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  1. i actually own both Damien and McCoy and I will be dropping Damien next week due to byes. They can't count on Mahome's RPO play calling anymore and will actually have to run the ball. And that means McCoy will be the primary back.
  2. i'm forced to start him due to injuries and he's the only viable WR in FA. Sounds like 3 of GB's starting WRs are out, so this is looking good.
  3. you put a safety over the top of him.
  4. I'm a Hopkins owner and I'm frustrated as hell with him. Especially that game where Watson threw 5 TD's and zero to Hopkins. Everyone, including myself keeps thinking he'll bounce back, but when he does, will it be too late? I think Kerryon over Mixon is a huge increase. And I don't think Lockett over Hopkins is that much of a decrease considering how Hopkins is playing right now. I'm leaning a little bit more on Kerryon + Lockett but like 1%. I don't think you'd lose out ether way. Sorry if I wasn't of any help lol. Good luck
  5. I got offered Gurley and Melvin Gordon for Michael Thomas. I'm torn on what to do. My WRs and RBs Michael Thomas Edelman Tyreek Hill Calvin Ridley Tyrell Williams AJ Green Chris Carson Marlon Mack Devonta Freeman Lesean Mccoy Malcolm Brown
  6. Schedule doesn't look too bad. Patriots game is at home for primetime. I think he will be fine for that game. Only game I worry about is SF and you can easily fill in a streamer that week. Patriots @Bengals Texans @Rams 49ers @Bills Jets @Browns Steelers
  7. Damien Williams is out this week. I can finally start Shady this week after last weeks twitter debacle.
  8. it was between Ekeler and this loser and i drafted this loser.
  9. The whole bad D thing is getting so old. This guy produced last year so these two games just shows that he has improved. This guy will produce matter what D he plays. He might not throw 5 TDs or run 120 yards every game. But he’s going to be very consistent posting 200 passing yards + 20-50 rushing yards with 2-3 total TDs as his floor with a very high ceiling.
  10. Chris Thompson will be a time share back no matter what happens. His ceiling is RB3 in PPR leagues. Brown is currently a RB3 timeshare back with the possibility of winning your league if Gurley's knee doesn't hold up all season. The Rams offense is too good. If Malcolm get's full time duties for any reason, he will be a RB1.
  11. I own Damien and McCoy and started Damien this week. I'm leaning towards McCoy next week. I think once he learns the playbook on the passing plays he will be promoted to starter with easily 60% of touches at RB.
  12. I’m using my #1 spot on him. If there is a best time to use your high waiver priority it’s week one where there is likely going to be a lot of transactions which should cycle you back up pretty high. I also learned from last year I missed a ton of opportunities on players because I wanted to keep my #1 waiver for a lottery and there really wasn’t one.