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  1. One league I picked him up as a Free agent. And another league he fell to me with the 8th waiver claim. Wondering the same thing as u
  2. If there’s a week to start him it’s this week. With Powell out, no McGwire and short on receivers the jets will have to throw a lot playing behind. I am hoping atleast.
  3. Johnson Cohen
  4. Pick 1. Lockett ba Detroit or Tre Smith vs Minnesota in a. PPR. Whir
  5. They need to just sit a** down for a few weeks
  6. Pick 1. Stafford or Brees. Stafford has a juicy matchup vs the packers. Brees is playing the redskins
  7. Rather be a week early than a week late. By the time they explode and u want to get him it’s too late. RB this year is a crap shoot. U have take flyers on guys way in advanced.
  8. I would do jones and Howard.