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  1. My fantasy season isn't crashing and burning by week 6. That's probably too bold.
  2. John Kelly. Robert Kelly is the heavyset back who played for Washington.
  3. And now he just signed with the Jags.
  4. Because he's not really a fantasy relevant player. He's 100% a free agent right now.
  5. Yeah, lisfranc injury. He'll be ready by training camp though. Could be a steal if he ends up on an offense like the Chiefs.
  6. Cobb is probably the best replacement, from that group. More likely that they'd draft Marquise Brown or something.
  7. Conley isn't on the team anymore. Kelce was already a stud. Watkins has the most to gain, an I think Mahomes would be just fine.
  8. I understand this, but they already knew Hunt was getting suspended and were shopping Duke. Why would they hold him now, just because the number is official?
  9. Mike Williams should be better than a late round flyer, shouldn't he? He scored 10 TDs last year.
  10. Whatever pick the Bears can get for Howard would be enough for Duke.
  11. With all the talk of the Bears replacing Howard, why haven't they been linked at all to Duke Johnson. Can you imagine Nagy with Cohen and Johnson in the backfield together. Hell, you know near the goal line he'd put in Cohen, Johnson, and Patterson all at the same time. Duke just seems like the perfect fit for what Nagy likes to do.
  12. Roto blurb says it's a downgrade. I don't see that. Amos to HaHa is a lateral move, at worst, IMO. Callahan to Skrine though...
  13. That's what I was thinking. Smallwood, Duke, and Clement is probably enough for the Eagles to get by at RB. Not sure I love any of those guys for fantasy, but it makes football sense. Edit- And Josh Adams.
  14. He's not going to be a Brown next year. What's the best landing spot for him? What's his ceiling on a new team?
  15. Winners and losers not mentioned so far. Winners: Jamison Crowder - Gase loves to pepper the slot with targets. Funchess - Obvious upside to catch a bunch of TDs from Luck. Donte Moncrief - Will have some sleeper appeal just because of the opportunity in the Steeler offense. Chris Godwin - Opportunity is there for a major breakout in Tampa. (Edit - beaten by a couple minutes on this one. Too bad, I'm leaving it.) Mark Ingram - Run first offense. He should get plenty of volume and goal line work. Danny Amendola - Don't know how relevant he'll be, but I do like the landing spot in Detroit. Losers John Brown - Low volume offense. Could be a boom/bust deep threat, but that's best case scenario. Beasely - Low volume slot guy. No thanks. Humphries - Similar to above. I don't see upside. Run first offense. Will probably be an uninspiring PPR flex, at best. Tevin Coleman - Crowded, muddy backfield. Damien Williams - Hyde probably isn't going to steal all the work, but he's a sign that the team doesn't trust Williams to be the guy.
  16. Signs with the Jets. Remember that, when he was healthy last year, Albert Freaking Wilson was getting more targets than Stills and Parker combined. Gase loves forcing the ball to the slot at all costs.
  17. Packers are linked to Ingram. Seems unlikely, but is it bad news for Jones that the Packers are interested in signing a big name RB?
  18. LMAO at the Williams owners breathing a sigh of relief. Umm, that's a liiiiiittle premature. Free agency hasn't even started yet. They could easily sign another big piece, or draft someone.
  19. Of course. I'm not saying Hyde is going to be the bellcow there. I'm saying they are going to add plenty of competition, and someone else is either going to eventually win the starter job,or Williams will be one head of a crowded committee. The least likely scenario is that a veteran, career JAG is going to suddenly turn into a trustworthy starting RB.
  20. The team is going out of it's way to sign another RB before FA even begins. They don't have confidence in Williams being the guy. The Damien Williams hype train is one of the least logical things I've seen in fantasy football in years. He's been in the league since 2014 and he's had over 10 carries in a game, 3 times. Three. He's this great pass catcher, but he's never caught 25 passes in a season. He has a perfectly JAG like 4.0 career YPC. He put up good numbers at the end of the year when KC had nobody else left. He will not be the lone RB this year. I predict he will be nothing more than a dart throw flex option by week 3 of next season.
  21. Seems like the smart thing for the Steelers to do is just to let AB rot. He's not going to accept a trade to a bad team, so their options are either to do nothing, or trade a hall of fame WR to a contender so they can get a mid round draft pick. Easy call, to me.
  22. Cook, Freeman, Drake, Guice, K. Johnson, Lindsay... all seem like great values based on the rankings in here.
  23. So, we all agree that the Saints would have won by 3 scores, right.
  24. I'll be shocked if it's not Edelman.