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  1. Some of the "this guy is trash" posts from earlier in the season, already laughable, are getting funnier still in retrospect. (Again, I think right now he's better in fantasy than IRL, but kid has skills. If his motor ever fully catches up, watch out, NBA.)
  2. Part of why I didn't do it is because I thought I might get Doncic the next round. So I drafted Batum right at his Yahoo preseason rank (70) and thought there was a chance Doncic would be there at 92, HIS preseason rank -- although I knew from mocks that he might get swept up that next round. As it happened, someone selected Doncic with the pick right after my Batum. As for the other discussions, despite what it says in my sig, I dropped Batum in one league for Rubio.
  3. I had my finger on the trigger deciding between Batum and Doncic -- was looking for a forward who could hit 3s, get assists and bolster FT%. You can guess who I went with. You can guess how much I want that moment back.
  4. Really not very worried. Yes, it's frustrating right now that he's the third-best Nikola. And yes, I hoped he'd start the year strong and demonstrate growth (even getting to 20 ppg, but nothing more in that category). But he started slow last year and really took off after the All-Star break. His numbers so far are pretty similar to pre-ASB last year. https://sports.yahoo.com/nba/players/5352/splits?selectedTable=0&season=Map { "season": 2017, "seasonPhase": "REGULAR_SEASON", "groupedBySeason": true } Also of note: He sat out the 4th tonight, as did most starters.
  5. Any idea why Batum's been on the bench all of the 4th and OT when Monk is currently 3-17?
  6. Jeez, Joker, there's a fine line between being passive and forcing it. Five TOs in the first quarter so far?
  7. The idea of dropping the guy for missing two games befuddles me.
  8. Starting to get a little worried. I fear this production could be the byproduct of the new coach/system and Giannis/Middleton growth. On the pro side, the blowout/minute thing is real, and he was better late last season than early.
  9. He's got a little game but I'm not sure he's even worth his own thread this year.
  10. Right. Especially since some were arguing that he turned it on last season as the season went on. Well, sorta. He was at 89 in February, 72 in March, 78 in April. His post-ASB number was still worse than any full year in his career prior.
  11. I mean, he's only the second worst drag on FT% this year in the entire league according to Basketball Monster. (Sarcasm aside, it wouldn't surprise me if he got his percentage back this year, but all signs right now point to him having lost his FT% mojo indefinitely.)