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  1. wow just wow. Of course he does this in the first week of the playoffs..
  2. My opponent has Jeremy Lamb and Vince Carter, of course they have the game of their lives...and I have Gortat, Matthews and Griffiin combined 10 pts! (have Portis too but dont expect much from him). I freakin hate h2h
  3. 4 pts? Thanks a lot wowww
  4. wow, the hits keep on coming for me. H2H blows..
  5. Dion Waiters 2.0
  6. missed a shot and then commited 3 fouls in a span of a minute! The inconsistencies of this guy
  7. looks like we drafted Reggie Evans, guys.
  8. Justin Verlander lite.
  9. didn't even look like a block. George went up for a dunk and took off too far and Bass was just right there.
  10. Illyasova would like a word with you
  11. his over/under yardage tomorrow should correlate to how many pages is in this thread
  12. he just needed 3 more carries to score a td! His ratios of carries/td in college was awesome!