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  1. Never said after retirement. This is basically like arguing with a drunk guy in a bar. You just kind of insert things into my argument that I never said or implied. Waste of time. Whatever works I guess. Even great players get injured.
  2. I'm not debating this. I actually agree. The "if healthy" part is the biggest concern. A lot of those RBs on my list could have been very good. Jamal Anderson was excellent until he injured his knee. Was never the same. Ickey Woods. Dominick Davis. Both excellent backs brought down by injury. They're not all JAGs.
  3. I totally agree that he has a chance to be a great one. I'm not debating that. I'm saying that he has been very lucky/fortunate so far. An anomaly in his first three years. All the great ones are outliers. We won't know until several years down the road. It's easy for you guys to be dismissive of my opinion now since Zeke is just rolling. We'll see if he can keep it up. My main point is the smart thing to do is have a complimentary RB. For a lot of reasons.
  4. A lot of people didn't think Emmitt Smith was very good coming out of college. (A lot of people still don't) But thanks for the lack of effort.
  5. Stop getting caught up in exact time frames. Who cares if it was one year or three years? You are constantly trying to box this debate into exact time frames. Like almost everything in life, NFL careers aren't linear. You just seem mostly concerned about being right, rather than having a discussion . Okay, just named a bunch of mostly "young RBs". Again, no worries here. Just concerned by people's lack of common sense and judgement. TBC not anyone on this thread, just the Cowboys braintrust. Forgot TRich.
  6. Okay. Gonna make me work to prove something that's just inherently true.....Try to dig a little today. Off the top of my head? Some guys that had a handful (approx.1-3) of good seasons and crashed..... Lendale White Ahman Green Kevin Jones Laurence Maroney Kevin Smith Jamal Anderson Ron Dayne Larry Johnson Mike Anderson Dominick Davis Christian Okoye Chris Johnson Willie Parker Ickey Woods Gale Sayers (sort of) Cadillac Williams Ronnie Brown Ron Dayne This is kind of fun, but do I need to go on here? holla @psygolf
  7. I bet you would, but I never inferred anything along the lines of your narrow view. And if you think that what I said was cherry picking you don't know what the word means. There are a long list of RBs who came out of college with plenty of promise popped for a year, got everyone excited, then busted. There are also many who played back up for a year or so, undiscovered and when they got their chance they initially produced only to flame out shortly thereafter.
  8. So if someone shows a little emotion in a debate they become "agnostic"? Dude, don't take anything I've said personally. Was not attacking you at all. I like debating and discussing. No need to become defensive. Not putting words in anyone's mouth. Just thought you had an opinion on the subject psygolf and I were debating on. I made the assumption that you were on the side of psygolf as well. My bad I guess. And "cherry-pick" is just a term and it's what you appeared to do(my opinion), but I was wrong. I just assumed you were using information you provided to prove a point, like "if these all-stars could do it, EE could do it as well", something like that. Thanks for providing the information bud, seriously. I was just to lazy to look until after you did. Some very helpful stats on Pro Football Reference. It's hard to pick out the pan-flashers though.
  9. This is cherry picking in the highest order, plus you had to go back a decade just to find guys. I was going by recent memory. These are are exceptions to the rule. You could make a list 10 times this long of RBs who started out promising and fell off a cliff after a couple of seasons. Can EE sustain this pace and match these historic all-timers? Yes, it's possible, but unlikely. Can he beat the odds? Sure. He's looked great so far and is in a system that is tailored made for him sustain production, but the odds are against him sustaining this level of usage and production long term. This is just reality. Do I count on Jerra & Co. doing the smart thing and finding a true complimentary back to pair with Zeke? No, I don't, at least not next season. I am just saying what the smart thing would be for him to do. You and @psygolf are counting on him to be on par with Emmitt, Walter and L.T. It's a very lofty notion, romantic in a sense. Is Ezekiel "The One"? Is he Neo? It's possible, but it's more likely he develops knee/leg issues next season and has a down year.
  10. Exactly! Great bit! And until recently he was one of the most criminally underrated comics around. So angry Netflix took his podcast episodes off YT. Those were legendary. Had I known Netflix was removing them I would have ripped every one of them for my collection.
  11. Nope. He'll be given chance after chance after chance because he's a generational talent with a disease. Probably the best disease to have by far by the way.
  12. For ordinary RBs and RBs that were run like rented mules, yes. But there are plenty of RBs who had productive careers well beyond that 4-5 year window. Some had superior genetics like Jim Brown, AP or Curtis Martin. Some had hybrid roles like Jamaal Charles and Shady McCoy. The big difference is Zeke's usage. It. Is. Insane. I don't remember any RB having that type of usage (carries) on a per game average in his first 3 years. It's absolutely sick. And remarkably he's never missed a game because of a significant injury. Maybe he is related to AP! Air it out. Spread the offense out. Give EE easier looks and wide lanes to run through. Get him a real wingman, like an Ekeler or a Jalen Richard type. 15-20 carries and 10+ targets a game. He'll have a longer career, be fresherat the end of the season/playoffs and maintain his fantasy production.
  13. OT but I think Le'Veon Bell is delusional thinking he's going to land a windfall contract given all the mileage he has on his legs (plus his character issues). He's got another 2-3 peak/elite seasons left.
  14. Okay maybe it's more, but I think we're getting lost in finding an exact number and not seeing the big picture. Maybe shaving off 40-50 carries a season will make a difference, but I am not a conditioning coach or longevity analyst so I don't know. And when you say 1 reception per game, he actually increased his total by 3 receptions per game vs. his average over the first 2 seasons. That's a huge difference. Bump that to 80-90 per season and that's 4 receptions per game over his first 2 seasons. In this sense, I am just talking about maintaining fantasy production. Bottomline is they are running him into the ground right now. Aside from Adrian Peterson, I haven't seen another RB maintain this type of usage in the running game and maintain his effectiveness and production consistently beyond 4-5 seasons. Maybe EE is different and he's cut from the same cloth as Peterson, but only time will tell.
  15. Problem with your premise is, it's not a two option proposition. I would prefer the third option which is I would rather have a running game that maintains the current team production level for the next 5-6 years with EE getting 85-90% of his current workload + production. And at this rate, chances are they won't have Zeke at 100% for 3 years. With the physical nature of Elliott's running style and his volume, they'll be very fortunately to get 2 full seasons from Zeke out of the next 3. Additionally, it's a very bad strategy to be so reliant on one player at one position unless it's the QB. From a fantasy perspective, there's a way to prolong Elliott's career and maintain his point production as we all saw this season: more involvement in the passing game. If he flirts with 80-90 receptions per season we can afford for him to lose 25-30 carries per season. A complimentary back is going to keep Elliott fresher late in the season, makes his yards per carries more effective and prolong his career AND increase his overall value to my fantasy (dynasty) team. Makes total sense to me from a dynasty perspective.
  16. The Cowboys would be wise to start opening up the offense and going a little less run heavy. They are going to run Zeke into the ground within a couple of years at this rate. It may sound unpleasant to dynasty owners like myself, but Jerry Jones needs to find a good complimentary RB to mix in with EE.
  17. Here's an article with some great insight into KK. https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/sports/saints/article_a4b2fe4a-f142-11e8-bc3f-333d70d1ed53.html
  18. Valid point. Smith definitely flashed potential, but it was somewhat curious that they cut his snaps down dramatically down the stretch. It could have been injury I guess or just a matter of Ginn getting healthy and KK being better suited for the slot role. Concerning who will have a more prominent role on offense and be more productive it's all going to depend on targets and whatever moves the offense . Brees loves throwing in the middle of the field exemplified by the success of Colston and Graham. The slot receiver could actually end up being the position that draws the 2nd/3rd most targets on the team or maybe a 2B to Kamara's 2A. Kirkwood has a ton of untapped potential too. Came from a basketball background and bounced around the college ranks a bit.
  19. I added him in a bunch of dynasty leagues. It's unlikely he'll turn into Marques Colston 2.0, but I agree that there is value there, being the WR2 benefiting from coverage being slanted towards Thomas a la JJSS when Antonio Brown was on the field.
  20. I'm holding him in dynasty. Maybe the Patriots know something we don't.
  21. To me it's obvious he's just posturing. I mean when do these guys ever not have an ulterior motive when speaking to the press? On the one hand, from a football perspective, it's great to have a back up like Brissett behind Luck, a guy who has proven to be more than serviceable and could potentially develop into a quality starter. But the Colts do seem to be a team on the rise so maybe they gamble and hope they can get better in the off season and let Brissett ride out his contract hoping they can contend for a championship in 2019. From a business perspective they need to either trade him or lock him up with a ~$15-20MM per year extension (if they can) because 2019 is the last season they can control him under his rookie deal. Other than Brissett will walk in 2020 and the Colts will get nothing in return.
  22. Is it obvious I am in a playoff league and my team was heavy on the Cowboys, Chargers and Colts? FML Actually still in 1st place on points, but I'm entering conference championship week with no QB and no RBs. It's going to take a miracle from this point on.
  23. Effective immediately I am resigning from fantasy football.
  24. @#&$ me in the goat a**. What complete whiff. I guess Andy Reid had something to prove. IND eating a big bag of dicks right now.