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  1. This is pretty much it. He's worthless as worthless can be right now. If injuries happen, things might change, but it's definitely alarming that he can't even earn one touch per game right now. Remember that they signed CJ Anderson instead of giving John Kelly work last year.
  2. Ooh, I can't wait to quote this again in a few weeks!
  3. I trust Andy's evaluations. Was already excited for Ty and this just locks it in. Love how smoothly he catches the ball and transitions into a playmaker. He's like the anti Jordan Howard.
  4. I also saw the Niners and Titans. So yeah, seems that way.
  5. Flashes of being awful. He got chewed out by the coaching staff too. I don't think he's any sort of threat.
  6. Maybe. I think an acquisition of Drake would be an indication that the team isn't impressed with Williams. Agreed on Drake getting passing down work, but Williams already does. This is a time share either way, it's just whether it's a Jones/Williams split, or a Jones/Drake split. But yeah, Drake is better than Williams.
  7. He's what everyone wants Tarik Cohen to be, so agreed. Not only a hold, but also a guy everyone should be buying now.
  8. Even if that happened, wouldn't Drake take Jamaal's snaps?
  9. Nagy. Lafleur. Kitchens... There are a bunch of "innovative" coaches who sure don't look special. That said, I am 0% worried about Jones. Even with a 60% share, he'll be a great RB2.
  10. CB seems like a position that you can step right into. There's some nuance to defensive scheme, but mostly you just have to cover your man.
  11. Theoretically, a great matchup with the Chiefs. However, there are a bunch of reports that the Chiefs are about to trade for Jalen Ramsey. How much would that move downgrade Brown?
  12. Flawed for sure, but I still think it has some merit. I like the upside with Johnson to develop into an NFL change of pace back, but I could be wrong. Regardless, he's a fun player to watch, and those are the guys I like to have.
  13. That makes me feel a little better. I still think I could do better than Pettis right now, lol.
  14. I've seen highlights. I hope you'll forgive me for not watching an extensive amount of Maryland's offense. Here's an explanation of satellite score. https://thevitruvianprospect.blogspot.com/2019/01/introducing-satellite-score.html?m=1
  15. "Ty Johnson's workload-adjusted receiving involvement is a boon to his NFL potential. While never recording more than 16 receptions in a season in a terrible Maryland passing offense, Johnson posted Satellite Scores of 39.6 and 10.5 as a freshman and sophomore, respectively, before notching a 93rd-percentile mark of 55.4 in 2018. The 10.5 Score he posted in 2017 is the clear outlier here, as the 2.2% target share he garnered in that season is well below his other seasonal marks of 8.2% and 6.7%. While he caught just 29 passes in four seasons in college, adjusting his receiving contributions for overall offensive involvement indicates that Ty Johnson should be a high-quality receiving back in the NFL, as his final season Satellite Score is comparable to those of other workhorse-sized runners like Alvin Kamara, Arian Foster, Ronnie Brown, DeMarco Murray, Joe Mixon, and Saquon Barkley. Even if he doesn't latch on as a three-down player, his passing game acumen is good enough that it should allow him to fill a role as a big, explosive satellite back." 93rd percentile satellite back score tells me he has all the skills, even if he wasn't consistently used that way in college.
  16. I get the criticism, but you're also leaving out that he's shown elite pass catching and play making traits out of the backfield. I see him more like Tarik Cohen than an every down back.
  17. I traded John Ross for Dante Pettis after week 1. Am I doing it right?! Smh
  18. It will. In a small sample size something weird can happen. The Broncos go three and out with Lindsay on the field and then have a 12 play drive with Freeman. For one game, a weird number like that can skew the numbers. I'd bet my entire fantasy budget that Lindsay has played more snaps at year's end (barring injury).
  19. WTF?! If the two alternate drives, and Lindsay is starting every half, he will see more drives. That's not fuzzy math, that's crystal clear.
  20. Over the course of a season, the guy who starts every half is going to get more snaps. That's just math.
  21. Coin flip between him and Allen. Grier had an ugly preseason for sure.
  22. Except Lindsay has started all 4 halfs. He's the starter.
  23. What? They're down 2 scores. A fg would have kept them down 2 scores. It was the right decision. Wrong play call. There goes OBJ.
  24. Why not just hand the ball to Bell on 4th. They haven't been able to stop him from running the ball right at them all night.