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  1. Volume isn’t king if this dude is gonna play Neo w the passes coming at him
  2. Gosh I’m jealous I missed out on this train. Good luck to you all, Lamar loves him and he’s killing it out there
  3. I feel like you have to bust before being a boom or bust guy.
  4. I found this game extremely encouraging as it was the one game I was most worried about game flow and he didn’t flop. Color me excited
  5. Pulled him last second for scary terry and I would have lost if I didn’t. If AB is out there he’ll be riding the bench over people like McLaurin, Hollywood, and Hardman for me personally. Standard league FWIW. I’ve had Gordon since his legendary year and though I can’t quit drafting him, my allegiance is fading slowly but surely.
  6. Depends on if you’re PPR or not. I’ve watched commentary and gameplay on this kid, and he genuinely seems to WANT this. Someone like that, with scary natural physical talent. Whew!
  7. I have those 2 ranked even in my head for now. I’d lean towards Hollywood if I wasn’t in a standard league, admittedly, but it is so close between these two for me. I want to call myself biased, but I blew my wad on both of them when tyreek went down. Definitely don’t regret it to this point. Hollywood is so electric though and as his snaps continue to increase, so will FF points. That offseason did wonders for this entire offense.
  8. Wish I had someone to drop. I need a mascot.
  9. No, no it surely did not. I’ll learn to shut my mouth one day. Just not today.
  10. I reached for him on intuition in my draft and will be holding unless a Lindsay type RB hits the wire to bid on. Premature dropping has always been my Achilles heel in fantasy
  11. I see WR2 season long numbers w upside. Having a conundrum this week at flex w terry, Flash, and Hollywood. Love the video posted earlier showing great character and attitude. Though these things are kind of necessary to make it to the league in the first place, I sense something different w him.
  12. In my mind, he was always a steal. The future HOF’er is always in the right place, at the right time. I wiffed in my leagues thinking I could get him late and I regret not pulling the trigger earlier in hindsight over other picks of mine.
  13. Says the dude who hypes j Washington who caught 2-6 last game 😂🙄