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  1. Shaq Harrison Bruno Cabuclo Emmanuel Mudiay Russell Westbrook Deleon Wright Pat Connaughton Dwight Powell Luka Doncic Elfrid Payton Jabari Parker Bobby Portis Jonas Valucunias Max Kleber Fred Van Vleet
  2. of course he picks the one week to not take any shots and s--- the bed...
  3. getting owned in 3s from scrubs like Daniel House, Dwayne Bacon while I have guys like Doncic, Olynk, Klove that cant even buy a 3 pter. I hate this game
  4. championship week and Bridges, Ross, Westbrook and Mitchell have all s--- the bed. Like cmon man, while my opponent has guys like Cabullo, Rubio, Ferguson going off like seriously?
  5. of course against the G League Grizzles, im done with this game
  6. Here we go, Westbrick mode activiated, 1-9 fg and 1-3 ft at the half....
  7. ughh injured his wrist on a bad landing after a dunk, looks like he will miss some time
  8. playing every other game is not going to cut it Mrs Porter....
  9. please stay healthy please stay healthy please stay healthy
  10. if fouls was a category in my league, I would be number 1
  11. hes a good defender, and thats basically it. Cant run a offense, shot is broken, turnover prone. 1-9 tonight
  12. where are the steals man? Your value is assists and steals cmon