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  1. Bregman’s value is definitely higher after his MVP type season. Turner is good, but you would need to get another player on top of him to make thisntrade worth it for you.
  2. Thisnis what I would do. You already have a good and deep offense, so I really think keeping 2 SPs is very important. IMO MadBum will be one of the biggest sleepers next season. I think its worth a shot. 1B - Hoskins 2B - Altuve SS- Lindor OF - Blackmon, Springer, Acuna, JD Martinez UTI - T.Story SP - Carrasco, MadBum
  3. I would really consider keeping both Berrios and Jimenez, and dropping bellinger.
  4. That’s the thing, i think only 3 maybe 4 are doing 1st round keepers. Trout, Altuve and Freeman. First round this year looked like this (including players that were kept). Kershaw, Madbum, Donaldson, Altuve, Freeman (keeper), Trout (keeper), Harper (keeper 1st year), Goldy (keeper) and Abreu.
  5. I dont have my mind made up. Im actually wanting to be convinced to drop Harper. I’m just having a friendly argument with you here throwing all facts on the table. Thats kind of the same argument Ive been having with myself. I apologize for not providing all the info upfront, I realized that and added it in the last post. I like Bryant but worried after seeing him really struggle this year. And I have Bregman already. Thats why I would lean for Harper over him. Not by much though. I dont disagree with you wrt Harper. I dont like him at my 1st round pick. Will never pick him there if it was a new draft. The issue here is that Mookie is the only top top player available for sure. Do go all in, take the risk and hope I get 1st pick or other owners decide not to keep other top players, or do I play it safe, keep harper and hope he has one of his monster seasons. Thats the struggle. You think I should risk it. I’m willing to be convinced but not there yet. Would be very easy if I know all the other keepers or draft position beforehand. Really appreciate all the help and back and forth discussions
  6. I would go JV and Nola here. I cant justify picking Thor after this season over JV who is a top 3-5 pitcher in MLB with great QS and K numbers. I get the age argument, but Not enough for me to keep Thor after seeing him struggle this year. If it was Snell or Buehler vs JV, that would be a different conversation. I would keep JV and maybe trade him in a year or two. You should be able to get great value for him.
  7. Makes plenty of sense. Lol! Harper was ranked 22 overall in my league and he didnt have a great season. While you can argue he is just a top 25-30 player, he does have the potential to be top 5-10. He has shown that. There will not be top 15 talent available other than Mookie and there will not be any other top 25-30 with the top 10 potential Harper has. Believe me, I dont like Harper much either. To put it on perspective, these were the players drafted in the first round this year. Kershaw, MadBum, Donaldson, Benintendi, Abreu. My concern is dropping Harper and then having to pick guys with lower value and potential like a lot of owners had to do this year. I didnt draft this team, I “inherited” it. MadBum was his first round pick. Altuve, freeman, Trout and Goldy we 1st round keepers. The only top guys coming back to FA from keepers are Mookie, Kris Bryant, Springer and stanton. Other than Mookie, I dont like any of those guys more than I like Harper as a 1st round pick. I dont like Harper much, But I do recognize he has the potential to be a top 10 player. He was 22 in my league this year and he hit .200 for months early in the season. I understand and agree that with only 5 keepers, there will have to be some other top players dropped. Not top 10-20 though. Issue is that I wont know what will be available until after I need to pick my keepers. There is a chance that Harper might be the 2nd or 3rd best player in the draft. Do I take that risk? Thats the tough question.
  8. I dont necesarily disagree with you here in principle. However, Ive had to adjust to a league that really really values pitching. Its very hard to get a top pitcher in my league. Having Degrom and Cole sets me up really well for a very strong pitching “rotation”. Or I could always trade one of them for a top player. I can guarantee that if I drop Degrom, he would go 2 right after Mookie, or 3. Wont go past 5th pick. Kershaw over Degrom?????? Did you go to sleep and missed the 2018 season?? Degrom is a much better pitcher than Kershaw right now and with stuff getting better vice Kershaw which is going down along with more injuries. For a league like mine that has QS (no W cat), its not even close. Degrom was tanked 6 overall, Kershaw 56. I could easily trade Degrom for a top 10 hitter in my league.
  9. I wont know draft position until after I lock in my 5 keepers. That would’ve been ideal for sure. Easy decision then. I think I have to go with Harper and hope he has a monster year. He was ridiculous for a couple of months this season. Dont love it at Rd 1, but not keeping him is too risky in terms of the value I mind end up getting in Rd 1 of the draft if I dont get one of the first picks.
  10. All great points. The struggle is to give up on the chance of being able to get Mookie. I owned him this year. He will be 1st pick for sure. The only way I get a top 10 player is if I get picks 1-2. Otherwise, I would be lucky to get someone at Harper’s value. That’s why Im leaning towards going with Harper and not Realmuto.
  11. I dont like Sano either. I do like Urias but nit enough to take Sano in a deal with him.
  12. Betts - 2nd Bregman - 5th Scherzer - 3rd Acuna -8th Turner - 6th (assuming Trea, wouldnt keep Justin) Albies - 11th na - Bichette, Austin Riley Help with mine pls
  13. Very tough one. Let me start by saying that it would be a fair trade for both sides. I personally think Eloy is very special too and value him not at the Vladdy level, but close. Close enough to not be willing to give up a P like Berrios on top of him. Help
  14. My 12 Willson Contreras 2B Yoan Moncada 2B Joey Wendle 3B JoRam 3B Johan Camargo (2022) 3B/OF Wil Myers (2020) SS Jean Segura (2020) SS Fernando Tatis (2022) OF Hunter Renfroe (2022) OF Kyle Tucker (2022) SP German Marquez (2022) SP Lance McCullers (2022) If you are notnplanning to keep a C as part of the 7 (I wouldnt), then I would take Pham on the 12 instead of contreras My 7 JoRAM Tatis Moncada Marquez Wendle Segura Tucker Need help with mine pls.