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  1. Championship weekend..I lead i pretty much every pitching category, just have to avoid a blowup start. I could even sit one. How would you rank these pitchers tonight? Thanks and WHIR!!
  2. Yeah might be looking at Murray insurance first but if you get it I like the deal for you
  3. Take Zeke and hold Ekeler. You are still strong at wideout
  4. Always go with the best player in the deal. That's Mahomes
  5. Just got offered this trade in my full PPR league. Normally would be easy to decide but Mixon's been dinged up and all. Watkins and Cooks seem even. What you guys think? Thanks and WHIR!!
  6. I can wait it out for DJax but is Chark the better play? My gut says yes..
  7. Thats tough..Kelce in a class by himself but so is Kamara. I probably would but wouldn't hurt to shop for more offers
  8. PPR league...DeSean on the shelf but Chark and Deebo are there. Make the switch? Thanks and WHIR!!!
  9. Flip Hollywood and McLaurin but agree with the rest..Id drop Penny
  10. Got offered Fournette and Chris Thompson from Wash for Aaron Jones and McCoy in PPR. Gotta be honest..I like Fournette a little more than Jones and McCoy looked good. Whats your guys thoughts..pull the trigger? Thanks and WHIR!!!
  11. Was offered Carson in a full PPR. ROS who you like better? Cohen looks sturdy in the passing game but Carson looks better running the rock early on. What you guys think? Thanks and whir!!