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  1. Yates is the sixth best rp imo. I can't see an argument against it.
  2. What do we expect from him this year? His second half was dreadful last year?
  3. Glad the sixers lost. What a clown! He should be embarrassed and I hope Drummond drops him the next time out.
  4. It uses standard deviation with weighted value. Therefore Westbrook terrible fg is weighted more heavily than a similar low volume poor shooter like ariza.
  5. BBM shows you how much more valuable one player is than another. It shows that Ant Davis is really that much better than the next best or that as much as Russ has great counting stats he's not that valuable because of his volume in fg and turnovers offset the good things.
  6. Who do we think will take over that doesn't currently have the job?
  7. I'm a big advocate at looking at second half splits especially for young players. That being said, post all-star break in 225 abs, he had 10 hrs, 7 sbs, and a .293 average. If he can come anything remotely close to that (who knows he could be better), you are looking at a top 50 player (easily) at a slim position. Projecting .286 23 hrs 17 sbs. Sleeper of the year
  8. Who will be losing their job? Who is taking their job? GO!!!!