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  1. Go with dangeRUSS. Good luck!
  2. Big championship lineup decisions

    That's how I would go. Good Luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738764-championship-conundrum-at-rb/

    Agree with above. Williams is a must and would go next with McGuire. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738764-championship-conundrum-at-rb/
  4. Pick my Championship QB??

    Think I would roll the dice on Heinicke. ATL can be thrown on. Look for the Titans to shut down Johnson and the redskins.
  5. DJ and Michel Good Luck!
  6. Championship 1 pt ppr need to go with 2 of these guys. Already have decided to go with Damien Williams in 1 slot. Fournette @ Miami - Will he burn me again? Breida vs da Bears - Can he stay healthy and bears d Michel vs Bills - Needs to score since he doesn't catch passes Ballage vs Jags - 1 game and a 75 yard run is that enough to start in the ship CJ Anderson @ Cards - Only if Gurley sits, will he produce J. Adams vs Texans - see Michel Thanks which 2 should start?
  7. Week 15 injury thread

    Fournette? NVM he's back.
  8. Breida or Michel...

    In my 1 pt ppr league need to play one of these guys. Which should I go with? Thanks
  9. Who to flex?

  10. Ryan or Wilson...

    Which to lead me in the semis? Wilson was the early leader but looks like rain and 15 mph winds in Santa Clara Ryan has a tough matchup at home against a tough cardinals pass defense. Thanks
  11. Who to flex?

    In my 1 pt ppr league who should I start in the flex spot? Michel @ Pitt will he get vultured again Breida vs Seahawks will Wilson take away too many opportunities if Breida plays Wilson Jr vs Seahawks think would be the choice if Breida sits DJ Moore vs saints is Cam's shoulder well enough to get him the ball Thanks
  12. Ryan or Wilson

    Need to star 1 of these guys. Ryan @ GB Just coming off his worst game of the year faces a decent Packers pass defence. Will they play hungry for their new coach? Wilson vs Minn. Has been a very consistent over the past couple of weeks. Vikings have done a decent job the last couple weeks against Rodgers and Brady. Or go off the grid and pick up L. Jackson @ KC. Thanks
  13. Hooper or Ebron?

    In my 1 pt ppr league I need to start 1 of them. Who should I start? Ebron vs Titans Hooper vs Cowboys Thanks
  14. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    Need 42 Pts from Matty Ice and Julio in a 1 pt ppr.