS schedule. Talent wins out and Barkley has a whole lot of it.
  4. Jameis Winston 2018 Outlook

    Here’s how I see it: Short Term: The Bucs are a bad football team who will more than likely fall out of the NFC playoff hunt in the next 3-4 weeks. Once that happens what incentive do the Bucs have to start Fitz over Winston? If you are struggling at QB and have the roster space to take a chance on someone, who if reinserted into the lineup will be a QB1 why wouldn’t you. Long Term: Koetter is gone after this year and probably Licht as well. Typically when you take a QB 1st overall and he doesn’t pan out, you won’t be lasting long as GM of that team. But Licht has the ability to save his job if Winston plays well at the end of the year and proves he’s a long term QB. Now if Tampa is done with Winston and they want a full reset there are a bunch of teams who could possibly take him IMO those are PIT?, JAX, NE?, MIA, OAK, DEN, WAS? And NYG. So if you are a dynasty/keeper owner I wouldn’t panic as there are a lot of teams who could use a QB and they aren’t that many good QBs who readily become available.
  5. I hate the word collusion because it implies cheating and that’s not the issue I have with this deal. In a half PPR dynasty league the trade was AB for Drake. Now as commissioner normally I let all trades go through but this one needs a back story. We had 12 owners and the day of draft the 12th owner dropped out and we needed a quick replacement, the guy who ended up joining had played FF once and had never been in a keeper league. He was also really good friends with 2 of the owners so I let him join. Now the replacement owner just traded AB to one of his friends for Drake. I’m mot saying they’re colliding to try to beat the league out of our minimal entry fee, my question is do I let this trade go through or undo it and try to keep the league together? Because if a keeper/dynasty league dissolved it normally happens after the first season.
  6. Gronk or Gordon tonight? WHIR

    Well, Josh Gordon made this decision pretty easy for me.
  7. Which RB to trade away for WR help? 100% WHIR

    I wouldn’t move Elliot or Gordon, Just not sure the value Drake or DJ have. You may be able to get Diggs out of DJ just because of johnsons name value.
  8. I like AB, I don’t know how big of an upgrade Julio is over Schuster. I would just be careful because you are going to lose Conner as a flex here soon so if you move your depth for a star and then lose more depth it may hinder your team a bit.
  9. Gordon for Sony would be OK definitely wouldn’t do Gronk though. Not sure why you would be interested in helping a team win though.
  10. It looks like it is better to have top tier players as the 25th player only costs 4 dollars less than the number 1 player. I think Kennan Allen is far superior talent and I never like to trade dollars for quarters unless I get well over his value so I would stay put. Boyd is good but I don’t trust the Bengals offense at all, I have much more faith in rivers and the chargers.
  11. Non-PPR, pretty close to standard ESPN scoring who do you all think scores the most. This league allows us to start either 3 WR and 1 TE or 2 and 2, planned to go with Gordon but apparently White is a very good corner who will be following him tonight, should that change my mind? I’m only down 3 with James White going as well so I’m really just trying to score as many points as possible for tie breakers if it comes down to that (missed playoffs by 2 points last year because of tie breakers and I don’t want that to happen again.)
  12. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Did you create a second account so someone would agree with you? A LOT would have to go the Rams way for the rams to clinch HFA by week 14. They still have to play the packers, saints, chiefs, Seahawks, bears and Eagles who are all really good teams. Also McVay rested his starters last year and the next week the top offense in the NFL scored 1 TD against the falcons. He will not make that mistake again.
  13. Need a FLEX...WHIR

    Godwin, Winston loves him and should be a shootout
  14. Alshon (getting over 20% of targets in an elite offense) and Stafford (I avoid London games like the plague unless if it’s an elite player)
  15. So I’m currently 5-1 in a very QB dominated full PPR league, elite QBs score about 60 a week whereas elite RB/WRs score at most 30. I currently have Russel Wilson as my QB1 and am just wondering if I should wait it out on him or try to upgrade. In order to upgrade to an elite QB I would probably have to trade Elliot and Wilson for Rodgers and Fournette/Hunt. So my question is do a I make a trade like this or do I wait and hope Wilson turns it on at the end of the year like he normally does.