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  1. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    His better runs of week 6 for anyone it may help
  2. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    He got more than that BEFORE the bye in his first game active..
  3. Mike Davis 2018 Outlook

    I don’t own either but have been intrigued by the situation. At least in this game I liked Carson’s running a little more but that’s not to say Davis looked bad on tape either
  4. Jamaal Charles 2018 Outlook

    Ya know ya boy couldn’t miss the opportunity to have AP and JC on the squad together one last time.. LEGGO
  5. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    Turbin came off a 4 game suspension just for the record, not an injury. So he should have been in shape and ready to handle a few carries at least had they felt it. He won’t be getting more than a handful of carries per week but it seems as if the catches will be real. Red zone usage or lackthereof will dictate whether he’s anything more than a low end PPR flex play ROS
  6. 10-7-18 SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

    Did my guy just say “that’s the old sugar play” and try and play it off like that’s a real thing in real life? Or was that just me?
  7. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    By no means irrelevant in standard. RB is a position where depth is needed and even in my standard league, he is great depth/bye week/injury insurance. The unknown part is how redzone usage will shake out with all these backs supposedly about to be healthy. He likely won’t be a game breaker on your fantasy squad but he’s still a solid waiver scoop with reasonable expectations
  8. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    Pretty sure it’s a contract year too. Too many legitimate weapons on a team that only throws to key in on him and it’s hard to name more than a couple players more dangerous in space than golden. He’s always been a dog but if he starts scoring more it’s gonna be an easy top 10 finish, as that was the only piece missing from his fantasy repertoire
  9. Lamar Miller 2018 Outlook

    I feel like foreman was definitely the better pure rusher on tape between the two last year. The problem is, Achilles surgery is no joke.
  10. Curtis Samuel 2018 Outlook

    He just doesn’t have the stop and go speed Id like to see for fantasy purposes. Looks like he has a hard time slowing himself down or doing anything shifty. Don’t doubt his ability to jet down the sideline though
  11. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    Watched the game.. Definitely wasn’t a good between the tackles runner. His best run in that regard looked average to me. However, when playcalling got him the ball with even a little space to work with, his speed definitely did come across and he looked much better. So, I think playcalling is what needs to improve to dictate his success. If used in a traditional role, he will be a “JAG” type guy, but he could definitely be more if used creatively in an offense. A TD on that last screen pass, and people are BLOWING up about him. Remember all FF is, is luck. This dude has jets for sure
  12. D'Onta Foreman 2018 Outlook

    Shame what happened to him last year, looked so promising. I fully ruptured my Achilles a few years back and it never went back to what it was before. Bad weather still makes it tight, steep hills when stretching the tendon with the foot going up is rough. Granted these athletes have the best surgeons and physical therapy services available. Just couldn’t imagine being someone who gets paid to run and cut and coming back from that.
  13. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    You’re not talking to me. You’re talking to, lil homie. This dude getting kept so hard in the latter rounds n he ain’t even know it
  14. I’m feeling a booker TD sometime tonight to make everyone’s day
  15. Corey Grant 2018 Outlook

    Mostly just a feeling. I think he gets a good amount of passing game work regardless in what should be a higher scoring affair than the jags are used to w that def. Also at the very least a handful of carries with the chance to develop a hot hand type thing if he gets something going. As he’s proven to be explosive and the KC def has proven to be sub par, I just like his chances of making something happen.