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  1. David Moore 2018 Outlook

    I was able to scoop him up in a couple of dynasty leagues after I missed out on Coutee. Of course he wasn't in my lineup this, but given the state of Seattle's WR corp he's definitely worth a look. He needs a lot more polish, but he all upside with that SPARQ score. Reminds me of Boldin (height, weight and physicality), but much faster and more athletic.
  2. Vance McDonald 2018 Outlook

    Didn't realize this. He was a pass catching TE in college, but didn't find anything online from college about drops. Some 2016 film study showed that he really only had 2 drops. Several other "wobblers" were debatable as Kaep and Gabbert were partly to blame due to their ability to miss throws badly. Couldn't find anything on 2017, but didn't search that hard. Hands looked reliable the past 2 big games he had (2017 playoffs and last night). We can talk about injuries, but I prefer McDonald over Eifert right now.
  3. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Gordon's old number was 12, but I heard it was taken.
  4. Jimmy Garoppolo 2018 Outlook

    I have hom on a couple of teams in dynasty.... f---
  5. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Whose empty locker? Dan Guerrero's old locker?
  6. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    It waa definitely done with purpose. Aside from being a future HOFer Brady is essentially a coach. Brady will be there for Gordon to help him, but Brady will also be keeping tabs on him, keeping Gordon accountable. Not an accident.
  7. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I hope that Gordo just becomes immersed in the culture, realizes that he just got rescued from hell and never looks back. He's gone from one of rhe worst franchises in the NFL to the best, where winning and success is........ habitual.
  8. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Im just going to address the first statement by saying if you don't think agents are talking to team reps and executives en mass then you are mistaken. Every team is doing it. All the time. Always have. Breech of ethics? This is the NFL. Watch North Dallas 40. It's a little dated, but not much has changed. I don't mean to insult you, but your way of thinking is a little naive.
  9. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Yes, he is cheap. But he would have been easier to trade if Doraey just kept his mouth shut. That's why it's odd. It's possible that Gordon's agent has already been talking to several teams prior to Dorsey throwing shade on Gordon. It's also possible that Gordon's side leaked the relapse rumor, knowing that the Browns were trying to trade him (maybe for several weeks now) and knowing that they already had a deal in principal in place with another team. Gordon's been clean and there is no indication at this point he has had a relapse or rumors of another positive test or violation of the SAP. If Gordon could force the Browns to release him then he would also be free to negotiate a new deal with another team. A deal that would certainly pay him much more than he's making right now.
  10. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Part of me wants to believe that Gordon and his agent orchestrated this just to get him out of Cleveland. Leave camp. Show up late to meetings. Act sketchy. Claim you've injured hamstring. Dorsey's comments just seems odd. If you were trying to trade Gordon, why ruin your trade market? The Browns have essentially conceded that they will release him. It's almost as if Dorsey is trying to limit Gordon's landing spots.. ....watch Gordon end up with a division rival. The Bengals and Ravens could use him and I can totally see either team willing to take on the PR risk associated with Gordon.
  11. Ian Thomas 2018 Outlook

    4.65. That's essentially the same as Kelce or Gronk so fast enough. Ertz ran a 4.76. He seems to be doing fine. I think more importantly, his play speed is fast and he's got very good lateral movement. Yes, I agree with your assessment, but long term, I like Thomas over Smith because the Titans offense sucks.
  12. Ian Thomas 2018 Outlook

    I actually like him a little better than Jonnu, but it's close imo, even with Jonnu being a sophomore. Cam likes big targets. Check. In order for the offense to be effective the tight end needs to be involved. Check. Norval likes throwing to his TEs. Check. Thomas is prodigy by all accounts (I've seen some comparisons to Gates). I'm in.
  13. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

  14. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    Maybe. .....I mean 4.7 ypc carry is nice, but it's not 5.0 ypc.
  15. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    Agreed. The DEN brass is going to give Freeman every chance to prove himself and justify his draft slot. Lindsay does look great, but unless Freeman just continues to underachieve over several games it will continue to be an RBBC.