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  1. I have more fantasy points then Everett right now. Jesus
  2. losing to an inactive owner once again, faced Michael Thomas/Fuller stack last week, and today Diggs/Chubb stack. Also even freakin Jared Cook got a td. like come the f--- on
  3. his ankle injuring his limiting his mobility therefore he cant scramble and make plays. Plus their defense is just getting dominated on the ground so teams are just chewing up the clock to keep him on the sidelines...not good
  4. cant start Fitzgerald anymore, just doesnt get enough looks in this ball control offense
  5. Watson is the new Cam, only cares about his rushing tds smfh
  6. Looks like im getting another 0 from my te slot....(Everett) drafting Kelce next year dont even care
  7. LOL started Fuller every game, then benched him last week and started him this week. I f***in hate fantasy football
  8. Michel is straight trash, when was the last time he broke a tackle?
  9. chiefs defense is worse then last year...and thats saying something
  10. Started Mike Evans/Fitzgerald/Sanders over Chark and WIll Fuller. Just kill me now