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  1. Ooh, I can't wait to quote this again in a few weeks!
  2. I trust Andy's evaluations. Was already excited for Ty and this just locks it in. Love how smoothly he catches the ball and transitions into a playmaker. He's like the anti Jordan Howard.
  3. A couple of misses due to injury, but damn, a lot of these from July are right on point. So why isn't my fantasy team doing better?
  4. I also saw the Niners and Titans. So yeah, seems that way.
  5. Flashes of being awful. He got chewed out by the coaching staff too. I don't think he's any sort of threat.
  6. Maybe. I think an acquisition of Drake would be an indication that the team isn't impressed with Williams. Agreed on Drake getting passing down work, but Williams already does. This is a time share either way, it's just whether it's a Jones/Williams split, or a Jones/Drake split. But yeah, Drake is better than Williams.
  7. He's what everyone wants Tarik Cohen to be, so agreed. Not only a hold, but also a guy everyone should be buying now.
  8. Even if that happened, wouldn't Drake take Jamaal's snaps?
  9. Nagy. Lafleur. Kitchens... There are a bunch of "innovative" coaches who sure don't look special. That said, I am 0% worried about Jones. Even with a 60% share, he'll be a great RB2.
  10. CB seems like a position that you can step right into. There's some nuance to defensive scheme, but mostly you just have to cover your man.
  11. Theoretically, a great matchup with the Chiefs. However, there are a bunch of reports that the Chiefs are about to trade for Jalen Ramsey. How much would that move downgrade Brown?
  12. Flawed for sure, but I still think it has some merit. I like the upside with Johnson to develop into an NFL change of pace back, but I could be wrong. Regardless, he's a fun player to watch, and those are the guys I like to have.
  13. That makes me feel a little better. I still think I could do better than Pettis right now, lol.
  14. I've seen highlights. I hope you'll forgive me for not watching an extensive amount of Maryland's offense. Here's an explanation of satellite score. https://thevitruvianprospect.blogspot.com/2019/01/introducing-satellite-score.html?m=1
  15. "Ty Johnson's workload-adjusted receiving involvement is a boon to his NFL potential. While never recording more than 16 receptions in a season in a terrible Maryland passing offense, Johnson posted Satellite Scores of 39.6 and 10.5 as a freshman and sophomore, respectively, before notching a 93rd-percentile mark of 55.4 in 2018. The 10.5 Score he posted in 2017 is the clear outlier here, as the 2.2% target share he garnered in that season is well below his other seasonal marks of 8.2% and 6.7%. While he caught just 29 passes in four seasons in college, adjusting his receiving contributions for overall offensive involvement indicates that Ty Johnson should be a high-quality receiving back in the NFL, as his final season Satellite Score is comparable to those of other workhorse-sized runners like Alvin Kamara, Arian Foster, Ronnie Brown, DeMarco Murray, Joe Mixon, and Saquon Barkley. Even if he doesn't latch on as a three-down player, his passing game acumen is good enough that it should allow him to fill a role as a big, explosive satellite back." 93rd percentile satellite back score tells me he has all the skills, even if he wasn't consistently used that way in college.