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  1. Great write up about Minshew via an interview with Dede Westbrook. There's no doubt about it. GM2 is for real. https://www.jaguars.com/news/thursday-update-going-pretty-great-with-minshew
  2. Had a lot of time to kill today at the gym and watched a lot of video of who I thought were compatible players, trying to project a likelihood of long-term success. Keep coming up with a less athletic version of Russell Wilson. Wanted to go with Kurt Warner, but just watching the way Minshew moves around the backfield reminds me of Russ. His arm strength seems on par with Warner, at least where he has the most sucxess/effectiveness, but he has more agility than Kurt. Whatever the case, he still has a lot to overcome to be a long term starter, especially with the Jags, given their commitment to Foles, defenses now getting film on him and having a target on his back (media hype). But whatever. Still keeping the faith. Starting with confidence. Lesgo Magic Minshew!
  3. Tough road test this season coming up vs. the Panthers. Minshew seems to have found a floor or a ceiling (210/2). Hopefully it's a sturdy floor, and probably a floor with shag carpet, lovesacs and lava lamps. But I digress. Would love to see what Magic Rico could do with more passing volume.
  4. I saw him picked up in a couple of my leagues last week, so I stashed him in a a few leagues where I had a need. He's an injury away from being a hot WW pick up.
  5. He also flashed last year as a rookie with a rookie QB throwing to him. They were also indications of strong chemistry between, a lot of trust and confidence. Going into Week 4 of the season Herndon is definitely one of the higher upside dice rolls on the ww.
  6. His drops appear to be focus drops. He's got good hands as he can make some difficult catches. He seems to hear footsteps and tries to take off before securing the ball too. He just needs to grow some balls + focus on securing the ball on routine stuff. Easier said than done I know, but he does have good hands.
  7. Not a great hands catcher. Some one handers in those highlights, but a lot of balls get into his body, bobbles, double clutching, etc. Holding for now though.
  8. I think Green coming back will actually help Ross get open more consistent, although he will have a lower ceiling. Holding.
  9. I sat him this week for Kittle, but never again. Sounds weird just saying that, but Waller has got it done every week. He's earned it. Just wish Carr would start targeting him in the end zone too. Seems like a natural progression with Waller being 6'6"
  10. I don't even own him. I just like posting Hebrew hip hop gifs.
  11. I think Mosert does the Tevin Coleman role better than Tevin Coleman. Seems to have more potential. We already know what we have in Tevin Coleman.
  12. If he keeps winning and takes them to the playoffs they will have no choice but to keep Magic Minshew as the starter. The guy is generating big money for the Jags and the league.