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  1. 2018 Top WRs

    I'm in the same camp. That offense is going to flourish once Todd Haley is promoted to interim head coach halfway through the season. Hue Jackson is a ******** cancer.
  2. San Francisco 49'ers 2018 Season Outlook

    I only posted the 6 game side by side comparison because I thought it was a funny coincidence. Wasn't trying to imply anything lol. 6 game sample size is really small. 1 less INT probably puts him over 100 and Jimmy, as was stated already, was gunslinging and ripping off awe-inspiring throws with a quick release and clutch playmaking. He made his teammates better and did it all with a shrunken down playbook after a midseason trade. Kaep had an ok stretch there where variance worked in his favor as well as garbage time. Kaep had probably less to work with than Jimmy though, the 49ers receivers in 2016 couldn't catch a cold, it was downright frustrating to watch. Vance Mcdonald trade was the definition of addition by subtraction. That said, I've seen this organization (Jed York) botch everything it's come in contact to before this year so I'm still just cautiously optimistic they'll get an extension done this offseason.
  3. Trade Cooks for the 1.06?

    I think it's an ok deal actually. If this was a dynasty I'd say no, but it's a keeper. You are basically trading Cooks away for 1.10 PLUS the guy you'd be keeping in his place, so I'm ok with this move here. I don't love it as much as I would the 1.06, but at the same time I'm not sure after the down year Cooks had that you'd be able to recoup much more.
  4. I think Michael Crabtree is worth more at the moment. I don't think Procise of the 5th rounder move the needle so it's a 1 for 1 to me. Mckinnon scored 178 in PPR this year which was RB2 territory. Mckinnon could also go to a bad situation and his volume could shrink. I don't think a team is ever going to feature Mckinnon, I think he's a premiere satellite back but this season was his ceiling. With that being said, you'd have to be in great shape at WR and poor shape at RB to even consider this, but I think Crabtree is the safer investment and probably the better one.
  5. Early Keeper Help = WHIR

    I think it being a non-PPR keeper league that holding on to Wentz's 30+ touchdowns a season would probably be the way to go. That's a real tough call though. 14 teams instead of 10 or 12 also makes QBs more scarce.
  6. San Francisco 49'ers 2018 Season Outlook

    I just think this is kind of weird so I figured I'd share. Colin Kaepernick's last 6 games as a 49er with Chip Kelly's trash offense vs Jimmy G's last 6 games as a 49er in Kyle Shanahan's offense.
  7. Keeper Help.......WHIR

    Antonio Brown is this generation's Jerry Rice. If/when Pittsburgh replaces Ben with someone even semi-competent he'll continue to be a big time producer. Don't give that up for peanuts. As for Ben...Idk what incentive there is to only keep 1 player, you really didn't explain those rules, but his value is very low due to the retirement risk. I know QBs are more valuable in a 16 teamer but I'd try to trade him and retain Brown.
  8. Case Keenum for Chris Carson Dynasty

    I think in a 1 QB league this is fair. If it's a superflex or 2QB league then I pass.
  9. Carson Palmer 2017 Season Outlook

    I loved that Carson Palmer had the stones to tell Mike Brown to shove it. Look at the Bengals now, still wallowing in mediocrity with bumass Marvin Lewis. Palmer was trending toward elite before the knee injury but he was always real solid. Made a pitiful talentless Oakland offense matter. Looked sensational at times in Arizona. He played the game on his terms. He was a division rival but he earned my respect, much like Kurt Warner eventually did. I hope going forward whoever replaces him is a super bust though lol.
  10. 2nd Round of Playoffs Lineup Help

    Probably Falcons D because a Nick Foles meltdown is probably the most likeliest scenario. I think Mariota would probably be my pick at QB.
  11. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    So they're almost as bad as the York family then? I like this move for Cam Meredith because John Fox is the drizzling sh*ts, I just hope Trubisky can make a big 2nd year leap while forced to learn a new offense. The narrative all along was he only started like 13 games in college and it would take time for him to develop. He was also saddled with an embarrassing coaching staff. Mike Glennon was given the starters reps in training camp which just made it harder. Situation rings a bell, could he be this season's Jared Goff? Wouldn't really shock me to be honest. Mcvay worked wonders for Goff and Nagy helped Alex Smith be more than a chickensh*t game manager, for a little while at least. Things are looking up in Chicago.
  12. Dynasty trade help (Amari Cooper)

    I would keep Cooper, idk what happened this year but he's gonna be turning 24 right before the season so he's still really young and if Crabs is gone you have to think he's gonna be funneled a ton of targets. He had fantastic years in his age 21 and 22 seasons, I can't see why he wouldn't be able to get back to that and even exceed it, his upside is still massive. Gruden's offenses in the past have consistantly churned out 1100-1300 yard receivers every year, from Tim Brown and Jerry Rice to Keyshawn Johnson and Keenan Mccardell to Joey Galloway and Antonio Bryant.
  13. Keepers in 2018

    So it's between [OBJ and 2.03] or [Hunt and 1.03]? Since I expect both to go in the mid-late 1st I think the value lies with Hunt. In a PPR it's probably close, in a non-PPR I lean even more towards the RB.
  14. Trey Burton 2018 Season Outlook

    I think Saints make a move for a TE and dump Fleener. Reuniting Brees with Jimmy Graham makes too much sense unless his cost is prohibitive, which would make Trey Burton an extremely interesting alternative. Don't sleep on Kittle in SF in 2018 but they could definitely stand to upgrade on Celek in the offseason. I wouldn't be mad if they brought Burton in, but from a fantasy perspective I wouldn't be as elated as I'd be if he went to the saints. I love Rico Gathers in dynasty, perhaps Witten retires after 2018? Houston situation is tricky because it looks like Fiederowicz fears no CTE and may try to play again. He signed a hefty extension last summer afterall.
  15. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Could see Washington trading for Smith in a panic move to save face after Kirk Cousins signs a mega deal somewhere else. You don't give up two 1sts and a 3rd for Mahomes, who's upside is insane, and then stick with Alex Smith and ensure you will stay a mediocre football team. The Chiefs are also way over the cap with Smith's salary on the books. He'll be traded for 2nd and 3rd round picks or something along those lines.