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  1. I am planning to play Lamar Jackson over Goff
  2. I am forced to start him in a 16 team league as OBJ and Ty are on bye
  3. Yahoo just changed his status from out to questionable
  4. As a Hilton owner in a 16 team league, I have to start this guy. Hope as a WR2, he doesn’t do a 3-30 stat line
  5. He played 60% of the offensive snaps Running back LeSean McCoy didn’t seen happy after the game. “The plan was to get me the ball,” he told reporters. OK, so, how much did he get the ball? McCoy played in 60 percent of offensive snaps for 35 total. On those, 11 plays between carries and targets, went to him. Buffalo played 58 total offensive snaps. Make your own conclusions.
  6. Dealing with great players in horrible offenses truly sucks. I have ODB and this guy. Hope is my strategy for now
  7. Yes since AP is on a bye for me. I am in a 16 team league and my RB options on the WW are non existent
  8. I am in a 16 team league. Dez was my last draft pick. If this guy signs somewhere, I expect to dominate the league. In deep leagues, Dez is the best available sleeper pick to make a playoff run
  9. I put him on my IR spot too. Would be a great break late in the season after losing Walker early
  10. This. I stashed him as an FA pickup in a 16 team league.
  11. I got him in the 8th round in a 16 team league. I believe he’s a great flex
  12. Deonte Thompson if anyone cares about this POS
  13. This is a great matchup with the banged up Raiders secondary. If the chemistry between him and Tyrod is for real, we have at least a WR2 production given a sweet ROS schedule