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  1. "Two Win" Leagues

    I second this. You should probably just do an All Play league. Head-to-head matchups are an antiquated notion of fantasy, in my opinion. The goal should be to score more points than all of the other teams each week, not one randomly selected "opponent".
  2. C.Carson or?

    As a dynasty owner of Carson, I'd prefer the pick. Remember, this is a guy with a grand total of 208 career rushing yards. Rawls and Mike Davis are both restricted free agants, and Prosise will be back. It's also not out of the question that Seattle could draft or sign another RB. So, while I'm hopeful Carson could be the guy, it's not realistic at all to just pencil him in as a starter next year.
  3. Bump... There has to be a talented owner out there willing to take the reigns of this squad.
  4. One owner has bailed on me. Several of the owners draft picks have been dealt, but the roster is strong is enough to compete now. There are, of course, plenty of assets to move if an owner wanted to acquire additional picks. I'm looking for an active owner to take over his team. This is a fun and competitive league. We will be having our 4 round rookie/free agent draft shortly after the actual NFL draft. Here are the details on the league: All-Play Format: This is an all-play league on MFL (meaning you play against everyone else each week, NO head to head matchups). Top 6 records make the playoffs. Top two teams earn byes. Playoffs run from weeks 14-16. The two highest scoring teams in 14 advance. Then, weeks 15 and 16 work as a 2 week championship, with the top 3 teams determined by the total points scored over those 2 weeks combined. PPR Scoring: Pretty much standard PPR scoring. 4 points for passing TDs. Defense is a little less important (4 points for defensive TDs, etc). Here's a breakdown: http://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=54129&O=09 Flexible Lineups: Lots of flexibility with starting lineups. It's not a 2QB league, but we have a superflex which can act as a 2nd QB slot (or any offensive player). In total, we start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRS, 1 TE, 1 regular flex (RB,WR,TE), 1 superflex, and a defense. No Kickers! Free Agent Auction Budget: All free agent acquisitions are through blind waiver bids. Each team gets $100 to bid each season. Taxi Squad: This season, we're introducing a 4 player Taxi Squad. Only rookies are eligible for the taxi squad, and players are only allowed one stint there. Here's the available roster: QBs Carson Wentz Phil Rivers Case Keenum Matt Moore TJ Yates RBs Jordan Howard Lesean McCoy Jamaal Williams LeGarrette Blount Matt Forte Terrance West WRs Adam Thielen Marvin Jones Marquise Goodwin Larry Fitzgerald Jeremy Maclin Kenny Stills Mike Wallace Ted Ginn JJ Nelson Travis Benjamin Brandon Marshall Albert Wilson Aldrick Robinson Jordan Taylor Travis Rudolph TEs Kelce Defenses Bills Dolphins Bucs Only draft pick owned this year is Mr. Irrelevant (4.12), but he does own a 1st, and a 4th in 2019, and all picks in subsequent years. Message me, or post here with your email address if your interested. Thanks!
  5. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    For what it's worth, ESPN predicts Green Bay will keep Jordy AND Cobb. Not sure I agree, but it's interesting. The Packers do have a history of keeping their own guys, and being small time players in free agency. I do think it makes sense to extend Jordy. I guess they could keep Cobb too, just seems like you could replace him for cheaper with a free agent or draft pick. http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/268705/keep-them-or-dump-them-packers-face-decisions-on-high-priced-vets
  6. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    That's actually a pretty intriguing idea.
  7. There could be a lot of moving parts here. I think we can assume Rodgers will be healthy, but who will be left at WR. The A-Rod-Jordy rapport makes me think that he will be back and Cobb will likely be shown the door. That leaves Adams, Nelson, Allison and spare parts. The Packers usually don't spend in free agency, so it'll be interesting to see if maybe they draft another WR. There's not much there at TE at the moment either. The backfield is even more jumbled, with Ty Montgomery, Jamaal Williams, and Aaron Jones all under contract next year. I'm a fan of Williams, but I think this likely becomes a 3 headed committee, barring an injury.
  8. Great gif, but I doubt McDaniels got all this way, and then just thought to ask about Luck today. I think this is more about Kraft playing the role of scorned lover, "Please don't leave, we'll make this work, I'll do anything".
  9. Nick Foles 2018

    Even if Wentz is ready to go for week 1, why would you trade away the best backup QB in football for, as some are suggesting, a 2nd round pick? This team is in a window where they could win another championship or two over the next few seasons. Seems like a good idea to hold on to a backup QB who you know can fill in more than adequately in case of another Wentz injury.
  10. Super Bowl

    Maybe. Why would the Eagles move him though? Wentz might even not be healthy to start the season.
  11. Super Bowl

    But how does he get onto another team?
  12. Super Bowl

    I'm not so sure. The Eagles would be crazy to just let him go. He might demand a trade, but does he really have leverage?
  13. Super Bowl

    Eh, rooting for the underdog or rooting against the team that wins all the time. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Semantics. I'm glad I didn't have to watch the Patriots win another SB. I'm happy for Eagles fans. I always like to see tough luck fanbases get to the top.